The Firm Season 1 Spoiler: Molly Parker as Abby McDeere

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Molly Parker is coming to The Firm season 1 to play a very big role, Abby McDeere.

Ten years ago, Abby helped her husband Mitchell McDeere (Josh Lucas, “The Lincoln Lawyer,” “Sweet Home Alabama”) bring down a Memphis law firm that was a front for the Chicago mob. Her life was never the same. Abby’s a true partner to Mitch — a smart, resourceful woman who after a tumultuous decade is excited to start a new life in Washington, D.C., as a school teacher.

Parker joins a previously announced cast including Lucas as attorney Mitchell McDeere (the role originated by Tom Cruise in the film); Juliette Lewis (“Natural Born Killers,” “Cape Fear”) as Tammy, Mitch’s feisty, sexy receptionist; and Callum Keith Rennie (“The Killing,” “Californication”) as Ray McDeere, Mitch’s charming yet volatile older brother whose work as an investigator in Mitch’s office is uniquely informed by his past stretch in prison for manslaughter. Despite a “highly un-ambitious” nature that stands in stark contrast to his Harvard-grad brother, Ray shares one key quality with Mitch: a loyalty that is unbreakable.

So do you agree with this casting news?

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Hey White Collar fans, here are the latest casting news for 2012:

  • Veteran actor Tom Skerritt will portray Elizabeth's father, Alan Mitchell. A psychiatrist and a protective parent, the character will keep a watchful eye on Peter.
  • Bailey Chase will play Bryan McKenzie, a Sterling-Bosch vice president that Sara suspects of stealing a Stradivarius. Look for this man to possess a unique appreciation for Chinese culture.

Both actors will appear on "Pulling Strings," on of six White Collar episodes set to air next year, beginning in January.

Are you excited to see them?

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Many Gossip Girl fanatics love Dan and Blair. Well, you are not alone guys, even Penn Badgley has something to say on that matter.

If you're one of those fans, Penn Badgley basically has this to say: I feel ya.

“The most fun I’ve had in years were the Dan and Blair scenes," he tells EW. "The dialogue was given an opportunity to go where it doesn’t go with Dan otherwise.”

“I really enjoy that. I would like to see that explored.”

Of course, Badgley's opinion might mean nothing to the writers, and he might not mean that Dair should engage in a romantic relationship, necessarily.

So do you want to see more of Dair?

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The Secret Circle Season 1 Spoiler: Ssshh Promo Video

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The Secret Circle premieres on September 15. But fans are already eager to watch the same. To give you a preview on what to expect, watch the ssshh promo video below.

What do you think? Will you be watching The Secret Circle this fall?

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Grey's Anatomy will not have a long time jump when it returns for season 8.

We only pick up five days after the finale ended,” reveals executive producer Shonda Rhimes. “[Story-wise] we pick up pretty much where we left off.”

That means Der and Mer are far from resolving their marital crisis, which was further complicated by the new girl in their life, baby Zola. “Meredith and Derek have a lot of things to work out,” Rhimes stressed. “They have their personal relationship, they have their parenting relationship, and they have their work relationship.”

Meanwhile, Cristina has yet to act on her decision to terminate her pregnancy — a sign that perhaps she’s having cold feet. “Five days later and she still hasn’t gone and done it — why hasn’t she and what’s going on with her?” Rhimes muses. “The old Cristina would’ve had the abortion [already].”

The cliffhanger won’t remain unresolved for long, however. “By the end of the season premiere she has made her decision,” Rhimes confirms, “and it’s pretty set in stone what’s going to happen.”

Based on the statements of Rhimes, it seems that Cristina is considering to continue her pregnancy. What do you think?

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Hey Chuck fans, are you ready for some Matrix revolution?

Matrix stunner Carrie-Anne Moss is joining Chuck‘s final season as a love interest/foil for Adam Baldwin’s lovelorn spy, sources confirm to TVLine.

