Gossip Girl Season 5 Spoiler: More Dan-Blair Action

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Any Dan-Blair fans out there? You might want to check out this.

Dan, like the actor who plays him, Penn Badgley, is reportedly all for it.

The bad news? Blair is reportedly having none of that.

According to TV Line, any romantic feelings on the Dair front will be one-sided in Season 5.

When the show returns Sept. 26, "It’ll be clear that Dan still has feelings for Blair, but the future princess of Monaco is still having none of it," writes Michael Ausiello.

Whether Chuck has a better shot with B remains to be seen, but it looks like Dan and Blair are squarely on the back burner for now. As for Dan and Serena, well ...

What can you say about this one?

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E.J. Barrett will return on the season 9 premiere of NCIS. But will she stick around the agency beyond September 22?

"There's a new wrinkle in [Tony and E.J.'s] relationship, and I would say it is somewhat troubling," says Michael Weatherly (Tony), in an interview with TV Guide.

"I think Tony questions a lot of things about her," the actors says. "And I don't think there's any going back to their initial blinky-blinky, lovey-dovey plot."

That doesn't necessarily guarantee major Tony-Ziva developments, though.

"Tony ultimately has to lean on himself. He has to figure some of his own stuff out," Weatherly says, adding, in open-ended fashion, that this "might make him more able down the road to approach a relationship with Ziva."

What do you think about this spoiler?

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Danny Pudi will visit Chuck season 5.

There's really not much more that needs to be said, is there?

AOL TV broke this scoop and reports that Pudi will make a cameo on the fifth episode of the season. His role? Unknown at this time. The levels of hilarity sure to ensue as a result of it? Off the chart.

Chuck doesn't premiere its final season until October 21 and other notable guest stars include Jeff Fahey, Justin Hartley and Carrie-Anne Moss.

What do you think will happen on his appearance?

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Another interesting character is returning to Two and a Half Men season 9.

Following the news that Judy Greer will appear on season nine as the former wife of Ashton Kutcher's new character, EW now confirms the return of Courtney Thorne-Smith as Lyndsey McElroy.

The actress has appeared on 10 episodes of the sitcom so far, with Alan once burning down her house and with him ending their relationship after suspecting she was dating Charlie. But, hey, he's dead now!

No word yet on when Thorne-Smith will return or for how many installments.

The actress has appeared on 10 episodes of the sitcom so far, with Alan once burning down her house and with him ending their relationship after suspecting she was dating Charlie. But, hey, he's dead now!

No word yet on when Thorne-Smith will return or for how many installments.

Any comments on this news?

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Ready for the watermelon smashing day on 90210 season 4 premiere?

Someone will be an escort. A couple will move in together. And one character will actually attend college.

Those are just a few of the storylines ahead on season four of 90210, which kicks off on September 13. What else can viewers expect from this CW hit? The appearance of Brandy in a major arc, numerous musical acts and, oh yeah, the whacking of watermelon on a stick.

What can you say about the photos?

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Jaleel White will accompany House on the premiere of season 8.

White, forever known for his iconic role of the geek next door on Family Matters, has landed a role on House. The 34-year old actor will appear on the season eight premiere as an inmate of the title character, who viewers will find behind bars a year after events on the May finale.

White has recently guest-starred on episodes of The Game, Psych and Boston Legal and also appears in the latest Cee Lo Green video.

House returns on October 3 with the episode "20 Vicodin."

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Rob and Amber did not make it in their turn on The Amazing Race. Now, a pair of Survivor winners will compete on season 19 - as one team!

CBS announced this week that married couple Ethan Zohn (Survivor: Africa) and Jenna Morasca (Survivor: The Amazon) will compete against 10 other duos when this reality competition returns on September 25. Said the former, who battled Hodgkin’s lymphoma just a few months ago, to EW:

“Last year I was attached to a pump in complete isolation in a f-cking hospital room, and now I’m out traveling the world with the woman I love. Whatever happens, it’s gonna be okay. But if she screws up, I’m gonna kill her.”

The cast will be rounded out by Zac Sunderland (the youngest person to sail around the world solo), former NFL tight end Marcus Pollard and others. Details follow.

