Season 7 of Supernatural will premiere this fall. But let's jump ahead and see what will happen on episode 3. Based on what I've heard, we'll meet a young Sam Winchester.

The episode is tentatively titled “The Girl Next Door” and features the return of young Sam Winchester. Young Sam is played by 14-year-old Colin Ford, who has appeared in several Supernatural episodes: Season 3′s “A Very Supernatural Christmas,” Season 4′s “After School Special” and “When The Levee Breaks,” and Season 5′s “Dark Side of the Moon.”

“The Girl Next Door” involves Sam having flashbacks to when he was 15, when a girl named Amy saved his life and tried to convince him to run away with her. In the present day, Sam and Amy meet again and he finds that Amy has a “normal” life with a son, a steady job, and a mortgage. Needless to say she is very surprised to see Sam again.

The episode is expected to air on October 7. So are you excited to see this episode?

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Guess who is coming on White Collar season 3. Clue? He is a werewolf!

Joe Manganiello, who has made quite the impression on True Blood fans as Alcide, will guest star on the second half of the season and appear in a January episode.

Manganiello will guest star as recently-released convict, someone who brings trouble to Peter's neighborhood when he moves in across the street from Peter and Elizabeth.

Any thoughts about Joe's guesting?

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Gossip Girl season 5 will have two interesting guests when it return this fall. You want to meet them? Read below.

Here is the latest Gossip Girl spoiler from TV Guide:

According to the latest Mega Buzz column in that publication, a "young, very attractive, French-speaking Catholic priest" will appear on the first two episodes of season five. He'll presumably be around to marry Blair and Louis, but the magazine also says he "might find a certain bridesmaid with whom he'll, ahem, commune."

So what do you think of these characters?

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We all know that some of the regulars of 90210 are already out. But season 4 will surely be exciting as the storyline continues to progress. What can we expect?

Along those lines, TV Guide has teased a trio of spoilers for new episodes ahead, which kick off September 13. Look for the following developments to take place:

  • Naomi gets arrested.
  • Dixon moves into the girls dormitory.
  • Marla's family contests the will.
Which story arc is the most exciting?

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With charming cast and funny events, Franklin & Bash really continues to impress us with episode 5 titled "You Can't Take It With You." This is now one of my favorite shows this summer.

TV Fanatic: "You Can't Take it With You" had some perfectly cast characters come on board, starting with Tom Arnold as "The Douchey Dad." First, it wouldn't surprise me at all to find this reality show already on TV somewhere... and to find it starring Arnold.

Then, we had Beau Bridges as Jared Franklin's dad. He played the part well. In one moment, he was so condescending that he was practically patting Jared on the head, and then you caught a hint of a proud but regretful father.

It looked like Jared's father was the only one who could knock the cocky arrogance out of Franklin, yet he still made him want to get up and keep fighting.

I also liked that there was obvious bad blood between Leonard Franklin and Stanton Infeld. I look forward to finding out more about that back story.

Could we bring Judge Bayles back again for future episodes? It was nice to have a judge willing to smack down both sides when they got out of line, lookinf equal parts beleaguered and amused while she did it.

Elsewhere, Pindar has grown on me since the first episode. When Karp explained that he "relaxed himself" during the sleep study, it was Pindar's pause before he got the metaphor that made it funny.

Add the "I'm more of a Mac guy" line and the "I Only Look Illegal" t-shirt and again and I couldn't stop smiling.

Overall, episode 5 of Franklin & Bash is another commendable episode. I have no complains because I really love this show.

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The season 3 premiere of Royal Pains titled "Traffic" gave us not just vehicular traffic. There are lots of interesting stuff. Let's discuss them below.

TV Fanatic: After a year on separate paths, Hank, Evan, Jill and Divya found themselves in town for another run of treating patients. A quick primer on whre each stands:

Hank was jilted by Jill; Evan and Paige's relationship might be on the rocks; and Divya has been excommunicated by her parents. Furthermore, Hank and Evan were invited to move back into Shadow Pond.

