The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Spoiler: Who will Play Greta?

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Who should portray Greta? This is the question that The Vampire Diaries fans are should asking.

The daughter of Jonas and sister of Luka, this witch will debut on episode 19, the same day viewers will finally meet Klaus. A casting notice describes Greta as being in her 20s, “African-American, cool, hip, smart. A bit of a thrill-seeker.”

Given the description, do you have any recommendation?

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On this week's episode of The Amazing Race Unfinished Business, I know many of you are all wishing that Jet and Cord will survive the leg. Well, you're wish is granted!

Heading in to this week’s episode of The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business, the finale of a very long first leg, Jet and Cord were waaaaaay behind 10th place Kent and Vxysin.  The dating Goths themselves were told by Phil that they were waaaaay behind ninth place Mike and Mike.  Safe to say, things did not look good for everyone’s favorite cowboys advancing to the second leg.

Despite the huge deficit, we received great news that after meeting Phil at the faux Pit Stop, the teams had to race to become one of six teams on the first flight or five teams on the second flight which departed 30 minutes later.  Hurray!  There’s no way Jet and Cord can’t catch up to at least four teams, right?  And, look!  Amanda and Kris are on that last flight and have a U-Turn to deal with.  Jet and Cord are still alive yet.

Would The Amazing Race producers let us off that easily?  Of course not.  Jet and Cord didn’t help by continued their run of ineptitude when they were unable to solve the clue “To Sail, to Stop”.  Cleverly, we’re not told when the flights depart and as Jet and Cord’s search continues in to the evening, worry starts to build that they won’t even make their charter.

In vintage The Amazing Race fashion, the build up of drama is all for nothing.  The second flight departs at 6:30am the next day.  Based on daylight, they had at least twelve hours to figure out the clue, if not more.  Clearly they did not need all of the time and made it to the airport in plenty of time.

Once on the second flight, Jet and Cord were no longer in the grave danger of being eliminated that they were to start the episode?  Is getting bailed out like they were fair?  On the surface it doesn’t seem that way, but The Amazing Race has been designed to prevent huge leads and large deficits for many seasons now.  If this were an earlier, potentially fairer, season Jet and Cord would have easily been eliminated.

With everyone’s favorite theme music safe, we can focus on the rest of the episode.  One of the best aspects of this first leg was how challenging the leg was.  Perhaps the challenges themselves were not as dynamic as they could have been, but the clues were phenomenal.  Catch phrases that are not easily found on the internet.  Finding a street corner using the Periodic Table.  These were both awesome clues.

I hope to see more clues that require thought and solving a puzzle of some sort going forward.  There seems to be an emphasis on making the season tough for the competitors because this is there second time around.  If the opening leg is a taste of what they have in store, we’re in for a treat.

In the end, Ron and Christina got the last spot and Amanda and Kris were eliminated. I know that the latter has still a lot of things on their sleeves to show but sometimes Amazing Race is all about luck and timing.

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83rd Oscar Awards Night Winners

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The 2011 Oscars will honor the best films of 2009 in different categories, some of which are Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress and more.  Watch the Oscar Awards 2011 live on Sunday, February 27, 2011 at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT.  The 83rd Academy Awards, also known as Oscars 2011, will be held live at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, L.A. and will be televised on ABC.

Here are the list of winners: (Being updated as the show goes on)

  • Art Direction: Alice In Wonderland
  • Cinematography: Wally Pfister - Inception
  • Actress in a Supporting Role: Melissa Leo (Fighter)
  • Best Animated Film: Toy Story 3
  • Best Animated Short Film: "The Lost Thing"
  • Adapted Screenplay: The Social Network, Screenplay by Aaron Sorkin
  • Original Screenplay: The King's Speech, Screenplay by David Seidler
  • Best Foreign Language Film: In a Better World, Denmark
  • Actor in a Supporting Role: Christian Bale, The Fighter
  • Original Score: The Social Network, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
  • Sound Mixing: Inception, Lora Hirschberg, Gary A. Rizzo and Ed Novick
  • Sound Editing: Inception, Richard King
  • Makeup: The Wolfman, Rick Baker and Dave Elsey
  • Costume Design: Alice in Wonderland, Colleen Atwood
  • Best Documentary Short Subject: "Strangers No More"
  • Best Live Action Short Film: "God of Love"
  • Best Documentary: Inside Job
  • Visual Effects: Inception, Paul Franklin, Chris Corbould, Andrew Lockley and Peter Bebb
  • Film Editing: The Social Network, Angus Wall
  • Original Song: "We Belong Together" from Toy Story 3, Music and Lyric by Randy Newman
  • Directing: Tom Hooper, The King's Speech
  • Actress in a Leading Role: Natalie Portman, Black Swan 
  • Actor in a Leading Role: Colin Firth, The King's Speech
  • Best Picture: The King's Speech
Movie Awards Tally:
  • Inception - 4
  • The King's Speech - 4
  • The Social Network - 3
  • Alice in Wonderland - 2
  • The Fighter - 2
  • Toy Story 3 - 2
  • The Wolfman - 1
  • Black Swan - 1