  • Ernie Halvorsen and Cindy Chiang, Engaged Couple
  • Justin Young and Jennifer Young, Siblings
  • Liz Canavan and Marie Canavan, Twins
  • Ron Zeitz and Bill Smith, Domestic Partners
  • Bill Alden and Cathi Alden, Married/Grandparents
  • Andy Finch and Tommy Czeschin, Friends/Former Olympic Snowboarders
  • Amani Pollard and Marcus Pollard, Married
  • Kaylani Paliotta and Lisa Tilley, Former Vegas Showgirls
  • Laurence Sunderland and Zac Sunderland, Father/Son Adventurers
  • Jeremy Cline and Sandy Draghi, Dating

What can you say about the cast?

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I enjoyed the frightening job employed on "Over My Dead Body." However, other critics saw a bit problem on this episode of Pretty Little Liars.

TV Fanatic: I wish I could say the same about the storytelling, however. The midseason finale produced plot holes galore, prodded along by dialogue that, I'm sorry to say, was simply too unbelievable to accept.

I mean, Jackie hasn't really made a move on Ezra all summer and then she suddenly blurts out that she wants to get back together? And Aria happens to be standing there? And then she gives Aria an ultimatum? Out of nowhere, the show decided to move this character front and center.

Yes, I know Pretty Little Liars is meant to be a guilty pleasure and viewers should just go along for the fun ride. I mostly do, trust me. But there are only two possibilities for the conversation Jenna and Garrett held at the conclusion of this episode:

It's just another red herring, which would be a lazy, desperate, lame way to mislead viewers.
It's the truth, Jenna and Garrett are behind Alison's death... and they simply delivered that information in a straightforward, expository manner via an exchange that no two people would ever have.
For that reason, I'm leaning toward scenario number-one. I just refuse to believe the writers would give us Alison's killers in such a boring, sloppy fashion. Hmmm... how should we make this major reveal to the audience? A-ha! Let's have Jenna and Garrett just talk openly about it in the police station!! I don't buy it.

I also don't buy the supposedly major cliffhanger: the shovel was the murder weapon and now the cops have caught the girls in the act? Okay, but in what act? There's no evidence at all here, except more proof that the adults in Rosewood are utter morons.

It's illegal to question a minor without an adult present. In the absence of an arrest, each parent should have walked in and demanded to take his/her child home. Done. Case closed. There's no legal means by which authorities can detain a minor who is not under arrest. I'm sorry, my family is made up of lawyers, and it may not be fun to read a review that regurgitates the law, but it seems like an important detail for the show to consider, doesn't it?

Fortunately, while the concluding events left me irritated and empty, the build-up to them was tremendous. The time-jumping aspect of the episode was executed very well, leaving me wondering every step of the way just how the girls came to be dirty and sitting in an interrogation room.

Dr. Sullivan really should have been killed, though. Imagine if the police had come upon the girls holding that shovel AND standing over a dead body. Now that would be a cliffhanger! It would also give A some weight because, as I continue to say every week, she never actually does anything. She threatens, she texts, the girls panic... and that's about it.

Do you agree with the critics' observation?

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Here are the major spoilers for Glee season 3. Warning, do not continue reading if you don't want to get spoiled!

Damian will be the first Glee Project champion to appear on the series. He'll portray an exchange student named Rory and live with Brittany's family.

Speaking of Brittany, the show is casting for her mother.

Samuel Larsen will show up about halfway through the season.

There will be NO guest stars on any of the first nine episode.

Glee season 3 premieres on Tuesday, September 20.

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Alexander Nifong is set to appear on Pretty Little Liars season 2.

"We have two new Rosewood hotties coming to town," Pretty Little Liars executive producer Marlene King revealed to The Hollywood Reporter.

Alexander Nifong, who guest starred in the "Silly Love Songs" episode of Glee as Jeremiah (also known as the guy Blaine sang to at the Gap), has been tapped to play the character of Sam for at least one episode, THR has learned exclusively.

"He plays a blind student at the blind school where Jenna did her rehabilitation in Philadelphia," King says, "and he's going to play a significant role in the show."

Does this mean Jenna will go forward with the surgery to regain her sight? "She is definitely going to go forward with the surgery," King teases. But whether that means she'll see again "is a mystery."

An old friend from Aria's past will also be appearing for a stint on the series. Shane Coffey, who has recurred on ABC Family's The Secret Life of an American Teenager, is set to appear as Holden in the 15th and 16th episodes of the season.

