It's too early to say this but Patrick Dempsey confirms that his character Derek Shepherd will exit Grey's Anatomy after season 8.

With just one year remaining on his contract, the actor made his intentions clear in an interview with the latest issue of Italian Vanity Fair. He told the magazine:

“It’s gonna be my last. I do not know what’s going to happen to the other characters, but for me it’s done," adding that the decision is “bittersweet because it’s been great and a great part of my life. But I can’t see me doing it anymore.”

And he will not be alone as Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey) might join him on the exit.

Shonda Rimes has been preparing to bid farewell to both Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo after season eight, though the latter is yet to give official notification.

But will it only by MerDer? “It might be the last hurrah for a lot of them; you never know,” she said. “I really don’t know and I don’t presume to know. Everybody has an individual choice to make and I get that…. All the originals are in play.”

Is there a possibility that Meredith will stay despite Derek's exit? “I feel like Meredith and Derek are meant to be together forever, and we’re going to make sure that in the end they end up together, one would hope — unless one of them dies or something.”

So if Meredith and Derek leave the show after season 8, what else can we expect from this series? Or maybe they will terminate the show as well? But wait, it can still be Lexie Grey's Anatomy.

What can you say about this spoiler?

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Fans are surely delighted after hearing the news that JJ and Prentiss (Paget Brewster) will return on Criminal Minds season 7 for good.

To give us more details about this casting news, here is an excerpt of the interview with EP Erica Messer by TV Guide.

There will surely be different reactions from the team and fans now that Prentiss is definitely alive. "There will be a lot of tension. Hotch [Thomas Gibson] and JJ [Cook] kept a big secret from the team. Ultimately. those kept in the dark will forgive the others when they find out Prentiss is alive."

And what about Nichols exit? "It wasn't an easy decision and it took a village to make it. Having eight characters on Criminal Minds seemed unlikely.  Rachel is a real trouper and a pro. She walked into an incredibly difficult position and handled it with grace. The cast felt she fit in — we're actually a funny group off-camera — and she will be missed by all of us who worked with her everyday."

Will she wrap up her character's story? "As storytellers we hate leaving threads undone. Creatively, there's more to explore there. I won't know for a bit if that's a possibility."

There is no doubt that the fans' voices were heard. Their outcry made JJ and Prentiss' return possible. "Our fans are some of the most loyal I've ever known. And they're not shy. Their love for our show and investment in the characters is beyond encouraging. If their enthusiasm helped everyone see how important the unity of our team is, fantastic."

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It is already a news that Jessica Szohr will not be returning on Gossip Girl Season 5. So what did she say about her exit? Read her messages below.

Along with Taylor Momsen, the actress will not appear as a series regular on Gossip Girl next season. But Szohr doesn't sound very broken up about the development.

"When I started the fourth season, I kind of had a talk with the producers," Szohr told E! News. "We didn't know what we were going to do with the characters. After playing someone for four years, it can be a little repetitive. So I was ready for a change."

The door remains open for Vanessa to show up again at some point, but the actress makes it sound like that's a long shot at best.

"I had so much fun and I made friends I'll have for a lifetime and it was so great to work in the city, but I got the most I could out of Vanessa."

So what can you say about her exit?

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Here is the latest casting news for Criminal Minds Season 7.

Months after the show angered fans by bidding farewell to serious regular A.J. Cook, the CBS drama brought her back for the season finale and has now confirmed that the character of J.J. is back for good.

Meanwhile, the network has exercised an option on Paget Brewster, ensuring the presence of Emily Prentiss for the entire 2011-2012 season.

Deadline Hollywood reports the same can't be said for Rachel Nichols, however. Brought in largely to fill the female void left by Cook's departure, Nichols will not return this fall to the show.

This is a good move for Criminal Minds, and I'm excited to see season 7.

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One of the exciting shows coming this fall is The Secret Circle. There is no doubt that this show has The Vampire Diaries touch on it and this made the fans even more excited.

