I think the February 10 episode of The Big Bang Theory will surely be a bang! Why? Read below the spoilers brought to us by TV Guide.

On the said episode, Leonard shares a kiss with a wealthy benefactor to the physics department — played by Jessica Walter, age 70. "The amount of making out I do on this show is ridiculous," says Johnny, 35. He's not kidding.

Next is the return of Raj's sister. Aarti Mann returns as Raj's sister Priya, who'll now be dating Leonard after their previous one-night stand. "Raj is not going to be very happy about that," says actor Kunal Nayyar. "I forgave Leonard [after they first hooked up] because she didn't want [something serious], but now..."

In other romantic developments, Bernadette finally lays down the law with Howard (Simon Helberg) and demands that he choose between her and his overbearing mom. "That's a big moment to see this guy who's a mama's boy have to make that decision," says Simon. "I bet he's going to mess it up." And is Jim Parsons (Sheldon) jealous that Leonard's getting so much lovin'?  Hardly. "I got Christine Baranski," says the new Golden Globe winner, "so it's only fair to share the hot women kisses."

So what do you think of this episode? I think it will really be fun!

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Smallville plus Hangover equals "A Very Fun Episode." So if you want to see a different dimension of Smallville then you should watch its February 25 installment. Read below and be spoiled. Thanks to TV Guide for this news!

Blatantly describing the February 25 installment as "our fun Hangover episode," Brian Peterson says to TV Guide: "Clark won't remember what happened the night before."

We know, we know: superheroes are impervious to the effects of alcohol. But Zatanna will spike champagne that will result in the "wild side of everybody," teases producer Kelly Souders.

"We all wake up in different places in bizarre situations involving weird outfits and animals," adds Erica Durance. "I wake up out on the train tracks with Oliver and realize I can't find my engagement ring."

This development will lead to encounter with casino owner Amos Fortune, a villain DC Comics initially introduced in 1961.

So what do you think on this installment of Smallville?

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Glee will definite hit the February with some interesting episodes. So what can we expect on the said episodes. Read below and be spoiled!

To make up for a lengthy hiatus, the network will air all new Glee episodes throughout February.  We've already given you an extensive look at "Thriller." Now, Fox has released the official descriptions for the subsequent three installments.

Read at your own spoiler-filled risk.

2/8: “Silly Love Songs”
Love is in the air at McKinley High when the glee club sets up a kissing booth for Valentine’s Day. Things don’t go as planned, and hearts end up getting broken.

2/15: “Comeback”
Rachel (Lea Michele) tries to launch a comeback into the McKinley High social stratosphere with a little help from Brittany. Meanwhile, Sam starts a tribute band.

2/22: “Blame It on the Alcohol”
Principal Figgins teaches the student body about the danger of underage drinking, and the glee club is personally touched by the message. Meanwhile, Mr. Schuester and Coach Beiste indulge in a little fun of their own.

So are  you excited to see these episodes?

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House will return on February 7 with its highly-acclaimed and "most devastating" episode.

What else can viewers expect next month? The network has released official descriptions for all four new installments, including a tease about Wilson's love life and two unexpected individual who offer House advice about his.

Spoiler below...

2/7: “Family Practice”
When Cuddy’s stubborn mother, Arlene, is admitted to Princeton Plainsboro after complaining about unusual symptoms, she insists that House be removed from her case, forcing him to come up with unconventional – and illegal – means to treat her. House instructs his team – including Masters who is forced to re-evaluate her responsibility to practice within a code of ethics – to follow his lead, and they discover secret details about Arlene’s personal life.

2/14: “You Must Remember This”
When a waitress with a perfect memory suffers temporary paralysis, her older sister visits her in the hospital, which triggers high stress levels and even more health complications. The patient’s sharp memory proves detrimental when a grudge she’s been holding against her sibling gets in the way of receiving proper medical treatment, and Masters discovers that patching a broken sisterhood may prove to be more complex than diagnosing the patient. Meanwhile, Foreman volunteers to help Taub prepare for a medical examination, while House, determined to help Wilson get back in the dating scene, discovers Wilson’s secret new companion.