What are your thoughts about this one?

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A political character is coming to Nikita season 2.

Helena Mattsson, who appeared on Desperate Housewives, will play Cassandra, a sophisticated political figure who created some emotional entanglements for Michael (Shane West) during one of his past Division missions. When Michael finds out that his actions have now put Cassandra in danger, he must rescue her at the risk of opening old wounds.

Any thoughts on this one?

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Trevor Donovan is no longer a regular but we will see him on several episodes of 90210 season 4.

According to TV Addict, Donovan admits it was "disappointing," but also "understandable," adding:

"The point of the storyline last year was to tell the tale of a kid coming out and coming to terms with who he was when he didn’t even realize it in the past himself and I really think that came to fruition at the end of last season."

And, hey, he got to be Prom King!

Before Teddy departs, though, he'll have something important to do when new episodes return next month: come out to his parents.

Donovan assumes this won't be easy because "there always has to be conflict in a storyline," but he also admits that he isn't sure where the writers are taking his character. Overall, the actor is grateful for the important role he was given on 90210.

"Playing Teddy and helping people who are struggling with issues of their own has been nothing but a positive experience.”

Any comment about this one?

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Kevin McNally is coming to Supernatural season 7.

Zap2it has confirmed that McNally will play the old "friend" of Bobby's, who helps the Winchesters out of a jam... reluctantly.

For right now, Frank is only set to appear in one episode, but as part of the hunters' network, there's always a possibility for a return. Hopefully, Frank fares better than the last genius who got caught in the Winchester web -- may Ash (Chad Lindberg) rest in peace.

The episode will also feature recurring "Supernatural" character Sheriff Jody Mills, a friend of Bobby's played by Kim Rhodes.

What do you think of this casting news?

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Expect Cee Lo Green to appear on Parenthood season 3 as himself.

According to E! Online, the recording artist is set to appear in one episode, recording at a new studio now owned by Adam (Peter Krause) and Crosby (Dax Shepard).

The Braverman brothers will be buying an old recording space from the '60s and '70s, which will become a permanent set piece for Parenthood in its third season.

Cee Lo is an obvious choice for NBC to bring on, given his ties to The Voice on the network, but don't be surprised to see other big-name music stars appear too.

Nothing wrong with a little cross-promotional stunt casting, right?

Parenthood starts on Tuesday, September 13.

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Add these two names in your Psych season 6 guest list.

Mekhi Phifer and Cheech Marin will stop by for an episode of the USA series later this year, TV Guide reports, as the former portrays Drake, a member the a cappella group to which Gus belonged to in college. Why does he show up?

To honor his lifelong mentor, Marin's character of Deacon Jones.

Jaleel White and Kristy Swanson will also reprise their roles as Tony and Marlowe, respectively, on the upcoming installment.

What do you think about the guests of Psych season 6.

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Judy Greer will recur on Two and a Half Men season 9!

Judy Greer will play the role of the soon-to-be-ex-wife of Ashton Kutcher's character, Walden Schmidt.

On the September 19 premiere, we'll meet Walden and learn he's house hunting after recently splitting from his wife. Previews Jon Cryer to TV Guide Magazine:

"He is maladroit socially, which allows me to form a sort of mentor relationship with him. Which is of course, ridiculous, because my character is such a mess as a human being."

Greer, who starred on CBS' Mad Love last year, has actually appeared on Two and a Half Men before. In 2007, she portrayed Myra, a love interest for Charlie (RIP!), on two episodes.

Are you excited to see her?

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Other season:

Because of the lockout, many NBA stars will play abroad. The same is not true for Ron Artest as he is one of the contestants of Dancing With the Stars season 13.

Maybe not an A-list cast like ABC had hoped for, but an eclectic one!

Some of these individuals pictured below may surprise you. Some may not even look familiar to you. But they will all be competing for the Mirror Ball September 19.

What do you think of this season of Dancing With the Stars?

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Undoubtedly "The 40th Floor" is one of the best episodes of Warehouse 13.

Just when it looked like the installment was done lobbing bombshells, we were faced with another one. This conclusion could easily have been mistaken for a season finale.

TV Fanatic: But let's back up I have so many questions:

Why are the Regents necessary to protect the Warehouses? What happens if the cuffs Jane received happened to be damaged or destroyed? Obviously, the cuffs are needed as a last line of defense because Marcus, whoever he is and whatever he’s doing, has his own artifacts to wage his war with the Warehouses. But what do they do?