On the pilot episode, some individuals are lucky to see it in advance and here are their comments through Zap2it.

Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) is to “The Secret Circle” what Damon is to “The Vampire Diaries.” She’s the group’s wild card — unpredictable and a bit unhinged. Tonkin’s delivery of the line “Do you want to try that again because I didn’t quite buy it. Did you?” was ace. — We feel like Gale Harold is going to steal every single scene he’s in on the show, just like he basically stole this extended trailer. He was creepy as hell threatening Adam’s father (Adam Harrington) and even creepier when he was putting on the nice guy act for Cassie… after killing her mother. We already love to hate him.

Tierney Bricker ~ Really liked the pilot, but it’s more of a set-up for the rest of the series. Gale, Phoebe, Britt and Dekker are great. Also, I really liked Shelley. Diana was never a favorite of mine from the books, but I liked her in the pilot, a lot.

Carina Mackenzie ~ Better than the Vampire Diaries pilot, but it mostly sets up the rest of the series. I’m reserving judgment. Shelley TOTALLY reminds me of Dianna Agron.

So are you excited to see the pilot episode of The Secret Circle?

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I know many fans will hate me for this, but I was not impressed with the season 1 finale of Breakout Kings titled "Where in the World Is Carmen Vega." There is no doubt that the episode is intense, however I didn't like the fact that in solving the case our con-men are not in the top of their games.

For the whole episode, Shea and Erica are worried about their families. I salute Lloyd for being calm though he also thought of the idea of running at some point.

TV Fanatic: Vega started off as the grieving mother, but we quickly learned that not only did she use her son's funeral to escape, she's the one who ordered the hit. That won't exactly win her mother of the year, but does make her worthy of running a Columbian drug cartel.

Shea waited an awfully long time before he told Charlie and Ray that Vega had his girlfriend Vanessa. He seemed to figure out early on that his contacts weren't going to be able to help him. If capturing Carmen was his end game, why not enlist Charlie and Ray's help?

Instead, he confided in his fellow cons and the fear just ran rampant. Erica was scared for her daughter's safety and considered running, while poor Lloyd was terrified of the thought of being bounced back to maximum security.

The death of Carmen's mole felt a little contrived. It would have had more impact if it was a character we'd already met before this episode. His words to Charlie were disconcerting. "It's easy to justify Charlie because it happens slow.  Bit by bit." Could this be foreshadowing for next season?

There wasn't as much humor or one-liners in this episode as we've seen in others, but I loved when they called out The Mayor for dropping the name Jose Rodriguez. "You throw a rock in Queens you're going to hit a Jose Rodriguez," Charlie quipped. He wasn't kidding. I wondered if the 102,093 Jose Rodriguezes that Julianne found in the city was an accurate number? It wouldn't surprise me a bit.

It was nice to see the cons confiding in one another a little more, even if it was based in fear. I could really feel Erica's terror over her daughter being in danger and how trapped Lloyd must have felt being caught in the middle. However, my favorite was Julianne. For a character with such perceived weakness, she certainly found her inner strength when it counted.

The end scene with the team bonding over beers was perfect.  I love this scene!

Even though I'm not that impressed with the season 1 finale of Breakout Kings I'm still hoping that this show will be renewed. Let there be season 2 because fans are surely wanting for more.

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Episode 7 of Game of Thrones titled "You Win or You Die" revealed much information about some of our favorite characters. I like how they executed those conversations and the episode overall is a job well done.

Jaime, so arrogant and strong when standing in front of his father, was still a little boy, yearning for his dad's acceptance. He was taken by surprise that his father was willing to give him 30,000 men to regain possession of Tyrion. As much as Jaime loves Tyrion, he had never expected to hear this from his father.

Jaime also admitted being called Kingslayer behind his back was unpleasant. Somehow, I figured he was wearing it as a badge of honor. I look forward to what other good things there are to learn about this character as the series progresses.