Her character, Gertrude Verbanski, is a former spy who now runs Verbanski Corp. — the chief rival of Chuck’s new company. She’s ruthless and deadly, yet she also has a weak spot for Casey, her old rival. The character was described in one casting breakdown as, “Miranda Priestly meets Lara Croft, with a rather wicked sense of humor.”

Personally, I love this addition. Especially that Carrie-Anne will be recurring so we will see more action from her! What do you think?

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Grey's Anatomy fans, we all know that Dr. April Kepner is still virgin but she is now pregnant! Confused? Read below.

This exciting news, of course, is accompanied by the question of how the show will work around Drew's changing body and life for the next 6-12 months.

The show has not been inclined to write an actress' pregnancy into the script before, as we've seen recently with Ellen Pompeo and Jessica Capshaw.

Will the handling of Drew's character, April, be any different?

The fact that April is a virgin makes it even less likely that we'll see a pregnant Dr. Kepner in season eight ... or does it? That would be a heck of a plot twist.

Thus far, the only thing Grey's producers have to say to us regarding Drew's condition is they have "not determined" if her character will also be pregnant.

April has made a big deal about saving herself for someone she truly loves. It's one of her central characteristics. Maybe we'll meet Mr. Right very soon?

What do you think will happen on April now?

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We are all puzzled right now on whether or not Peter Bishop will return on season 4. But some says that he does not even exist. So which is which? And now here is another teaser video about Peter.

What do you think? Where will the season 4 of Fringe go?

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Here is a short review for a good episode 7 of Futurama season 8 titled "All the President's Heads"

TV Fanatic: "All the President's Heads" was certainly funny. I enjoyed watching Futurama do its take on our nation’s past, especially adding humor to what some might consider the more boring aspects.

I loved Futurama’s “butterfly effect” after Fry borrowed one of the lanterns and Paul Revere misinformed the nation of how the British were coming. Hearing everyone talk in British accents and playing off the stereotypes was great, as was “The Declaration of Dependence” and the “’All of Heads.”
Also, sorry New Jersey, even our forefathers elected you guys the joke state.

“All the President’s Heads” was another solid episode of Futurama. I only wish we could enjoy the “British” version of it just a little longer.

So what do you think about this episode? Share your thought on the comment section.

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This is one of the best commitments this year.

HBO Co-President Richard Plepler wants to assure viewers: the network won't abandon Game of Thrones without resolving every conflict.

“We told [author George R.R. Martin] we’d go as long as he keeps writing,” Plepler told journalists at last night's Television Critics Association’s press conference, while Programming President Michael Lombardo added:

“I promise you we won’t stop it before it’s ready to stop... There’s a great relationship fans have with the show and we appreciate that. We’ve never seen people get so excited about casting [decisions].”

The most recent casting decision involves the choice of Liam Cunningham as Davos Seaworth.

Elsewhere, Lombardo did have bad news for viewers: there are no plans to expand seasons beyond 10 episodes "without diluting the quality of the execution.” Each installment just takes too long and costs too much money to produce.

So what are your expectations on the second season of Game of Thrones?

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There are lots of things to consider on True Blood season 4. In fact, several secrets are yet to be revealed. As to the story, the show will go deeper this season. So what can we expect from it?

Creator Alan Ball took a few minutes at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour last night to offer up some season five scoop. For starters: there will definitely be one.

“Everything ends, and there will be an end for me on this show at some point,” Ball said, confirming he's signed a new deal with HBO. “But I don’t have any desire to leave because I’m having more fun than I have in my entire life.”

Ball also said the writing team has already starting plotting for next summer and teased that it will “explore how one of the vampires was made,” while also introducing new characters.

The producer didn't say into which vampire's past we'll delve, but it's safe to assume Pam, don't you think?

What's your comment on this one?

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Expect the unexpected on Community season 3. Why? Because honestly, I love the guests who will visit the show next season.

Days after it was revealed that Michael K. Williams would come on board for at least three episodes as a biology teacher, and that John Goodman would cause serious problems for Dean Pelton, the show has also announced an appearance on episode two this fall by Martin Staff.