Each January, the entertainment community and film fans around the world turn their attention to the Academy Awards. Interest and anticipation builds to a fevered pitch leading up to the Oscar telecast in February, when hundreds of millions of movie lovers tune in to watch the glamorous ceremony and learn who will receive the highest honors in filmmaking.

The 2011 Oscars will honor the best films of 2009 in different categories, some of which are Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress and more.  Watch the Oscar Awards 2011 live on Sunday, February 27, 2011 at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT.  The 83rd Academy Awards, also known as Oscars 2011, will be held live at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, L.A. and will be televised on ABC.

You can see the WINNERS HERE.

    Maybe you're all waiting to know what will happen on Supernatural season 6 episode 16, "And Then There Were None," well, we have some spoilers for you including Samuel joining up with Sam and Dean.

    Other spoilers:

    • Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles), and Bobby (Jim Beaver) set out in search of The Mother of All’s latest monster.
    • While investigating, they run into Samuel (guest star Mitch Pileggi) and Gwen (guest star Jessica Heafey), who are also hunting the creature.
    • Samuel and Bobby get into a heated fight about how to handle the case.
    Given these spoilers, will episode 16 be exciting?

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     Mix reactions for this week's episode of Smallville, "Fortune," and I can say that this episode gave me reason to feel the same.

    TV Fanatic: Never in the history of Smallville has an episode felt more like it belonged among the tweenybopper staples that make up the bulk of the CW schedule than "Fortune" did tonight.

    With so much yet to wrap up before the series ends in May, why the writers felt the need to take this ridiculous detour into an awful subplot involving a night of mystical debauchery is completely beyond the realm of my capacity to fathom. To say I didn't like this episode is a gross understatement.

    For a brief moment, I thought perhaps there was going to be some other explanation of the events, involving the heroes and their identities, perhaps, when Emil was being interrogated by thugs, but alas, it was a futile sense of hope I experienced.

    What took the cake was putting Oliver Queen - the Green Freaking Arrow - in showgirl drag. I cannot believe they reduced the epic hero to…this. I'm so disgusted, I'm having difficulty even attempting to muster the wit to appropriately denigrate the situation. Just idiotic, ludicrous, not even worth my time to spend straining for a positive moment upon which to focus.

    Before I start getting lambasted for my view here, I am a longtime fan of Smallville, of these characters and of Superman in general. In any other season, I might have tolerated an episode like this, but not when we have eight episodes left, have hardly scratched the Darkseid surface and still have the Alexander/Con-El situation to work out. I feel cheated and disrespected.

    These characters and actors are far better than this preposterous mess, and I'm ashamed they were treated with such pitiful disdain. To make matters worse, this is the note on which they choose to send Chloe out. Heartbreaking, and not in the appropriate and expected way.

    Even trying to slip in a sweet Clark and Lois moment near the end cannot salvage the train wreck. The only thing garnering it even ONE star from me, is the fact that it is now over.

    So what can you say about this episode?

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    Definitely this week's episode of Fringe, "Subject 13," is a bit boring but the information and flashbacks it brought compensate everything. It's good to know what is happening but it is better to know why such things happened.

    "Subject 13" was filled with familiar characters with unfamiliar faces.

    The entire episode takes place in 1985, and we see concurrently the consequences of Peter’s kidnapping in both worlds. As an aside, I love the retro beginning they use when doing a flashback scenes. It really taps into what we (the world) thought would be coming in the future.

    We had ideas of rounded corners, groovy colors – an interesting take woven in someone’s imagination. The only thing it represents these days what we expected of the future in the past.

    Walter, before he asked William Bell to remove a part of his brain, was still a goofy, fun sort of fellow. He worked well with the children. But you could also see his scientific side, when he told Elizabeth that Peter was not her son and basically not to get too attached.

    Easy for him to say when he walks off to work every day leaving her to deal with a grieving Peter, lost and unsure of this world into which he has been thrust, frightened and lacking trust of faces that look otherwise so familiar.