I laughed out loud at Littlefinger's "no no no" to Roz, as he was teaching her and her "partner" how to make love without using what is now standard pornography technique as their background. There was some action for you! Spiced with excessive dialog by Baelish that, frankly, I found difficult to take in.

He was so in love with someone, Catelyn, that the action in front of him didn't draw out even a hint of desire. That man has it bad.

Is it wrong that I despise Theon Greyjoy? I absolutely loved the wildling questioning his title of Lord. I wish Robb would see what poison it is that Theon spreads just by being at Winterfell. He learned nothing of being a prisoner and guest of the Starks. With all Hell breaking loose and his loyalty faltering, will he prove friend or foe in the future?

And why did the showrunners decide that we needed more Greyjoy gracing our screens than we did of Robb and Bran Stark? They are wrong in that assumption. These are two characters sorely in need of development, and yet it would appear we will not get as much development of the Stark children as we do of Greyjoy.

I was incredibly impressed with the market scene, where they attempted to kill Daenerys with a bit of wine. It was exactly as I imagined from the book. The life brought to the scene made me giddy. Jorah also had an opportunity to show just how much he cared for Daenerys. He may have been sent to ensure her death, but he chose otherwise.

Khal Drogo was so enraged that he vowed to give to Daenerys and her son the crown of the Seven Kingdoms. His incredible love for her gave me chills. If all arranged marriages turned out as did theirs, I would be begging for one myself. And if he was one like Drogo? Even more.

Ned couldn't have timed his decision to have his talk with Cersei any worse. He should never have shown his cards so quickly. Of course, how was he to know that within days the King would be no more? It was a sad commentary that Robert made so little impact during his rule that even his last words were disregarded without a second thought.

Something that arose in the episode that I didn't garner from reading the book was that the wine given to Robert during the hunt may have been poisoned. There as so much to the books, and the show, that reading and watching one time was hardly enough to catch the nuances. Also lost on me was just how many promised to help Ned hold the realm. His honor got in his way.

With Robert dead, the Game of Thrones is on, again. It seems everyone in the Seven Kingdoms wants the the throne for themselves except the one person to whom it was given, Ned Stark. Seeing Joffrey's tiny, smug behind in the throne commanding orders, I wished with all my heart for the swords making up the throne to come to life and take care of the child with haste.

As battle erupted in the throne room, Baelish himself held a knife to Ned's neck to take him prisoner, just hours after suggesting what an incredible ally he could be. Even being careful who you trust isn't enough in the Seven Kingdoms, as you could be stabbed in the back at any turn.

The hour went very quickly, and yet the landscape of Westeros and the Free Cities changed forever. Two brothers, a queen and a Khal now want the throne. And that is only the beginning.

I don't want to leave out that the recent class of the Night's Watch took their vows, right after Benjen's horse returned riderless. In a stunning move, Jon was not made a ranger, but rather a steward, to the Lord Commander himself.

While Jon was insulted, Samwell turned his head in the right direction. No other on the Night's Watch will be privy to the information Jon will witness going forward. Could it be that he will be groomed for Lord Commander himself?

Finally, we had a fleeting glance of Ghost. What do you think of this one?

Overall, I love the episode. However, with three episodes remaining before this season ends, I'm quite curious  if they can fit all the important events remaining. Maybe they will, and I hope they'll do it nice.

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Episode 10 of The Killing titled "I'll Let You Know When I Get There" is jam-packed with lots of events which made the plot more interesting. What happened? Let's dig in.

TV Fanatic: First, Bennet Ahmed had finally been crossed off the suspect list. To think that after only 10 episodes and a massive beat down, the prime suspect turned out to be a good guy. I agree he did seem like the perfect culprit, especially with his lying and deceit, but he never deserved the attack he was given. I hope he pulls through.

My own suspicions led me to agree with Linden and Holder: the killer was Belko Royce. Turns outm though, he was merely a man longing for a happy family. Where his upbringing brought some clear psychological damage, Royce had more in common with an ever hopeful dog than with a murderer. Not only did I believe him, but I also felt sorry as the two detectives hounded him with questions.