2/21: Two Stories”
House participates in a school’s Career Day and breaks a few rules by sharing explicit medical stories. Waiting outside the principal’s office, he meets two fifth-grade students, who assess House’s relationship woes and try to help him understand how his selfish antics get in the way of showing Cuddy how he really feels.

2/28: “Recession Proof”
A patient is admitted after breaking out in a severe rash triggered by caustic chemical exposure at his blue-collar job. As the team treats him, they discover that he has led his wife to believe that he is still maintaining his once-lucrative real estate career. Meanwhile, Cuddy is honored with an award and needs House to be at the charity event for support, but his attendance is threatened when his patient’s battle to survive forces him to question his practice and his own happiness, and Chase and Masters teach each other a lesson in forging meaningful personal and professional relationships.

So what do you expect on House this February?

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After hearing that Zod is coming back, here is another news on Smallville returnees.

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's the return of Supergirl!

A Smallville insider has confirmed to Michael Ausiello that Laura Vandervoort will take another break from her role on V and appear on one of the CW's show's final five episodes.

It will mark her second Smallville stint of the season.

So what do you think of the return of Zod and Supergirl?

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Fringe Season 3 Episode 11 Review & Watch: Reciprocity

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There are lots of things that happened on "Reciprocity." The most notable one is that alt-Olivia was finally given a name - "Fauxlivia." I don't like it actually.

Then, Peter became a some kind of a villain in this episode although we all know that what he was doing is for his own good. But still, I don't like him sneaking and killing others.

TV Fanatic: Tonight, I was vindicated in my choice as Walter, too, has given her the moniker. It took long enough, and in a very silly way it made my day for them to choose it as the official Alter-Olivia nickname on "Reciprocity."

The “first people” machine has been built, and from now going forth I don’t think things will be the same on Fringe, no matter what universe we are in. When Peter came in to the same room as the machine, his nose bled and the machine started moving. A machine heretofore found to have no power source or ability to produce its own power.

My first thought was that Walternate is far more wicked than I imagined, and then how much we now need our own Walter to have the full capacity of his brain, in short order, to try to save what we can of our universes.

When the computer of Fauxlivia is cracked, Astrid is finally asked to perform a task worthy of her abilities. She’s to go through the files and determine any worthwhile information or patterns within in the notes that can be used to their advantage.

Until now, our own Astrid has strictly been a sidekick to Walter and greatly underutilized. Given the incredible mathematical skills we know the other Astrid possesses, I was disappointed that the final encryption hint came from Olivia herself due to her similarity to Fauxlivia. Astrid needs, just once, to be THE AGENT who saves the day.

As shapeshifters are popping up dead all over, Olivia and Broyles determine they have a mole and start to crack down on staff at the FBI and Massive Dynamic. Unfortunately, the clues are right in front of us, just unimaginable. Peter sneaks into his home in the middle of the night, lying to both Walter and Olivia about his whereabouts. Of anyone in both universes, Peter knew Fauxlivia best. His behavior is shady throughout the episode, and part of me wanted it to be because he was uncomfortable that people were reading Fauxlivia’s notes.

ut it was not to be. Peter has fundamentally changed. He’s not holding anything back. He’s speaking out of turn, being disrespectful, and has lost the fun-loving side of his nature. Darkness has invaded him to his very core.

This is confirmed as we learn Peter is the mole. Well, not a mole, but fully capable of deciphering Fauxlivia’s notes, and in doing so he was one step ahead of everyone. He was trying to get the shifters to tell him his own personal role in regard to the machine. However, he didn’t give them much of a chance to give up information.

Question, rip out their chip, kill. Seeing Peter in this fashion was chilling. When Walter walked in on a questioning in progress, you could see both pain and fear on his face. What had happened to his son? I could feel how incredibly disappointed he was in himself that he was unable to stop the changes taking place in Peter. Because if he had his brain, and it wasn’t disabled at his own request decades earlier, he may have been able to foresee or hinder the present circumstances.