    After Peter tries unsuccessfully to get back to his own world by plunging through an icy Reiden Lake, Elizabeth’s packs she and Peter up and they go to Florida, where Walter conducts his research. In her desire to give him something to do and get a breath of fresh air, Elizabeth takes Peter to the research facility and it is there that he sees Olivia. As Walter says, “The beguiling Olivia Dunham beguiles.” There is no doubt that Peter feels some sort of connection to Olivia, perhaps because he can sense in her the same doubts he himself is facing.

    In 1985 the past of our future story begins. Walter devises a series of tests to determine just what type of heightened emotional response causes Olivia to flash through the universes. He is unable to determine the exact formula until Olivia comes to school with a black eye.

    Knowing that Olivia has a fearsome home life, where she suffers abuse at the hands of her stepfather, and that she is close to another young boy at the school, Walter arranges for her to be trapped in a darkened room, and when the lights go on, she is faced with the image of her friend, beaten and bloodied on the schoolroom floor. She immediately flashes and is gone.

    As the call to arms to find her begins, Peter finds her book of drawings and following the only picture in the book that looks happy, tracks her down. Karley Scott Collins plays young Olivia with such grace and maturity, that even the subtlest of looks can be felt right in your heart.

    As Peter approaches, she tells him stay away as all of the flowers around her have died due to the heat of her flashing. He says he is not afraid, and they hold hands. She thinks of being cool and it begins to snow. When she admits it was she who created the snow, Karley plays the scene exactly as Anna Torv would have played it. There is no mistaking the woman she is to become. This IS young Olivia.

    This is important, because in last year’s flashback episode, Peter wasn’t played by the same chap he is in this episode. And, I don’t recall anything special about him. But Karley Scott Collins has a genuine spark, the gift of acting. When Walter was subjecting her to the many tests of heightened emotional response, it was just her and a room, and never did I question what she was feeling.

    I felt like I was watching a young Jodie Foster, and if we have another flashback episode and Karley is not the one to portray young Olivia, her presence will be sorely missed.

    In spite of all of Peters doubts and fears, he does have some trust for his erstwhile parents, and talks Olivia into trusting Walter with the situation with her stepfather. When they get back to the school, her book of drawings in hand, she demands to see Dr. Walter. When she is told it isn’t possible, she runs into his office, tears streaming down her face, admitting she had seen the blimp she drew in her book when she flashed to the other universe, begging him to help her with her stepfather, to please step in to make things right. Walter is stunned into silence.

    Until he walks into the door behind her. Olivia had flashed, and the person she just trusted with her darkest secret, the real person Peter wanted her to trust, Walternate.

    For six months, Walternate and his Elizabeth had been grieving over the kidnapping of their son by a man who looked exactly like Walternate. A part of him blamed Elizabeth for not judging by his clothing, anything, that the person who held their son was not him. No theories made sense. Not until a little girl infused with so much pain appeared before him, handed him her book of drawings and shared her secret and disappeared again.

    It was a chill inducing moment, to imagine Walternate, no doubt completely befuddled at what was happening before him, but hardly immune to the words and pain being delivered by our Olivia. She left before him the book of drawings, inside of which is one of her holding hands with Peter. He had found his son.

    So, again, while this episode is boring, it is also informative. I hope that the next episode will bring back the momentum once again.

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    If there's one word that can describe this week's episode of Supernatural, "The French Mistake," it is definitely FUN. The previews are good and I think the episode carried the same.

    Sure, Supernatural is a show about brothers that fight demons, ghosts, monsters, and every other type of evil being. Yet, it also thrives on its cleverly written humor, references, and the fan base that tunes in week after week.

    So, yes, Dean, we do care about watching a television show about your lives. It’s fascinatingly entertaining.

    Of course, some people may have found this episode terrible because of its diversion from the current season’s plot lines. Frankly, I didn’t mind.

    As much as I enjoy the mythology and general core of the show, I do appreciate the chance to take some time off and allow Supernatural to mock itself and tip its hat to the dedicated fans. There were so many little nuances and inside jokes, that I’m pretty sure I’d need to watch it a couple times to pick up on all of them.

    The scene that made me laugh the hardest was when Sam and Dean attempted to act. Dean tried to find his mark and put on an extremely serious face, while Sam awkwardly spoke his lines and tried not to stare into the camera. It was perfect comedy. Even the way everyone around the brothers couldn’t believe what was going on, added to the hilarity.