This was one of the best scenes of the episode. It was a classic interrogation scene, but was laced with the regrets of Linden and Holder. These two are dedicated to finding Rosie's murderer and solving the case, but their accusations and assumptions led to Ahmed's assault. They wanted a chance to fix their mistakes.

Holder, as much as he claimed he wouldn't lose sleep over Ahmed, certainly pushed hard when questioning Royce. The way he barked at the whimpering man illustrated his desires to regain control of the situation, as well as pull vital information out of him. He tries to act tough, and while in some respects he certainly is, there is an underlying bubbling of emotions that spurts out every now and again.

As for Linden, she's managed to remain an emotionless rock throughout the case. Even her ability to act upset seems forced. She is much more reserved than Holder, but her desires for redemption appear more obvious.

Why did she go to Richmond? It may seem odd to visit this political man, but his connection to Ahmed and his innocence stood out on her mind. Plus, she simply wanted someone to apologize to and help alleviate the stresses of the unfortunate repercussions.

Additionally, Linden is consumed by the case. Without it, she feels as if she has nothing. She isn't doing a great job at raising her child or even getting closer to her fiance. At least with her occupation, she is confident and strong.

Having that confidence in her abilities as a detective shaken was unnerving to her. It pushed her further away from the people around her and closer to the case at hand. Her dependence on solving the murder is an interesting twist on such a resolute acting character.

I still find Richmond's storyline rather boring and out of place. Sure, the fact that he may have known Rosie in a greater capacity was interesting, but it felt a little late. Let's be honest, his character and the campaign would never have been introduced if it weren't vital to the story. The true connection had to happen soon, but I wish I felt that his moments didn't feel like interruptions to the fascinating scenes of police work by Linden and Holder.

It was the revelation that Adela was the name of a boat that took the episode in a nice direction. Why would Rosie go to a casino? Was she connected with the missing Larsen family savings? Oh, how the questions continue to arise.

Overall, I think this episode contains lots of pertinent information. The show started really slow and continued to do the same until this one.

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CBS has already released their 2011 Fall lineup, and one of the most interesting new shows on that list is Person of Interest. The new CBS show is produced by JJ Abrams ("Lost") and written by Jonathan Nolan (The Dark Knight, Prestige, Memento).

Person of Interest stars Jim Caviezel (The Passion of the Christ) and Michael Emerson ("Lost"), revolves around two men who risk their own lives to protect others in danger.

"There's a sort of thematic mood parallel between 'The Dark Knight' and this series," said Abrams. "And that idea of having people who are very much human, who are very real, and yet at the same time are doing things that without question are heroic. That was a very exciting prospect."

Interestingly, this show is up against Grey's Anatomy and Bones. So what's with the confidence put up by CBS on Person of Interest? Maybe, this is really big and something that we should watch out.

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We are all excited to see Nikita season 2. To give us some hints and spoilers about the said season, here are some scoops from  Lyndsy Fonseca (Alexandra "Alex" Udinov).

When asked about Alex working more closely with Amanda:
Yeah, we'll see! It will be interesting. I'm really excited for Alex to kind of be her own person, you know? She's really, really grown up a lot since the beginning of the season. So I think the writers are going to give me a lot to do and that's interesting. The never bore me, let's just say that!

About some spoilers that she might know, she shared "Maggie probably knows a lot more than me, but I prefer not to know. I like to stay in the dark. I could call him and be like, "Tell me, tell me!" And sometimes I have about certain things, to play it right, but I don't know… I prefer not knowing, because it makes me focus on one script at a time."

What about seeing Nathan again? Fosenca answered, "Nathan's alive, so you never know! He could totally come back. And I'm also hoping Devon Sawa comes back and I'm hoping Noah Bean comes back. I love them so much."

So what do you think of Nikita season 2?