The former Party Down actor (above, left), forever known to many as Bill Haverchuck on Freaks and Geeks, will portray the study group's project adviser when Jeff and company get involved in Model UN simulations.

Community season 3 premieres on September 22.

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The premise of Burn Notice season 5 episode 6: “The enemy of my enemy wants to kill my friend." So what happened?

TV Fanatic: While I still think she played the “tough as nails” stereo-type a bit heavy last Thursday, I can admit I was wrong and Lauren Stamile’s performance was a vast improvement this week.

How could anyone not like her? Especially after we learned she had buried her fiancée, who was killed when a mission went wrong. Stamile has found a good balance between a tough exterior and a caring interior.

Now, if only she would ditch the CIA-issued sunglasses. One word on the shades Pearce: Oakley!

While Jesse did not have a large amount of screen time, can we all agree that his portrayal of a tweaking drug addict was very well done? I'm not sure if he was channeling Robert Downey Jr. from the 90s or Tweek from South Park. Either way, great stuff.

Meanwhile, who knew that Madeline could do a southern accent? She made me feel like I was back home. Then, you had Fiona playing mild and meek. From the face turned partial away to the turned down eyes that would not meet the clerk’s eyes, it was a great performance. And, of course, I couldn’t help but laugh when Fiona started the whining noise leading up to the crying.

I had wondered back in April - when Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe aired - how many episodes it would take before a reference or character would turn up this season. The answer? six. Pretty convenient timing given that it was released on DVD two days ago. Well played. Mr. Nix. Well played, indeed.

While not the characters I was hoping for, having Manaro and Bailey turn back up as thorns in Michael and Sam’s side was a great addition to this episode. I wonder if anyone (besides me) is still holding out hope that Beatriz will turn up looking for Sam in Miami.

Lastly, in honor of my wife mentioning it nearly every week: what is up with Michael’s hair?

Did you like this episode? Rate this one in the comment section.

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Interesting guests and cast for Chuck season 5. Craig Kilborn joins premiere episode, WTH!

Star Wars legend Mark Hamil will come on board the October 21 episode as a villain. Now, TV Line confirms that he'll be joined by talk show host and occasional actor Craig Kilborn!

According to Michael Ausiello, the former Daily Show anchor will portray an evil investor named Roger Bale. No word yet on how he'll fit into the storyline or interact with Hamil.

Kilborn recently signed a deal with ABC to produce and star in a new series, while any fan of Old School can vouch for his ability to play a smarmy, conniving jackass. It's safe to say we're very excited for Friday nights this fall.

Any thoughts about the last season of Chuck?

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What happened Luke? And what are the other things that happened on episode 6 of Rookie Blue?

It's not nice to sleep with a girl and then not return her phone calls. Did Luke really believe he could tell Jo it was all a mistake and move on? He swore to her that he was happy, but how happy can he be if he's having an afternoon quickie with his ex?!?

Luke's smarter than that, right? Perhaps not.

He even followed all of the typical cheater cliches. Between his lies and cover-ups, he showered Andy with romantic gifts to assuage his guilt. Then, when his credit card was found at the hotel, he panicked and moved up the wedding. Oh, what a mess.

Poor Andy was stuck working with Jo and had no idea what was headed her way. When Jo kicked Andy out of the interrogation, Luke defended the former, saying "She's got her own rhythm." Yup. Luke would know.

Or how about when Jo alluded to Andy being the weakest member of the pack? Talk about passive aggressive, but I had no doubt that that's how Jo viewed her.

When reality hit, Andy must have felt like she got hit by a ton of bricks AND a mack truck. To her credit, there were no tearful scenes or big fights and she didn't take her hurt and anger out on Jo. Andy simply went home, packed a bag, asked Luke why, and departed.

I loved that she told Luke she left the ring in the lock box where she found it. The horrible realization that Luke never actually gave her the ring or specifically asked her to marry him must have sunk in. Ugh.

I wonder if she'll ever know that the ring was really meant for Jo. I hope not. No one deserves to feel like second best.