We were quickly welcomed back to the Hamptons with Evan being used as a human shunt. That's what happens when you practice hardcore medicine in the middle of a traffic accident.

But what really made the episode were all the relationship dynamics that changed, most notably between Jill and Hank. Back from Uruguay, the former drops into the Hamptons to break things off with Hank, only to fly out the next morning. Makes you wonder just how much of Jill we’ll be seeing this season, and what might lay in store for Hank in the romance department.

On another love front, Evan and Paige’s relationship proved a source of confusion. Just where was Paige, and what changes are to come for the once sickeningly sweet pair?

Meanwhile, I think the real character to watch this season will be Divya. Crashing with Hank and Evan on a more permanent basis, what aspects of her life will change now that she’s been cut off? Will it cause a strain on her professional relationship or bring this trio closer together?

(Side note: I can’t help but entertain the wish that Divya builds a new life and eventually meets back up with that cute blonde she kissed in season two.)

The real shocker in tonight’s episode, though, was Boris inviting Hank and Evan back to Shadow Pond.

Overall, this is a great season 3 premiere. What do you think?

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Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Spoiler: Official Poster

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We've already revealed several Sons of Anarchy season 4 spoilers. Now it is time to see its official poster. Check it below.

Additionally, here are the titles of the first five episodes. Interesting huh?

  1. Out
  2. Booster
  3. Dorylus
  4. Una Venta
  5. Brick
So what are your expectations for Sons of Anarchy season 4?

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I love his role on Damages. I'm excited to see him on Weeds. But I'm more excited to see Martin Short on How I Met Your Mother season 7.

The long-time actor and comedian has signed on for a multiple-episode arc on How I Met Your Mother.

Short will come on board the sitcom as Marshall's new boss.

So what do you think of this casting news?

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Honestly, last week's episode is even better than episode 4 "All the Right Friends" of White Collar. But I still love this exciting and entertaining episode.

TV Fanatic: There was a lot to like. It all started with Annie being a bad ass chick. Between breaking through the police barricade with the 180 back up to taking out the assassin with a three-armed fight as she was handcuffed to Carlo, Annie certainly earned her time in the field this week.

But building off of some of Jeff's analysis from a couple weeks ago, I have to agree that a gun-less Annie is just difficult to take at times. Her constantly having to take down bad guys without a firearm is getting tiresome. Honestly, it just adds to my issues with Annie being put on all of these missions in the first place.

Is she really one of the best they can find?  Language skills and three-armed fighting aside, there have to be better operatives.

Other than that setback, though, her time with Carlo in Argentina was enjoyable. I loved that she started so apathetic about the mission, but then as soon as people started getting shot, became was all about it. Annie's time with Carlo was fun because he kept trying to escape. In his first major attempt, he tried the "sneak out the bathroom window" trick. That obviously failed.

His second attempted succeeded, thanks to a random cop and those stupid handcuffs. I almost got extremely angry that people in these situations are always so dumb about wanting to escape their protection, but then we learned it was for journalistic integrity. Although I would have stayed with the trained spy that could keep me safe, I can accept that Carlo has different priorities.

Thankfully, he finally gave into Annie and handcuffed himself to her once again, only to realize they needed to be apart to stay alive. Cue the ridiculous problem that occurs only to create an opportunity for a three-armed fight: yes. the handcuff key fell down a drain. You CAN write this stuff people, and the Covert Affairs staff were the ones to do it.

On the other side of the story was Auggie and his possible change of position. It's great to see that character get some weight, and Christopher Gorham some interesting material, at this point in the series. Taking the position in the OCA would be a bump in title and money, but he wouldn't be in Covert Affairs anymore. As that is the title of the show, I don't think there would really be room for two characters on the overt side of things (Arthur being the other one).

As interesting as Jai's obvious jealousy of Auggie was, how Annie will be effected by it is more intriguing to me. Once again, riffing off of my colleague's earlier comments, Auggie and Annie have a really strong connection, which is why the phone call in the final minutes was so important. Auggie will take what Annie has to say about his new opportunity to heart. I'm hoping whatever it is will change his mind. We need Auggie in covert affairs, and we need him to have the opportunity to get in the field.