    Then there was the ever enjoyable Misha Collins who got a chance to stretch his acting range by playing Misha Collins as an ugly sweater wearing, Twitter maniac who simply wanted to be Jared and Jensen’s pal. It was great to see him “acting” his deep growl of an Angel voice, as well as squeal in frightened panic.

    Plus, Misha tweeted live! “Hola mishamigos. J2 got me good. Really starting to feel like one of the guys.” Talk about blurring the reality lines.

    The jokes about Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki, who play Dean and Sam, occurred throughout most of the episode. YouTube videos of Jensen’s soap star days, giant photos of Jared on horseback, the idea that in real life they are vain, overly rich, and pretentious, were only a few of the many self referential jokes.

    Jared’s real life wife, who played the character of Ruby, showed up to play Jared’s wife in the episode. Confusing? Not as confused as Sam and Dean were in trying to put the pieces together. It was a nice touch.

    Even the members behind the camera jumped in the line of joke fire. Making fun of Bob Singer for naming a character after himself, Eric Kripke getting gunned down (along with what seemed like everyone), and the general production of the show took the behind the scenes reality of the show to a whole new level.

    Indeed, humor is present in this episode and I think Supernatural should bring more interesting episodes as the season finale approaches.

    What can you say?

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    The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Spoiler: Meet Greta the Witch

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    After the exciting episode and while TVD fans are waiting for April 7, you can first check these spoilers brought to us by InsideTV, including the entrance of a new character.

    The witch in question, Greta, was mentioned for the first time in last night’s epic cliffhanger. “The vampire Diaries” is on hiatus until April 7th, but no worries, we will keep all our TVD fans in the spoiler loop  .

    Here is the major spoiler:
    You heard her name last night for the first time, and soon, we’ll be meeting new witch Greta Tucker, who’s described in the casting announcement as being in her 20s, “African-American, cool, hip, smart. A bit of a thrill-seeker.” But Bonnie she is not. Based on the company she will be keeping, I’d say she’s not to be trusted.

    Any reaction for this spoiler?

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    House fanatics, TV Line has some interesting spoilers for us. What are they? Read below.

    TV Line’s Michael Ausiello has some House spoilers for us: Donal Logue, who some fans might recognize from FX’s late Terriers, has landed himself a “very juicy” guest-starring role on the show. He’s slated to be the POTW in the 20th episode, airing in early May.

    This episode will also mark the return of Candice Bergen as Cuddy’s mom, Arlene. So what will be her purpose in returning?

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    If there is one Fringe episode that you shouldn't miss, well it is Episode 15 "Subject 13." Why? TV Guide gives us the spoilers below

    It takes us back to 1985 and it reveals that some characters have known each other for a very long time. What else can be revealed about "Subject 13?" Producers Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman offered the following preview to TV Guide...

    Peter and Olivia met when they were kids... "We have known it for a long time, how and when we were going to reveal that was determined while we were writing the episode," Pinker says.

    The biggest moment occurs when we see how Walter and Elizabeth convinced Peter he was their son... "This is the beginning of the end for her, because we know that, ultimately, she ends up killing herself when Peter was 17. This is that first lie," says Wyman.

    White Tulip references will be made... "The White Tulip stuff is all connected thematically because that was the episode where Walter believes in God," Wyman says. "And that is going to come back... it's a very big part of the season finale and where Walter is going to be."

    Peter might not discover Olivia is pregnant until next year... "There's a good reason for it," Wyman teases. "We can't tell you now, but we're trying to do something now that nobody's ever done and we're excited for our season finale. It's something we're really excited about."

    These spoilers are all exciting, I'll definitely watch tonight's episode.

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    "The House Guest" episode of The Vampire Diaries is like a horror movie. Well, that's how exciting it is! Moreover, there are violent deaths, roaring fire and shocking returns.

    Before getting to the return of Isobel, the news that shook Matt to his core and the eulogies for Luka and Jonas, let's start with the most pressing question of all: where will everyone eat in the future?!? Losing the Mystic Falls Grill might affect this town more than the demise of any individual ever could.

    The episode wasted no time getting into the action, as we opened on Katherine inside the Salvatore mansion, Damon explaining how she escaped the tomb and Katherine trying to explain why: she wants Klaus dead. She knows what he looks like, she knows where he is, they need her.

    Don't you just hate it when black bra-donning, 500-year old, diabolical vampires are right?

    Later, of course, we learned a lot more about Katherine's scheming and her true reasoning for sticking around. I had to rewind her rundown of the deal with John to Damon, but as I best understand it:

    He showed up at the tomb at the conclusion of "Daddy Issues" and told Katherine he and Isobel wanted the Salvatores out of Elena's life. Katherine could assist. In exchange for helping them kill Elijah, she could save one brother. She chose Stefan. For that reason, Elijah gave Damon the dagger and Katherine never revealed to him the fate that would befall any supernatural who used it.