There were no Sam and Andy scenes, but this wasn't about them. It was about the end of Andy and Luke. My guess is we won't be seeing Sam and Andy together this season. She's got to get over this whole debacle and she doesn't need Sam as her rebound guy. But having him around as a friend would be nice.

In actual police matters, Jerry lost his informant. Then he found him, dead. The investigation led to a lonely 17-year old girl who thought her pimp was the love of her life.

Was anybody upset that the girl smacked Jo in the head to get away? No? I didn't think so. Jo almost seemed to be taking her frustrations with Andy out on Dina.

Jo was right about one thing: Dina was the weak member of the pack. She was so desperate to have somebody love her that she'd willingly go to prison for a guy who wanted her dead. Believing that Andy was similarly weak was where Jo got it wrong.

I found Gail's mom downright creepy. Her entire demeanor felt like finger nails on a blackboard. She was a bully hiding behind a pixie haircut and a sweet voice. That certainly explains a lot about Gail, huh? I wish Gail would have stood up to her mother, but watching Chris do it was the next best thing.

Basically, this is a fine episode for Rookie Blue. But I'm expecting more from this show. I hope they deliver next week.

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Big stars are coming to The Good Wife season 3.

After Lisa Edelstein, TV Guide reports that Eddie Izzard (most recently seen on United States of Tara) will appear on at least one episode of the CBS hit this fall.

The veteran actor and comedian will portray Abbott Thrush, an upper-class English barrister who will take on Lockhart/Gardner in a libel case.

"Eddie Izzard has the one thing we're always looking for: enormous talent with both comedy and drama," co-creators and executive producers Robert and Michelle King told the website. "We couldn't be more excited to have him on the show!"

The Kings also made it clear that Izzard could return down the line, similar to how Michael J. Fox shows up sporadically on the series.

The Good Wife season 3 premieres on September 25.

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Another good episode for Suits season 1. Episode 6 titled "Tricks of the Trade" features how Mike and Harvey exonerate an employee at a prominent firm that had been accused of insider trading.

TV Fanatic: They weren't the only ones learning new tricks, either, as Rachel accepted help from Mike to prep for the LSATs and Jessica flexed her authoritative muscle to get Harvey and Louis on the same page.

I found the outing to be fun and informative. A tough combo to pull off. Who knew you could learn so much about stock trading from a USA series? I'd actually consider that as a career path if I wasn't already set on becoming the next Jessica Pearson.

Perhaps if I had had two good looking, hot shot attorneys coming to my aid, even I would want to be accused of a crime. Uh-oh. I'm getting distracted here, aren't I?The real focus of this episode, though, had to be Mike helping Rachel prep for the big exam. We all knew from the beginning that she had test-taking anxiety, despite her expert legal research knowledge. It shouldn't keep her from getting into law school, but I wasn't surprised that, in wanting it so badly, she would have considered having someone take it for her.

What I really wonder is how common this might actually be in real life?

The moment Rachel began hurling accusations at Mike about his motives in helping her bothered me. She came up with the exact opposite explanation than I would have. She found his efforts as a way to cover up that he had previously taken tests for people and even thought Mike wanted to do it for her.

He wanted nothing of the sort; he simply knew Rachel was more ready than she gave herself credit for, and wanted to help her believe it as much as he did. I really hope this doesn't become a permanent thing between them.

Besides, I think it's interesting that she chose to take issue not with Mike taking the LSATs for others, but with the fact he supposedly wanted to take it for her. That distinction is crucial, though she certainly didn't give him a chance to give her the full picture of just why he chose to use his gift in that way.

The slew of Top Gun references made this episode a really enjoyable one. Even Jessica got in on the action. She and Harvey can hold a reference-match as strong as Mike and Harvey can. I tip my hat to her genius.

But I withhold said tipping to Louis. My mind is still struggling to wrap itself around him. Jessica is a master at making people feel like an asset to the firm when they deserve it, but I have yet to understand why giving Louis props is necessary.