So what do you think of this episode?

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I love the way Mozzie played his part on season 3 episode 4 of White Collar titled "Dentist of Detroit."

TV Fanatic: Mozzie is a man of many names and faces, and we got a taste of another one of them in the "Dentist of Detroit." Attempting to raise money for the group home in which he grew up, Mozzie unknowingly put himself the sights of a Detroit mobster looking to run a con on the Irish mob.

It's striking that White Collar continues to hit nerves of sentimentality in every episode, despite the fact Neal and Mozzie are so set on leaving the lives they've built and maintained for themselves in New York over the past two seasons.

This is interesting to me because if Neal and Mozzie are so sure about leaving, I'm hard-pressed to believe they wouldn't have gone and done it already. Art smuggling issues aside, I think Mozzie and Neal are, subconsciously, beginning to maybe reconsider their options.

If Mozzie wasn't as unsentimental as he preaches to be, he certainly would have changed his name to something other than the name he gave to his childhood companion.

I loved learning about Mozzie this episode. He was a complete genius as a child, and no doubt Mr. Jeffries was a prime influence in that. The reunion between the two was short-lived, and I would have liked to have seen more of it. Their quote-off was priceless.

This episode was White gold and sure to be a favorite for many fans, including this one. It highlighted just how integral Mozzie's skills and personality are to Neal and to the whole unit. If they all didn't love him, they sure wouldn't have gone to such lengths to help him. The cantalope con to get himself out of the hotel room was priceless, just one of the many moments that made this episode great.

Other events to consider on "Dentist of Detroit:"

  • Learning that when Mozzie was young, he couldn't pronounce his prized bear's name, Mozart, and called him "Mozzie" instead.
  • The large rimmed glasses and rings of Mozzie's youth remaining a constant fixture in his life and style.
  • Peter undercover.
  • The faux fight between Peter and Neal to make a scene.
  • Elizabeth taking a photo of Neal and Peter in their tuxes like the proud mom of teenage boys going to Prom.
  • Neal and Peter preventing a mob war.
  • Elizabeth revealing two scandalous run-ins with the law.

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Episode 3 of Pretty Little Liars is titled "My Name Is Trouble." Incidentally, based on the critics' reviews, this series is in trouble right now with all the plot holes seen. Let's dig in.

Here are the issues presented by TV Fanatic:

Issue #1: We've seen Jenna literally sniff out the Liars multiple times in school. Now, she suddenly can't even tell it's Aria until after they hold a lengthy conversation?!? And can the show just rely on its storytelling for the suspense, please? That entire, supposedly eerie scene with the candle just felt contrived and forced.

Issue #2: So... Melissa lost her engagement ring and it was just sitting behind the toaster? That's a random enough plot device. But we got a good look at that rock. It was large. And, trust me, I've gone engagement ring shopping: that thing was worth well above $2,000. Like 10 times above that.

It's also one thing to be protective, but it's another thing to just be immature and self-serving. Spencer pawned her sister's ring?!? Hanna deleted her father's fiancee's text message?!? I know, these are just young girls, they make mistakes, they are impetuous. But they crossed a few major lines this week and I didn't find the actions endearing, I found them despicable.

Issue #3: This is subtle, but important: something clearly happened to Alison during that party to which they flashed back. There's interesting material to mine here. But that close-up of her face? When she was holding back the tears and looking at herself in the window?

Whose mind were we in? When a show flashes back, there must be a point of view established by a current character - but that one, key scene was of Alison and no one else (Spencer entered the picture after a few seconds). It doesn't make any sense in a narrative context.

Issue #4: The entire we-can't-be-seen-together-because-our-therapist-who-hasn't-appeared-in-two-weeks thing is, I'm sorry to say it, just flat out stupid. The girls get scared when someone else enters the bathroom because... why? People at school are gonna report them to the psychologist? We haven't actually see the Liars together any less since this credo was thrown down; we've just seen them act all worried about it for no season.