It must have been his similarity to Walternate’s depraved intellect that caused him to cut it short in the first place, but in hindsight, he must wish he had been able to handle it better.

As he tries various formulas William Bell left behind that may repair his brain and remove it’s cells inability to replicate, I wonder if this will ultimately change our Walter. What would Fringe be if Walter was an ignorant ass devoid of feeling and humor? Not worth watching, that’s for sure.

The other thing that hit me right in the face is that as Olivia is realizing Fauxlivia’s true feelings for Peter, they are both unaware of the shift that has taken place in him. At this point, the warm, loving man they both fell for is quickly slipping away. As he kills each shapeshifter in the hopes of finding information to save his life, he, himself, has become a sort of shapeshifter. His contact with the machine has altered his sensibility.

Not being used has become his sole motivation. To not stand aside and be exploited because of what the Walters did when he was a boy. What implication the first people book has in all of this is unknown, but we do know William Bell was at one time searching for it, so we should have a lot more to look forward to in that regard. I find the idea of the first people, here millions of years ahead of us, fascinating, so I’m looking forward to whatever they toss our way.

So what do you think about this episode?

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Continuing the sniper story arc on Bones, this spoiler brought to us by TV Line is a great addition.

Geoff Stults of 7th Heaven, October Road and Happy Town fame will front the Fox pseudo-pilot, which will air as the 19th episode of Bones‘ current season.

Stults' casting, as reported by TV Line, concludes a lengthy search for the new show's star. The pilot was originally expected sooner, but was pushed back.

Based on The Locator series of two books written by Richard Greener, the prospective new series will center on Walter Sherman, a.k.a. “The Locator.”

Stults will play the former military policeman who can find anything. Michael Clarke Duncan will play his partner Leo, a "tough cowboy philosopher."

So what do you think of this spoiler?

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We know that Hellcats and The Vampire Diaries will be having their own flashback episode. Don't worry Fringe fans, your favorite show will also have its own.

Jasika Nicole tells The New York Post that Fringe will take viewers to 1985 again next month, airing an installment that will serve as a follow-up to last season's "Peter."

"It’s going to pick up right where 'Peter' left off and it’s better than the first one," Nicole says, adding: "This flashback is going to take place in the alternate universe as well as this universe... you’ll see the repercussions stealing Peter has for Walter and Walternate."

The episode will air on February 25 and have a lot to do with Elizabeth Bishop, Nicole teases.

"As we've seen, Walternate is still with his wife and there’s a reason for that. You see all these consequences that happened as a result of that [abduction] and what that means for his relationship with Elizabeth. It's a really heartbreaking story."

So any comment for the flashback episode?

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Hey NCIS fans, here is a spoiler from TV Guide.

Beth Riesgraf of Leverage fame is coming to NCIS on February 22.

She'll play Maxine Edwards, an infamous online gamer who still has bad blood with her Marine ex-boyfriend, who cheated her in more ways than one, TV Guide reports.

When his dismembered fingers and teeth are discovered in a pickpocket's purse, she becomes one of NCIS' suspects - and piques the curiosity of Sean Murray's McGee.

Maxine and Tim not only share common interests, but a whole lot of chemistry. No word if DiNozzo will give her as hard a time as he does Tim for their gaming passion.

In addition to adrenaline-junkie thief Parker on Leverage, Parker is known for My Name is Earl (with former fiancé Jason Lee) and the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie.

Any comment with this guesting?

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I am quite surprised that the trend right now for TV series is to do some flashbacks. As recently reported, The Vampire Diaries will take viewers back to 1864 again this season, while Fringe will also re-visit 1985. Now, Hellcats also announced that they will join the "Flashback Trend."

Ashley Tisdale tells Entertainment Weekly that her CW hit will follow a similar path on the February 8 episode, aptly titled "Remember When." The actress teases:

"It gets into everybody’s background, which is really cool. It’s really about Marti seeing where we all came from and, obviously, showing how it’s a family. You get to see where that takes us. And with all the drama, you get to see if they actually get back together and form their family again and form trust.”