Part of me thinks that by doing so, Jessica avoids the possibility of Louis becoming any more disgruntled than he already is, finding a way to lash out in the form of stalking every move made by both Harvey and Mike until he discovers and exposes their secret.

Overall, a good episode for Suits season 1.

What do you think?

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Being Human Season 2 will air on January. So what can we expect? Well, prepare for new types of supernaturals!

Josh is "stronger and he's more in tune with who he is. His relationship with Norah has developed in very interesting ways," star Sam Huntington told fans at Comic-Con over the weekend.

Executive Producer Jeremy Carver, who developed the series with wife Anna Fricke, said the new season will deviate a great deal from the British original:

"It's always challenging... the way we sort of blended the BBC version and ours. This year, we'll see that we're striking on a way farly different path. We're laying down our own framework here."

Included among that? "New types of werewolves, vampires and ghosts," Carver teased.

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Spoilers say that expect more of Klaus on season 3 of The Vampire Diaries. But, beware, a more notorious villain is coming.

But Julie Plec added something even more intriguing about this character: he may not be the most villainous person on the show by the time we hit the spring of 2012.

“I would definitely say that Klaus isn’t the worst baddie that we’ve seen so far," the producer told Michael Ausiello. "It will be fun to see who’s going to steal his thunder eventually as we get deep into Season 3."

Might it be Eric?

The series is casting for a new vampire slayer by this name, a middle-aged hunk described as "Indiana Jones with a stake instead of a whip."

Who do you think?

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Alicia Coppola is coming to Suits season 1.

The actress, currently appearing on various episode of The Nine Lives of Chloe King, will guest star on an upcoming episode of this USA hit as Alexandra Leeds, a woman from Harvey's past. She'll cause problems for Gabriel Macht's character.

Meanwhile, TV Line reports that USA viewers will be seeing a lot of Coppola: she will recur on Common Law, a newly-green lighted buddy cop show on the network that will star Michael Ealy and Warren Kole.

Do you think Suits will have another season?

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One thing Castle season 4 can assure you: The new captain, Penny Johnson Jerald means business.

The actress, who made such a great villain on that Fox drama's first couple seasons, will come on board season four as Captain Victoria Gates. And she won't have very much patient for a certain author who likes to act like a cop.

"She's not warm and cuddly," Seamus Deaver (Detective Kevin Ryan) tells TV Guide of his character's new boss. "So the days of us being protected, and the days of Castle being very welcome at the precinct are over."

Nathan Fillion adds that there won't be any "trust" between Castle and the new captain, who has no history with him or with Beckett.

"You have a veritable stranger - who's not an easy woman - and you have Castle, who's very accustomed to dealing with women, but usually he finds himself being adored and charming. This is a woman who will not be charmed, so it's going to very difficult for Castle."

Are you excited for Castle season 4?

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Kaley Cuoco shares with us what to expect on her character Penny on The Big Bang Theory season 5.

Unfortunately, much like Prady, the actress didn't have much to divulge about the Penny-Raj hookup. Unlike Prady, though, she at least had an excuse: actors don't receive scripts until mere days before an episode shoots

From there, we moved on to an area near and dear to Kaley: Penny's acting career.

"Penny is not a very good actress, which I find really funny," she said. "I would love to see her get some new acting jobs, but she's so terrible at it. I'd love to get out of the Cheesecake Factory."

What show would Kaley love to see Penny star on? The Real Housewives of Pasadena.

Next up, we had to return to 'ships. This time, it was the show's main love story. Will Penny and Leonard hook up on season five?

"I hope so. She was such a cockblock this whole season. From what I'm hearing, Penny might be having feelings for Leonard again. He's got two chicks that want him and he's still not getting laid at the end of the day."

Yeah. Safe to say our table was obsessed. We had to return to Penny hooking up with the rest of the TBBT crew. Her thoughts on Penny hooking up with anyone but Leonard?

"Raj won't talk to her, Sheldon is a robot, Wolotize is getting married, so it's gotta be Leonard."