Issue #5: A won't be revealed until the series finale, creator Marlene King has already said that. At that point, it's unlikely viewers will remember every little incident, but maybe I should make a list. Because, let's face it, this stalker pulls off the impossible every week.

We are meant to believe she got into Emily's room, wrote a note, copied the fake letter from Danby and sent it to Emily's mom? Nothing A does is even shocking anymore, which removes all mystery because the answer to any question is always: A did it. How? Who knows! Just go with it!

There were a few positive developments this week: Alison's mention of money from her grandmother was intriguing. I hope Ezra's fiancee causes some mischief. Toby sweated a lot without a shirt on.

Do you agree with the issues presented?

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Weeds Season 7 Spoiler: Michelle Trachtenberg as Emma

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A troublemaker on Gossip Girl is coming on Weeds season 7.

Showtime has confirmed that the actress who brought Georgina Sparks to life will appear on two season seven episodes. She'll portray Emma, a low-level pot dealer who feuds with Nancy and flirts with Silas.

On the small screen, Trachtenberg has appeared in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Six Feet Under, Mercy, Robot Chicken and Love Bites.

What do you think of her character?

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Hawaii Five-O is really piling up big names for season 2.

Following the addition of Terry O'Quinn to the cast, a report now confirms that big screen star Tom Sizemore will come on board this fall for a multi-episode arc.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Sizemore will portray an ex Detroit Homicide Detective. He's now in charge of Hawaii's Internal Affairs unit and he'll be investigating the Five-0 following events from last season.

Sizemore is a native of Detroit and has appeared in such films as Saving Private Ryan, Red and Black Hawk Down.

Definitely Tom is a big star to add. I am now excited to see Hawaii Five-O season 2.

You can check Hawaii Five-O Season 2 Reviews and Spoilers HERE.

Ringer fanatics, if you want to see Sarah Michelle Gellar in person then you must go to Comic-Con 2011.

Sarah Michelle Gellar is something of Comic-Con royalty – after all, she is Buffy the Freaking Vampire Slayer! But believe it or not, this will only be her second time to attend Comic-Con. The first time was for The Grudge.

Gellar will be joined by her costars Nestor Carbonell (Lost, The Dark Knight), Ioan Gruffudd (Fantastic Four) and Kristoffer Polaha (Life Unexpected), along with members of the show's creative team. The CW notes that the panel will include an exclusive sneak peak of the series, along with the opportunity "to win a three-night stay at a luxurious suite at a high-end hotel adjacent to the convention center during this year's Comic-Con."

Ringer stars Gellar as a woman who is on the run after witnessing a murder and assumes the identity of her identical twin – only to discover her twin has many secrets of her own.

So are you excited to see her there?

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Weeds season 7 premiere titled "Bags" is a desirable one. However, it poses lots of transition issues which annoy some viewers.

One example is the major time jump from season 6.

TV Fanatic: It always feels like a storytelling crutch, like a lazy way to start fresh and quickly tie up loose ends up. Such was the case on "Bags," the seventh season opener for Weeds and an episode that was mostly spent catching viewers up on a past we never saw, while establishing a wholly new future to come.

Case in point: Esteban is dead? Just like that?!?

The most significant character outside of the main clique, and the father of Nancy's son, was axed in a two-sentence announcement by FBI Agent Lipschitz. Yes, this now opens season seven up to a wide range of possibilities, but as someone who appreciates flow and continuity in my TV show, it was a disappointing way for Weeds to start anew.

As always, though, tremendous work by Mary Louise Parker. I've never been able to determine whether Nancy had any true feelings for Esteban and most of that is due to Parker's portrayal of a confused, torn, desperate woman. There's a good chance that Nancy herself never really knew how she felt.

Aside from the disturbing image of Shane shacking up with a woman - seriously, remember when he was playing youth soccer on season one? - there's not much to say about events in Copenhagen.

Again, that's the problem with fast-forwarding three years. Viewers must simply digest a wealth of exposition at once: Silas has been a model, Shane has been involved in puppeteering and Andy is running for office? Okay. I can consider myself caught up now.