Are you excited for Hellcats flashback?

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So the sniper story arc of Bones has already started and now, this series becomes more exciting and intense. Nevertheless, I still hope that the subsequent episodes will be more intense than "The Bullet in the Brain." But of course, I still love this week's episode.

TV Fanatic: I loved the symmetry of "The Bullet in the Brain." The introduction of a new, murderous foil for Booth dovetailed with the end of the Gravedigger, who went out in epic fashion.

The first five minutes leading up to the opening credits were awesome, plain and simple.

Pushing Sweets' buttons like a true puppet master while offering no remorse for her monstrous acts, Deirdre Lovejoy's incarcerated child killer is as creepy as a TV villain gets.

Just as she arrived in court for her appeal, her head was blown off by an unknown gunman. The effects were such that I recoiled in horror even when I knew it was coming!

The Bones producers openly admit having fun with gross-out gags to open episodes, but the demise of Heather Taffet was all-time. Not just gory for the sake of it, but terrifying.

With the image of her headless corpse spewing blood outside the courthouse burning in our brains, viewers (and Sweets) tried to shake off the horror and make sense of it all.

Should we be glad Taffet is gone? Hodgins clearly was. Others had mixed feelings, or two conflicting thoughts at the same time. Cognitive dissonance, as Sweets informed us.

Regardless, the Gravedigger as the "victim" provided a surprisingly thought-provoking element to the episode as Booth made it his mission to track down this gun-for-hire.

Thanks to the Bones spoilers we've posted for months, we knew it was a sniper played by guest star Arnold Vosloo. In that respect we were steps ahead of our FBI hero.

Anyone who might've wanted Taffet dead was a suspect at the onset, including Max Brennan (Ryan O'Neal), who also stopped by. His alibi was being drunk ... naturally.

There's no way Max has the skill to pull this hit off anyway, Angela later concluded. It was a 1,500-yard shot from an apartment whose location she's able to triangulate.

The head hooker found in the tub was nearly as gruesome as Taffet's corpse, and shed new light on our sniper. This was no vigilante justice, a la Dexter. Just personal.

After paring down the list to elite snipers, Booth singles out the wrong one at first, but soon realizes that his man can be none other than his own mentor, Jake Brodsky.

They come face to face when Booth learns of a tract of land Brodsky made under the name of Seeley Booth. He did this to lure Booth out there, for reasons unknown.

When they meet, he denies involvement, and doesn't really explain how Booth ties into this, although when he takes off running, that sort of implies he's responsible.

After a chase through the woods, Booth separates his shoulder and sprains his ankle after Brodsky blows up his own trailer (!) but still has a chance to take him out.

He doesn't take it. As Brodsky said, almost tauntingly, he won't do it if he's not 100 percent sure. Did Brodsky's denial, however bogus, plant just enough doubt?

The killer escapes, and will surely be heard from again.

It was a little odd that Booth and Evil Booth met face-to-face soon, and some of the details leading up to it were dubious, but the episode as a whole was strong.

Naturally, Good Booth was going to err on the side of caution, especially for a man he knows and wants to believe the best in. But he's probably regretting it now.

We're already looking forward to seeing this creep's next move, and for him to eventually meet his end at Booth's hands. But how many more will die before that?

With this episode, what do you think will happen on the storyline of Bones?

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Look who's returning on Smallville. Below is a spoiler for TV Guide.

TV Guide reports that Callum Blue will reprise the role of Zod on one of the final five episode of the series.

Not much is known about his next appearance, but we last saw Clark's nemesis being sucked into a one-sided portal that directs to New Krypton.

So what do you think on this spoiler?

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What will happen if Glee meets Grey's Anatomy? Well, that's a question that will only be answered once we've seen the musical episode of GA.

In my opinion, the idea is cool especially for us fans who have watched the show since day one. It will surely bring back memories and I'm sure our hearts will be touched by this upcoming episode.