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Here is another newcomer for Charming Police Department on Sons of Anarchy Season 4.

We've already confirmed that Rockmond Dunbar will take over as the new sheriff in town on Sons of Anarchy, and now TV Line reports that LaMonica Garrett will be working under him. The actor will portray Deputy Sheriff Cane and have some major run-ins with SAMCRO.

On a related news, Debi Mazur will appear this fall as SAMCRO's parole officer. The actress is best known for having played Shauna on Entourage throughout that show's run.

So what do you think of this casting news?

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Royal Pains season 3 premieres on June 29 with episode titled "Traffic." So what can we expect on this episode?

As shown in Entertainment Weekly, which previews the summer programming to come, Royal Pains star Mark Feuerstein is asked to give viewers an idea of what to expect on the June 29 return episode.

“Life in the Hamptons continues where it left off: Paige and Evan had their big trip together, my father is now in jail, Boris and Marissa are having the baby," he says. "And Jill came back from her journey to South America, and she had a great experience. So there’s a big question in the air: Will she be staying in the Hamptons or not?”

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Brady Smith has booked an appearance on White Collar season 3.

According to TV Line, Smith will portray a former Navy commander and the new COO of a Blackwater-esque security company. Look for his character to have a past with Clinton Jones (Sharif Atkins).

The episode featuring Smith's appearance will be aired in July.

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Show Your True Colors!

We only have less than a month before True Blood season 4 kicks in! To warm us up, let us check these interesting spoilers.

Not shocking, given this series, but the poster of Sookie surrounded by Bill, Eric and Alcide sure is suggestive, isn't it? I'm just saying… It looks like things might get very adult in that room soon.

True Blood season 4 premieres on June 26 with episode titled "She's Not There."

What do you think of these spoilers?

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After the season 4 finale of Private Practice, many viewers are asking, "What was Addison thinking?"

“I love that moment,” Private Practice creator Shonda Rhimes. In an effort to take us inside Addy's brain at that moment, Shonda tells TV Line's Matt Mitovich that while part of her wanted to walk away, she did the opposite.

“She has walked past Violet, who is at the airport running away from her possibilities, and she’s walked past Naomi, who is heading toward new possibilities with fiancĂ© Fife…. She’s realizing that everybody is just walking away – and that’s not her.

Addison “could walk away from everything,” Rhimes adds, “or she could actually go back to the things that she loves, which are her job and Sam. That’s what she says at the beginning of the episode, that living for her job is her thing."

"So without that, who is she? She stays true to who she is by going back.”

So what's your take on this one?

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Mark your calendar.

According to reports Paramount Home Entertainment will released Dexter season 5 on DVD and Bluray on August 16, 2011. Check the cover below.

The Michael C. Hall drama revolves around the murderous ways of a superhero serial killer. It's not very often that we get to frame serial killers in that light. There has been no word uttered regarding the releases featuring bonus materials and extra features at this time. The DVD will be available for the MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) of $54.99, while the Blu-ray will run at the MSRP of $64.99.

I will surely get a copy of this one. I love Dexter especially season 5.

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Burn Notice season 5 episode 1 titled "Company Man" will air on June 23. But while waiting, you can check this spoiler given by star Jeffrey Donovan.

On episode four, he tells EW, there will be “a huge murder twist” that will throw Michael’s life into turmoil.

“It’s exciting,” says star Jeffrey Donovan. “I’ll be honest with you, you do a series for as many episodes as we do - we do 18 a year - some episodes are more exciting than others. But this particular season opener and the big murder twist that happens in the fourth episode is pretty challenging for me and really exciting to kind of act.”

Any thoughts on this murder twist? How will it affect Michael?

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Here is an interesting guest star coming on season 2 of Covert Affairs. We saw her on Lost and No Ordinary Family, now she'll play an interesting role on this show.

The British actress has signed on to guest star this summer on the latter USA hit, TV Line reports. She'll come on board the sixth episode as Franka, a German who gets caught up with Auggie and his latest mission.