What happens to Steve now? If Myka can be used as a past example, leaving the Warehouse doesn’t exactly stick. Not to mention Jane said Warehouse personnel are destined to serve, but my worry wasn’t when or how Steve comes back. It was this: where will his be head be? Steve is a by-the-book, follow-orders type of person.

He went against those principals to uphold an even greater one here: no torture. Where can he go now? Will he still be by the book or will he veer closer to Claudia’s side and insubordinate like it’s going out of style?

Like I said, so many questions.

The biggest bombshell was easily Myka finding out that Jane is Pete’s mother. I certainly didn’t see that coming. In fact, it didn’t look like Pete saw it coming, either. What does that mean for Pete? Actually, what does that mean for everyone? Heading back to “Trials,” Pete mentioned after his dad died his mom stayed busy and he didn’t see her very much. Does this mean the Warehouse is a family business for the Latimers? It looks like it.

So did you enjoy this episode as well?

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Definitely a tense episode for Eureka season 4 episode 18 titled "This One Time at Space Camp..." Luckily, we had some events which lighten the tension with a plethora of nerd and geek nods.

TV Fanatic: From working in a History of the World Part One quote to referencing Ghostbusters, this episode could have been titled "Hail to the Geek, Baby!"

I really enjoyed that we got to see how Dr. Parrish and Fargo started their rivalry as kids at Galaxy Camp, making rocket engines for Chief Tyrol. Okay, it was guest star Aaron Douglas as Ray Darlton, but, come on if anyone knows engines, it’s The Chief from Battlestar Galactica!

We also got the first view into Jo’s childhood. I was not surprised that she had three older brothers and was raised by her dad. Given that she can field strip an M16 with a blindfold on - and I can’t even do it after six years in the military - her childhood was totally what I expected... except for her father’s comment about her mom being proud of her. That hit me like a mallet in the chest Well done, Ms. Berg. Very well written.

My favorite scene was the slow pan across the pile of cloths to find that Holly and Fargo were laying there playing a Dungeon’s and Dragons board game. Having played the Castle Ravenloft game they were involved in, I was thrilled that they didn’t over ham the game or add a bunch of needless "geek speak" to try and make them sound even more nerdy.

For us pen/paper gamers, Holly giving Fargo the D20 dice for luck was an eleven on the geek-cuteness meter!

We should take a moment of silence for Dr. Parrish. He lost the girl, found out she lied to him about role playing, and didn't make the Astraeus mission. Actually, nah! He had it all coming the arrogant jerk.

This brings me around to Warren Hughes and the return of guest star Wallace Shaw.  I guess if a little goes a long way then a lot of Shaw is...awesome!

Let me clarify right up front:

  • Yes, it was completely ridiculous that Warren got any memories from a zap on his finger from a little coffee spill. 
  • Yes, it was a completely transparent method for throwing in some flashback to previous season. 
  • Yes, it was a way to cut Shaw loose to let him be as silly and over the top as we have all come to love.  
  • And yes, it was the most contrived way for them to get Jack and Allison’s relationship approved by Warren suddenly being close to them afterwards. 
  • Even with all that, you know what? This is Eureka; I’m willing to go with it! 

It's nice that Jack and Allison are fully "DoD approved" and now that Jo has grounded herself, we will get to see if Zane follows her example and stays. We won't have long to wait giving that Astraeus will be launching very soon.

Did you like this episode of Eureka?

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I like how The Lying Game progresses especially with episode 2 titled "Double Dibs" bringing  us a very interesting and enjoyable hour.

TV Fanatic: This week, Sutton went deeper into the mystery of her and Emma's birth mother, as we learned a lot more about various characters in "Double Dibs," as well as who may be behind some of the shady stuff that's been going on.

To start with: Ethan and Emma are getting closer and Sutton's not happy with the interference. However, this was all Sutton's idea and it's painfully obvious how hard Emma is trying. You can't really blame the girl for falling for the "Mercer Charm." After all, look how crappy her whole life has been. Or so we thought...