    Conceivably, if Katherine had selected to save Damon, John would have given Stefan the dagger... right? As Katherine herself joked earlier in the episode, likely as a wink to viewers: "So many rules. It's all very confusing." Where is all this going? With Isobel's arrival, it's difficult to say. But one thing is for certain:

    Informed that Katherine truly didn't care if he died - nay, actually plotted his death! - it looks like Damon has finally gotten over his centuries-old crush. Way to go, D! Might his feelings for Elena actually dissipate now, though? Originally, at least, they were tied into her resemblance to Katherine.

    As for those poor witches... Luka and Jonas were great additions to the show and they left us at the perfect time, in the perfect way: via surprising deaths that will likely play a major role going forward. After all, the Gilbert journals spoke of a witch massacre in Mystic Falls, along with the super power one can derive from a witch burial ground. Or simply the site where a witch died in a violent manner.

    Hmmm, what two locations now fit that bill? The Salvatore household and the Gilbert household. Come on in, Klaus, we'd love to show you around! Might those be the words of witch wisdom Jonas imparted to Bonnie? Lure Klaus in, do some serious spelling and take advantage of the way in which he and his son perished. Something to keep our eyes on, fans.

    And then we get to Matt. Poor, confused, innocent, would-have-died-if-not-for-the-blood-of-his-vampire-girlfriend, Matt. I loved his reaction to Caroline's revelation, specifically the call back to Vicki. It makes perfect sense he'd be especially sensitive to the whole vampire thing.

    Sadly, for The Vampire Diaries fans, you will not be able to see the next episode until April 7.

    So what do you expect on the return of The Vampire Diaries?

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    This week's episode of The Big Bang Theory, "The Toast Derivation", is jampacked when it comes to the cast, but as for the story, it is just fine.

    Plus, seeing Sheldon and Amy team up against Penny, oh boy, the scene was fantastic!

    It started off on a stream of peppy Sheldon one-liners and held some promise when Sheldon went to the bar to drown his sorrows and air his angst on Penny's shoulder, but it quickly jerked away from that into a character division that was not as palatable as one might expect.

    Sheldon's dalliance with a new set of friends had less spice than the pot of Tex-Mex chili Priya had brewing over at Raj's place. Kripke is one of those characters I only care to see when he's in an epic battle with Sheldon, not placating his need for companionship by sticking around and dueting Elton John and Kiki Dee with Penny's ex.

    But I suppose that was sort of the point of the episode. Despite Sheldon's quirky-in-the-rear-view ways, he's a necessary part of this off kilter group of friends.

    Honestly, when Sheldon is being unintentionally condescending and oblivious to his social ineptitude, I like him. He has an earnestness that is appealing. It's when he's acerbic and harshly patronizing that I can't stand to watch him. Hopefully this little experiment in divergence of social affection, if you will, encourages him to be less flippant with the friends he already has. It's not so easy making new ones.

    The best part of the episode involved Amy and Penny. I just love Amy's interactions with Penny and how she tries to be the supportive sister but inadvertently, yet good-naturedly, tweaks Penny's nose. The two are becoming my favorite 'ship, to the point where I actually don't care if Leonard and Penny ever get back together.

    So will the Leonard-Priya team up continue? What do you think? Are you in favor of it?

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    The beauty of this week's episode of The Mentalist,"Red Queen", is that it made me think a lot of things as the  events unfold. What do I mean? Well, did Hightower murder Todd Johnson? Was she working with Red John? Was she secretly working with Jane? Was it all a set up? There were just lots of questions!

    I’ve never been fond of time jumps in stories, but this one certainly caught my attention. The problem? I couldn’t wait to get back to that moment that kicked off the show. The way the Montero murder linked back to Todd Johnson was intriguing, yet I felt as though I wanted to hit the fast forward button to get back to Jane and Hightower in the attic.

    When Jane held the gun on Hightower, it took me a moment to realize why he was so intense. Then it hit me. If she was guilty, she’s a direct link to Red John. The possibility made Jane positively manic. The look in his eyes made me think no one will be able to stop him from killing Red John when/if he finds him.

    I thought the duct tape wrapped around Jane’s neck and the gun was a nice touch. Quite chilling. He had no chance of escape.