Covert Affairs season 2 premiere will air on June 7.

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Here are the latest spoilers for True Blood season 4. Well aside from the episode 1 stills that we already presented, below you can check major casting spoilers:

New cast members include: Courtney Ford as lawyer Portia Bellefleur, Andy’s sister; Vedette Lim as Tara’s new friend Naomi; Alexandra Breckenridge as Katerina, one of Marnie’s followers; and Gary Cole as Earl Stackhouse.

Earl Stackhouse? Sookie's grandfather? So there will be flashback right?

Cole is a veteran actor who most recently appeared in Entourage and Chuck. To many, though, he'll forever be known as Bill Lumbergh from Office Space. Indeed, his addition makes the fans excited.

What are your thoughts on these casting spoilers?

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Executive producer Brad Falchuk gave us a hint that Glee season 3 can be the best season so far. Let's check  the other spoilers that he gave in an interview with EW.

But what was up with New Directions losing?

“They’re not ready yet. I think there’s something about them winning that deflates things oddly. We knew what was going to happen. It’s not even that they lost but they didn’t even make that top 10. That’s how unprepared they were. That’s how unfocused they were. I kinda liked that. To me, if they make it to the top 10 after they’re so clearly not focused, they’re clearly not invested because they all have other things going on — it would have been a little disingenuous.”

Here are the season 3 spoilers for Glee:

  • The Glee bosses will start breaking stories for season 3 at the end of June – and not just them, either. The three are looking into hiring more writers on staff to get some fresh new voices.
  • With Rachel seeing the light with Sunshine Corazon , there’s been some wondering about Charice/Sunshine returning to McKinley to be with New Directions again. It sounds like the idea is definitely there, but who knows what will go down writing-wise over the summer. So, there is a possibility of Sunshine coming back…but there’s also a strong possibility she might not.
  • What about Sam and Mercedes, and their little secret? They’re not exactly going strong yet, but they are definitely embarking on their journey as a couple (remember the handhold?). After the prom, the writers are kind of interested to see where that will go .
  • And…Santana? Bringing Santana out of the closet isn’t something the writers want to jump into just yet. They’ve spent a lot of time on Kurt’s sexuality and his storyline, haven’t they?Which is something they’d also like to, ultimately, do for Santana – so we can look forward to seeing more of her story unfold a little bit in season 3.
  • After all this graduation talk, any possibility of doing a spin-off of the Glee grads in New York in the near future? No talk of anything like that yet, but “big ideas” always abound in the writer’s room, so who knows?
So what do you think about the latest spoilers?

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We will be seeing a determined, brave and fierce Neville Longbottom. The latest character poster of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 featuring him tells it all.

Neville's never been part of the core group fighting Voldemort, but his loyalty to Harry has never faltered and he has been there through everything with Harry.  He is, perhaps, the most dependable of all of Harry's followers.  We love him for it!

Any comment on his poster?

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Warner Bros. has released another character poster for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. It's Ron Weasley's turn!

The epic final installment of the beloved series finds Harry in the ultimate battle between good and evil.  Harry, Ron, and Hermione have been looking for horcruxes to destroy Voldemort, but Harry might have make the ultimate sacrifice as the showdown between the two enemies draws closer.

The second part of Harry Potter 7 will hit the big scree on July 15, 2011.

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Another interesting casting news for The Hunger Games. Lionsgate has already confirmed that Toby Jones (Infamous, Your Highness) will play the role of Hunger Games announcer Claudius Templesmith.

This character is known for booming over the loudspeaker "and may the odds be ever in your favor!" after every announcement.

The Hunger Games will hit the big screen on March 23, 2012.

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Here comes another official character poster for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 featuring Hermione.

She looks really determined, but if you look at her eyes you can see that there are worries expressed. This will be the last time Hermione will fight alongside her best friends Ron and Harry in an epic battle of good vs. evil.

What can you say about this Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Hermione poster?

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