With the help of Thayer, Sutton tracks down the woman listed as her mother on her birth certificate, Ruth Peterson. It turns out Ruth was hired by a baby broker to sign the certificates because the real birth mother was apparently in bad shape. Sutton went to the Mercers in Phoenix and Emma went to the Websters in Beverly Hills. A quick trip to Websters' home and Sutton learns how things really went down for her twin.

Emma had been adopted by a nice family and was set for a nice life, until some woman posing as Ruth Peterson showed up and took Emma back. Why she took Emma - and not Sutton - is still unknown. However, it's noteworthy to mention that in the books Emma had spent time with their birth mother for several years.

I have to say, Sutton is really growing on me. She certainly goes after what she wants and doesn't take no for an answer. Emma on the other hand, after spending years in the foster system, just tries to do the right thing and keep the peace. But this isn't an open and shut case of good twin, bad twin, no matter how much of a brat Sutton has been in the past.

Granted, we're not the one who has to choose between the sisters. As I said last week, it's shaping up that Ethan could get caught in a love triangle. That near kiss this week was just a little too near if you ask me. I liked finding out more about their history, how they met, how they fell in love, etc.

For now, though, Sutton has dibs. As Laurel explained, this is not something that Sutton and her wolfpack take lightly. Now that Laurel and Char are going after the same guy, I smell revenge on the horizon and a possible revisiting of The Lying Games. There's no way Char's going to take this one laying down.

As for who was behind the the break-in at Suttons and now Thayers? None other than Thayer and Mads' dad! Mads isn't too concerned with her father's shady activities because she's busy getting all Black Swan with her ballet instructor.

What can you say about this episode of The Lying Game?

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Dexter Season 6 Spoiler: Jordana Spiro to Appear

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All-men guest for Dexter season 6? I don't think so.

Jordana Spiro will appear on multiple episodes of the drama as someone TV Line describes as an "acolyte" of Colin Hanks’ Travis and Edward James Olmos’ Professor Gellar, the latter of whom is the season's big bad, a remorseless, unusual serial killer.

Spiro most recently stopped by Harry’s Law and won't show up on Dexter until late in Season 6, which debuts on Sunday, October 2.

What are your thoughts for Dexter season 6?

You can check Dexter Season 6 Reviews and Spoilers HERE.

Jason Dohring is coming to Ringer season 1.

Dohring, of Veronica Mars fame, will recur on the mysterious drama, which premieres on September 13.

The actor, who has also appeared on episodes of CSI and Lie to Me, has landed the role of Mr. Carpenter, a high school teacher at the school attended by Siobhan Martin's stepdaughter, Juliet.

Siobhan is one of two characters portrayed by Gellar. This one fakes her death and has her identity taken over by sister Bridget. It will all make (more) sense once the pilot airs, we promise.

What do you think about this?

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Chad Michael Murray is returning to One Tree Hill season 9.

A few weeks after the show's original star said he'd be open to an appearance on the final season of this CW hit, the network has made the wishes of Murray and millions of fans come true: he'll reprise the role of Lucas Scott on at least one episode in 2012.

No other details have been announced, except the revelation that Lucas' return will coincide with Haley reaching out to him, but there's plenty of time for spoilers to leak out. One Tree Hill doesn't return until January.

Lucas was last seen driving off into the sunset with his Peyton - played by Hilarie Burton, who will NOT return - and their new baby, Sawyer.

What do you think of Lucas' return?

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Want some spoilers for tomorrow's Pretty Little Liars season 2 finale? Well, read them all below and be spoiled!

In a general, intriguing tease, creator Marlene King tells TV Guide: "Viewers will feel they're getting insight into the night Alison disappeared and who killed Alison."

And they'll get that insight int a unique fashion: the episode begins at the end, with the girls inside a police station interrogation room. We'll then be taken back over the events that landed them there.

Among other tidbits relayed by King:

  • Caleb will return (you'll see him and Hanna "happy for awhile," King says), as will Officer Darren Wilden, who is teased in this clip. "He regains credibility on the Rosewood police force in the finale," King previews."
  • What happened to Dr. Sullivan? Nothing good, King warns: "Spencer's line about the last time somebody thought she knew A she got hit by a car is very telling."
  • Hanna's dad will get hitched...
  • ... and A will play a role in the marriage? Teasing the concept of A as a "frenemy," King says: "The last thing Hanna wants is her dad to marry Isabel and in a very odd twist of fate, A may help her with that."

What do you think of this finale?

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