    Happily, La Roche made another appearance this week. This guy’s so entertaining I didn’t want him to leave. Did you notice the way his eyes actually shook when he was staring down Hightower? How does he do that? It’s positively freaky. And who would have pictured La Roche with a fluffy little dog and Hummel figurines? How funny was that?

    Because I’ve grown to like Hightower, I’m relieved she’s not a cold-blooded killer, although I assume we aren’t going to see much of her for a while now that she’s on the run. I’m thankful Jane has an ally in his hunt for Red John, but I do wish it were Lisbon. Either way, Jane is definitely a step closer than he was before. With Hightower in his corner, he’s not alone.

    I love this episode, I hope next week The Mentalist will bring another satisfying one.

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    This week's episode of Fairly Legal, "Believers", is just fair. I believe on it but I was definitely expecting more.

    TV Fanatic: The dispute between Marsden and Marcus left me cold, probably because I didn’t care much for either character. I know I was supposed to side with Marcus. John Marsden appears to have been a difficult boss who gave him a lousy contract. I understood that Marcus panicked when he got to the roof. He failed to make a successful prototype and never told his boss.

    The longer it went on, the worse it felt and his boss being a jerk didn’t help. Somehow, I still had trouble garnishing much sympathy for this character. He just didn’t click for me.

    I’ve normally enjoyed Lauren’s scenes, but I found the story of Valerie and Nick a bit boring. It didn't help that the resolution felt forced. Nick wouldn’t sign the papers for all of these years, but Lauren threatens to take him to court and he caves?

    That the whole case left Lauren thinking about Teddy should have been a sweet moment, but did you see the picture of the two of them together? I knew Teddy was substantially older, but he looked like her grandfather in that photo. It was a little disconcerting.

    Leo’s new girlfriend was cute. I’m left wondering how many superhero costumes she has in her closet. Talk about inspiration. I wished we got to see what drawings Leo came up with.

    When Kate told the detective that she was a negotiator working for the DA’s office and gave Justin’s name as a contact, I really thought Justin would be more upset. Yet he seemed more put off when she asked for money to bail out Marcus. I don’t know how much she needed, but it seemed odd that she wouldn’t have it herself. She’s working for her father’s firm and is heir to a quarter of his estate. Correction, half of his estate because David Smith signed over his quarter to her.

    I hope Fairly Legal will bounce back next week!

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    We've promised before that there will be a Stark-Lexie scene in this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy, and we saw the same. But what else happened on "Not Responsible?" Read below.

    TV Fanatic: After looking at Derek’s plans of the dream house, Meredith admitted to Alex that she was having problem with her eyes, which seemed to get worse throughout the episode. Meredith finally admitted to Derek that she could not see well when he asked her to assist with a surgery.

    Lucy told Meredith that she had to discontinue the fertility medication, and the Chief said that Meredith could not even observe surgeries until she recovered. If Meredith is forced to choose between her career and having a baby, which do you think she will choose?

    Alex asked Lucy out yet again, and she refused once again. This is becoming a common theme on the show. Will she eventually give in when she so obviously has a crush on Alex?

    One of the Alzheimers patients had a young son with a bump on his neck. Because the cyst was dangerous and the child had not been receiving proper medical attention, Dr. Stark asked Arizona to call child protective services.

    April tried to help the family and told Dr. Stark that the son was cherished by his parents.

    Dr. Stark decided against calling CPS and asked April on a date since she was the first person who was able to change his mind in 10 years. Dr. Stark was a little bit more likable in this episode.  Do you think he will be a good addition to the show in the future?

    Could he and April possibly work as a couple?

    The saddest sub-plot of the show involved a cystic fibrosis patient who needed a lung transplant. Since the patient’s girlfriend also had cystic fibrosis, they were not supposed to date because it was dangerous for both of them.

    The patient explained to Teddy that life without risk was not worth living, and Teddy ordered him to break up with his girlfriend or else she would not allow the transplant to go forward. The couple broke up, and Lexie convinced the girlfriend to leave the hospital, explaining that everyone had more than one true love.

    Lexie also admitted to Avery that she missed Mark and actually believed that everyone has one soul mate. Avery told Lexie that he had feelings for her. Were you surprised that they ended up in the shower together? Is this the beginning of a legitimate committed relationship or is it going to be casual? Lexie seems to be confused about what she wants.

    Adele was back in the hospital after another accident, and the Chief assigned Bailey to the case. Ultimately, Bailey convinced the Chief to talk to Derek about Adele’s possible early on-set dementia.  Where do you think this story line is going? Does Adele actually have Alzheimers?