I'll be happy to ignore these complaints once the arc of season seven is established - and I very much welcome the increased presence of Jennifer Jason Leigh for what I assume will be a custody battle over Stevie - but the premiere just felt like it was throwing a lot of new, random information at us.

Nancy was getting it on with her cellmate, who pointed her toward a sauna-based key on the outside, which led to a bag full of guns and grenades in the trunk of a car?!? Well, alright then. Doesn't seem remotely related to anything from the season six finale, but it's clear I need to stop worrying about that.

It's a new season, in a new city, with new drug and family-related matters to come. I like all of these characters too much to not get on board eventually, but I would have preferred a smoother transition from one set of storylines to the next.

Do you agree?

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We will see a different Hank Lawson when Royal Pains season 3 premieres on June 29. What happened? Read below.

TV Fanatic: "He will have a full beard," at the outset of Wednesday's season premiere, star Mark Feurstein said on a conference call last week, teasing how Hank has been mostly in charge of HankMed by himself for the past nine months.

The mane will quickly be shaven, however, as the enthusiastic actor hyped a fun summer ahead for fans of this USA hit.

Among the storylines he teased: tension between Hank and Evan; the arrival of a new family member; and the inclusion of guest stars such as Natalie Zea (above), Julie Benz, Greg Jennings and Matt Lauer.

Where things stand: "Over the course of the winter, she’s been through stuff with Raj and the cancellation of the wedding. But Evan’s been gallivanting all of Europe with Paige. So it’s been a long winter, but he’s made it through and he will shave his beard for all of our viewers who might not like to see that much hair on his face."

Where will the brothers reside? "Hank and Evan will return to Shadow Pond soon enough, but there will have to be some repairing of the dynamics between them and Boris... there will be a scene between me and Campbell Scott where we address the tension that emerged because of Hank’s dynamic with Marissa and the triangle between Marissa, Hank, and Boris."

The return of Eddie, the arrival of Grandpa: "[Eddie is] coming out of jail and I think the big question in Evan and Hank’s minds is: Will he walk the straight and narrow path? So as we head down to Florida to pick him up, we are very much preparing for battle...

... And what we didn’t realize we would encounter is a new member of the Lawson family, Hank and Evan’s grandfather, who we have never met and never known." (He'll be played by Ed Asner.)

A sibling rivalry ahead? Evan and I have - like so many families who go into business together - had different ideas about how to grow the business of HankMed. And that will come to a major head in Season 3.

So what can you say about these spoilers of Royal Pains? Are you excited to watch the season 3 premiere on June 29?

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There are lots of rumors on how will Two and a Half Men eliminate Charlie Harper from the show. The latest rumor suggests that we'll be saying RIP Charlie.

While sources previously said Chuck Lorre and company would resolve its Charlie Sheen problem by simply having that character remain in Paris with Rose, a new report says plans have changed.

Harper is now headed for the giant punchline in the sky.

No premiere script has been finalized yet, so ideas are subject to change, but CBS insiders tell TMZ the current storyline involves Ashton Kutcher's character purchasing Charlie's house after he's reported dead. Alan and Jake will learn of Charlie's fate early in the first episode back.

So what's the best way to eliminate Charlie from the show?

You can check Two and a Half Men Season 9 Reviews and Spoilers HERE.

Jesse and Walt will surely be in trouble on Breaking Bad season 4.

Considering the monumental, murderous event that concluded season three, it should come as no surprise that Jesse and Walt will find themselves in trouble at the outset of season four.

So what can expect on the season 4 premiere of Breaking Bad? See some spoiler pictures below.

We can't wait to find out. But, in the meantime, AMC has offered fans a few season premiere teaser pics. Look for a character to die on the episode "Box Cutter" and for the following scenes to take place.

Any comment about these stills?

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We have the latest official poster for 90210 season 4. Upon seeing the same, I've noticed that two characters are missing. Who are they?

As previously reported, Trevor Donovan will NOT be returning as a series regular in the fall, although he is likely to appear on a few episodes. He's the only cast member to have been publicly demoted so far, but Gillian Zinser is nowhere to be found here, either. What might that mean for Ivy's future on the show?