Her reaction to TBBT fans' obsession with Sheldon and Penny?

"The whole Shenny relation is very special. I don't know if he respects her, but he tolerates more than any other woman. After she stood up to him and called his mom, he's respected her since then."

Do you want more of Shenny next season?

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One of the most awaited shows this fall is The Secret Circle. Now, the show made us more excited with this cool posters. Check them out.

So, the series correctly assumed, why not combined those two traits in a new marketing campaign?

The result: a set of sexy, cool posters that ought to have fans even more excited for the series than they were before. The pair feature stars Britt Robertson and Thomas Dekker

The Secret Circle debut will be on September 15.

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Franklin & Bash gave us a bachelor party in episode 9.

TV Fanatic: Talk about great casting. Janie certainly has a type. When Peter and Nathan sat together in the hot tub, I had to do a double take because they looked so similar.

I expected Peter to hate Nathan and vice versa, but in a unique twist, the two actually got along. These are both nice guys. Janie has good taste in men.

Unfortunately, she can only keep one of them and I'm torn over what I want to see happen next.

Peter seemed to believe that Janie was happy with Nathan and encouraged Nathan to take the plunge. But even Nathan saw the spark between Peter and Janie. Can Peter really just walk away?

If he does, that opens up a world of possibilities for future love interests for Peter, which could be a lot of fun. On the flip side, there's a lot of story potential for a Peter and Janie love connection. She's an ADA. Jared's not all that fond of her. That could make for some great continued conflict.

The other half of the Franklin & Bash team had his own issues with which to deal. Jared was defending a cute teacher accused of sleeping with her student. In the process, he was faced with his own high school demons. Apparently, his penchant for getting into trouble was nothing new, as witnessed in this conversation with the school's Dean.

Jared: Every school had cheerleader car washes.
Dean: Where the cheerleaders washed the cars not where you washed the cheerleaders.

And only on Franklin & Bash would an attorney's knowledge of porn help save his client. I may never look at a flute the same way again.

What do you think of this episode of Franklin & Bash?

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Episode 5 of Royal Pains season 3 titled "A Man Called Grandpa" features Jill's recovery from her accident. There's also Boris who became suspicious. What about Eddie R.? Read below for the full review.

TV Fanatic: Now that Eddie R. is officially out of prison, he is free to return to the Hamptons and his girlfriend, Mrs. Newburgh. It does make me wonder, though, what he will be up to now that he's an honest man. How do you keep a con man from wanting to con again? Will he get a real job in the Hamptons, or does he have to given that dear old dad Ted is loaded?

One thing's for sure, his relationship and effort with Shaw certainly demonstrates how much growth Eddie R. really has undergone. It all seemed a direct response to the mistake he made all those years ago when he walked out on his boys and ailing wife. As he admitted to Hank, it was a true regret of his and the effort put into Shaw's recovery was a direct response to that experience.

I think Eddie R. is well on his way to redemption, and his return to the Hamptons will be a welcome one.

As for Hank and Evan building a relationship with their grandfather, the Lawson family album was an insightful, though not fully unexpected, look into the family tree. I couldn't have been less surprised to find a doctor and a businessman in their lineage, but the boys seemed rather pleased by the discovery. Who couldn't appreciate their happiness?

I think Evan's trip to the races was a fun addition to the episode, and I loved the story Evan told about his mother and the Star Wars movie. We don't hear much about Hank and Evan's childhood, so those little tidbits are precious.

The biggest development, though, was Jill's accident and the flashlights and smell of cigarette smoke she remembered. It appeared upon telling this information to Boris that he became immediately suspicious.

For a minute I thought it was because he might have been involved, but now I am wondering if it doesn't have something to do with the fact Boris warned there would be people in the family unwilling to accept a new heir to his empire.

Could someone have really been so heartless as to go after the baby's cord blood over something like money?

All I know is that this story is far from over, and every week will uncover more and more little tidbits until the truth finally comes out.

Let's admit it, this is a bit dramatic episode and I love it. And you?

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