    Arizona wanted Callie to have an amniocentesis, and Mark did not want Callie to have it because of the risk involved. Arizona and Mark tried to show who is boss in their relationship with Callie throughout the episode. Callie decided to get the amnio, and Mark explained that he really just wants everyone to vote on the decisions affecting the baby.

    Arizona admitted to Callie that she is upset that she’s stuck with a lifetime full of Mark. Do you think that Callie, Arizona, and Mark can ever really have a perfect relationship or will Arizona and Mark keep competing with each other? Would Callie cut Mark out of the baby’s life to please Arizona? Would Arizona walk away from Callie?

    Cristina mentioned to Owen that she does not want children. He replied that she will probably come around in a couple of years. Owen also became angry with Cristina for refusing to share his life vision. This led Cristina to second guess their marriage.

    There is still no words for the next episode, so what do you think will happen?

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    Movie Review: I Am Number Four

    Posted by Edmond Dantes On Thursday, February 24, 2011 2 comments

    Let’s get something straight here, if you are a fan of teen novels turned to screen adaptations, you already must and should know that not everything you read is given justice in the film (Of course the most obvious reason is of the time frame). I am Number Four is an American teen science fiction film, much like the Harry Potter series and the Twilight Saga, rooted from the intended six part novel of James Frey and Jobie Hughes. Primarily, what you have to watch for two hours in this movie won’t give you anything new or anything surprising other than the thought of having something else to watch.

    Planet Lorien was destroyed by the Mogadorians and a few numbered from one to nine were able to escape along with their guardians. And where else could be a better place for them to escape? Bingo! Planet Earth! (You guessed it right) John Smith, aka Number Four (Alex Pettyfer) is the alien in focus together with his guardian Henri (Timothy Olyphant), and with the death of the first three in the hands of the Mogadorians who are in close pursuit, they had to move to Paradise Ohio where everything fictional unfolds. Against the wishes of Henri to be scrupulous, John falls in love with Sara (Dianne Agron) and as the Mogadorians come closer, John’s destiny reveals a lot of who he is and what powers lies beyond his human flesh.

    I am Number Four, hmmm.... Basically what we have here is a bit of a shadow of Twilight with a touch of glimmering hands, a much ripped protagonist, Voldemort-looking Mogadorians and a morphing beagle. Want justifications? Let’s see: Supernatural guy turns up to study in highschool, falls in love with a focus-given girl, holds secret powers, and at the end, both of them end up getting caught in an on-going war of the Loriens and the Mogadorians. Yep, sounds like something you have seen before. But this isn’t Twilight (or some of it aren’t), the science-fiction speaks for the whole movie. Although, I am Number Four is an enjoyable movie for the boys and girls, it offers little to no surprise, nothing that can really make that “Wow!” pop out of the mouth.

    There are some things I don’t get in I am Number Four, questions I would like to ask Director D.J Caruso (Eagle Eye) personally. First, Henri, the guardian of John, a warrior of Lorien, was easily taken hostage by two hillbillies? Here’s another one, particularly the numbering system of the Lorien survivors, why did they have to get killed in sequence? Are the Mogadorians strict in following numbers or what? The movie doesn’t delve much into that. Want some more? What’s with the 20 to 30-second clip of Number Six (Teresa Palmer) blowing up a house? The father of Sam (Callan McAuliffe) being abducted by aliens was not given any life in the film; it was clearly bypassed that as a viewer, I cannot help but ask what really happened to him. The story feels so much compressed in two hours and it’s pretty obvious that a sequel is necessary.

    Also, there are crucial parts of the novel that were taken away by the movie, like John’s training to master his powers – It’s as if he learned to master them in . Some things also seemed pretty obvious to the viewers like the sudden appearance of the beagle – this already tells you the dog was there for a purpose. And what’s the deal with the “dark” Mogadorians? They didn’t appear as scary as they should be. They turned out to be these humongous cool-looking aliens who have a knack for killing. Nothing was ever explained about John’s powers, it was all “You can do this and that” at best.

    With all those criticisms, I am not about to turn my back on the movie yet for like all movies, I am Number Four has some good attributes to it. The final battle scene of Number Four and Number Six against a group of Mogadorians was fantastic to say the least. Convincing battle scene effects were presented, and that is something you have to commend. Callan’s character Sam was a pretty good neutrality for John’s character, giving the latter enough escape to the Boy and Girl protagonist theme. As the new best friend of John, he offers roughly comical and humorous lines and dialogue (perhaps the only source of humour in this film), and I think it worked out pretty well. Performance-wise, all actors were fine and impressive. I might even throw in a possibility for Alex Pettyfer to be a huge icon for the girls in this movie.