90210 moves to Tuesdays in September. What new characters can we expect to populate Beverly Hills during that time? Navid's evil uncle!

Do you think we will have an exciting season 4? What are your thoughts about the cast changes?

You can check 90210 Season 4 Reviews and Spoilers HERE.

No one can really hide every secret especially when it is obvious in plain sight. In episode 8 of In Plain Sight titled "Kumar vs. Kumar," we saw how Mary tried to hold a secret that simply couldn't be kept. At four and a half months pregnant, she still hadn't told anyone but Marshall about the baby.

TV Fanatic: Of course, just because Mary chose to stick her head in the sand didn't mean her colleagues were blind to her obvious "growth spurt." As Delia politely put it: "She's been busting buttons for weeks now."

Clearly, some things could not remain hidden forever. Because all of this dancing around Mary's expanding mid-section had gotten fairly ridiculous, Stan was forced to confront the issue.

"Mary, I've let this slide long enough waiting for the exact right moment to bring up the elephant in the room. Hmm. I did not just say that." Ooh. Talk about a poor choice of words to use on a pregnant woman.

I loved how Mary summed it up for him. It was more direct than sarcastic, but still very Mary and it won my favorite line of the night:

Stan: Mary, Congratulations...
Mary: I had sex. It worked. So. | permalink
Yeah, that can happen if you're not careful.

Peter was darn cute playing junior G-man and trying to determine why Mary was avoiding Brandi. It only took one look for him to figure it out. Smart man that he is, he gave Mary two days to 'fess up. Any more time and he knew he'd be labeled a co-conspirator in the baby coverup.

By the way, that sticky bun looked really good.

As for the witness of the week, I liked the Kumar family but felt the wrap-up came too quickly. One moment the father was an arrogant ass and the next he was groveling for a second chance and hugging his kid for winning third place. That conclusion felt rushed to me.

I did appreciate that they had the family come from Edison, New Jersey. Edison has quite a large Indian population and I was grateful for that dded bit of realism.

When Marshall took Vik under his wing, there was an obvious correlation to how he might react to Mary's child. But other than that, I felt Marshall's role was a bit light in this episode. Perhaps it was taken over by Stan's backstory, which I didn't feel added very much.

The snarkiness factor felt a little light this week,too. On a scale of one to 10, it only gets a five.

So what do you think of this episode? Did you like it?

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The season premiere of Leverage titled "The Long Way Down Job," gave us the idea about the challenges that Leverage team might face this season. One of them is the  feelings they've developed for each other.

TV Fanatic: Remember, the team memebers all used to work solo. Spending the last three years together, they've grown to trust, depend and even love each other; this is new ground for each of them. It's just as dangerous as the mountain on which they were working.

I watched this episode with two other people and all three of us had tears in our eyes multiple times. It started when Parker showed frustration with Eliot when she wanted to do the right thing and bring Alan's body back.

She ached over how bad she wants to think of herself as a good guy. Then, you could see a glimpse of how scared she was that to think this might not be the case, as Parker explained that they can do things the others cannot. That remorse alone tells me that you're not bad Parker, never fear!

Of course, another big emotional scene arrived when Nate and Karen Scott were in the tent. It's one of the few times that Nate has talked about what has motivated him and how he has been running on anger for years. Maybe this was the first time he admitted to himself that you will eventually get to a point where anger is not enough.

The icing on the emotional cake, though, was Parker grabbing and hugging Hardison when she got back. I'm hopeful that their banter about how this won't be normal is foreshadowing some fun things to come this season.  It would be nice to see some additional romantic humor with these two.

Emotional growth is hard in real life and even harder to portray in a TV show. Props to Beth Riesgraf, who has done such an amazing job of portraying Parker's growth. We have seen some glimpses from Hardison, Eliot and even Nate. I'm crossing my fingers that the writers continue to include as much heart and soul into future episodes as they did in this one.

I like the way Leverage has started this season. I'll be back next week for episode 2 review.

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