    For the pretty much hyped young audience, I am Number Four can be synonymous with excitement. But although it gives off impressive generated effects and a story to keep viewers interested, I don’t think it will make for a worldwide phenomenon like the Harry Potter Series or the Twilight Saga (unless the sequels improve). It is a workable and acceptable fun movie to watch, it may even bring out some comments adhering to the spectacular, but there seems to be an underlying tone all over that supposes it to be a resembling and forgettable film.

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    Hangover fans, I know you are all waiting to see the trailer of the second installment of this movie series. Watch it below.

    The teaser trailer for The Hangover: Part II has been released, and though it doesn't reveal much about the Thailand-set plot, we are guaranteed to see one thing: a monkey. We'll take it.

    Bill Clinton to appear in The Hangover II

    Other than that, all we're treated to is yet another debauched hotel room, and Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis (and the monkey!) walking down the street. Someone find Doug ASAP! The Hangover: Part II hits theaters May 26. Are you excited to see the movie?

    On How I Met Your Mother season 6 episode 18, some things will happen which will surely lighten your day. Talk about Barney's confused feelings for Nora. Below are other spoilers.

    Here are other spoilers for "A Change of Heart":

    • When Barney starts to have real feelings for Nora, he worries that there is something wrong with his heart.
    • Robyn starts dating a guy who acts a lot like a dog.
    • Nazanin Boniadi Returns as Nora

    Guest Cast:

    • Dr. Kirby as Suzy Nakamura
    • Nora as Nazanin Boniadi
    • Scooby as Robbie Amell

    So what do you think of Episode 18?

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    Last few week, we gave you a hint on the boyfriend of Ziva who will come soon on NCIS. Now, we have more details about him. Below are the details from TV Line.

    Ray arrives in this season’s 20th episode, Michael Ausiello says, and is a handsome, charming, intelligent federal agent of Mediterranean/Latin American descent.

    He has a strong, nice-guy demeanor but “there’s a hint of a mystery behind his smile.” The role is still uncast, incidentally. Any thoughts on who should play Ray?

    As for whether the show is leading up to something big for the eighth season finale, TV Line says the season will end with a big, splashy serial killer arc.

    So what do you feel about these developments?

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    With this week's episode of Justified, Team Rayva are surely delighted. But what will happen on "Rayva" for the remainder of the season.

    TV Line brings us an interview wherein Joelle Carter dishes extensively on her character. Read below.

    "It’s a slow burn, and it’s leading up to something pretty spectacular that I think the fans are really going to like," Carter says. "They’re going to like Ava’s journey “home,” in a sense of her finding herself and what she’s capable of. She goes back to her true character and embraces it. And I think that I can say that, yes, Ava finds true love."

    So are you a fan of Ava?

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    The season 4 episode 17 of Chuck, "Chuck Versus The First Bank Of Evil," is promised to be exciting as Chuck and Sarah plan the ultimate heist at a high-security bank. Any other events? Read below.

    Other episode 17 spoilers:

    • Chuck pushes Vivian McArthur (guest star Lauren Cohan) to get in touch with her inner villain for a mission.
    • Sarah tries to get in touch with her inner bride as wedding plans ramp up.
    • Morgan’s search for a new roommate takes an unexpected turn.
    • Adam Baldwin, Sarah Lancaster, Scott Krinsky, Vik Sahay, Mark Christopher Lawrence and Bonita Friedericy also star.

    These upcoming events are interesting. What do you think?

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    Hey guys I know you are all excited to see season 2 episode 16 of The Vampire Diaries. Well, below are some spoilers.

    "The House Guest" will feature the following events:

    • Katherine’s mind games are getting on everyone’s nerves, but Damon, Stefan and Elena realize that her knowledge of Mystic Falls history will help them stay alive.
    • Frustrated with her relationship with Matt, Caroline finds a new way to get his attention.
    • Alaric makes a surprising confession to Jenna, and Katherine makes a different kind of confession to Damon.
    • Stefan and Bonnie try to convince Jonas (guest star Randy Goodwin) and Luka (guest star Bryton James) that they should all be working together, but Jonas’ lack of trust leads to a violent and fiery confrontation.

    However, we got something else that will make the episode more interesting. When asked what will happen next to The Vampire Diaries, Ausiello answered:

    Ausiello: Thursday’s episode is not to be missed. It boasts two deaths, one super-romantic Matt/Caroline scene, and — in the hour’s final minutes — a doozy of a twist.

    And now you are really spoiled.

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