The episode will feature songs made popular by the series, like The Fray's "How to Save a Life" and Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars," both featured prominently in Season 2.

Kevin McKidd reveals that he's involved in both of those numbers, as well as singing Gomez's "How We Operate," from "Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response."

"We're in the studio right now," McKidd says. "I did my recording [Wednesday]. I've got quite a big couple of numbers. It's a one-off episode in Callie's point of view."

"It's very dramatic. It's a very intense episode. No jazz hands and glitter balls."

While fans have been nervous that the show may be jumping the shark by doing a musical episode, the actor insists that it's really more "a love letter to the fans."

"It's very exciting and experimental. I think it's great that the show took such a bold move to do something like this, and I think it's going to work in a big way."

This is a great move, in my opinion, for the producers of GA. What do you think?

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This year's first episode of The Vampire Diaries is a good start for the series on 2011. Damon Salvatore's secret was also revealed. What is it? Read below.

It's not that he loves Elena and it's not that he's saddened by the demise of Rose. It's that he actually yearns to be the exact thing he has spent months claiming to despise: human. I didn't see that admission coming.

The 2011 premiere of The Vampire Diaries kicked off and concluded with a major body count: three campers (dead), one shirtless blood sucker (Stefan), one unfortunate female (dead? dying? Damon's new sex slave?)

In between, the plot didn't move forward very much, but plenty of information was passed between characters that planted the seeds for what should be an exciting second half of the season. To wit:

Stefan is pulling a Katherine, trying to build up his tolerance to vervain. Not a bad strategy, but let's remember how close he came to the dark side when he did the same with human blood.

When Rose was not sucking down packets of blood like they were six packs at Charlie Sheen's house, she spent a lot of time selling Elena on the advantages of being human, even saying building a family with a vampire is "not compatible" for her kind. Is this more foreshadowing of a decision Elena will soon have to make?

We've seen countless love triangles before on television, but this has to be the first between a human, werewolf and vampire, right? Then again, with the intel Jules has passed along the Tyler, he may wanna yell at Caroline more than make out with her next week. (It's true.)

That was a very strange dream within which Damon and Rose hung out, wasn't it? It was a touching scene and all, but it seemed to be an example of the show making up a supernatural rule. Since when can Damon control another vampire's subconscious in such a manner?

Can't say I missed Bonnie or Jeremy very much. No offense, guys. But let's all welcome back John Gilbert. Hope your fingers are feeling better, buddy.

Overall, one might criticize the episode for focusing too much on Rose, a character we haven't known for very long. But I see it differently. The extended death scene and the pain she was in as a result of the werewolf bite was necessary in order to depict the stakes that are on the horizon during the impending werewolf/vampire war.

Any comment about this comeback episode?

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I know the question on your mind, "Who is David Smith?" That question keeps as hanging but overall the second episode of Fairly Legal is a good one. The positive aspects of the series, so far, outweighs its flaws.

According to TV Fanatic, both stories in “Priceless” were well played. Steven Jenks went to prison for 22 years for a crime he didn’t commit.  How do you compensate for that?  What amount of money will make up for losing over two decades of your life?  The State’s formula of $100 per day hardly seemed fair, but I liked Justin’s point:  There is no magical pot of money.

An excessive settlement will be paid for by taxpayers and may have adverse effects on the community.  Everything has a price.

But Kate recognizes that Steve is lost.  He has no family, friends or job.  He only has some old dreams that no longer exist and memories of playing ball in an empty lot.  That is what makes Kate’s compromise so perfect.

The money that would have been spent on a settlement is put towards a community center, which Steve will help run.  The money will help the community and give Steve a job and a purpose.  Of course, I realize that in the real world a mediator probably wouldn’t be able to wave a magic wand and just make that happen, but I still like the concept - and this is TV.  As Kate would say: Win/Win.

The case certainly highlighted the issues between Kate and Justin. They’re both good people.  They both care deeply, but it is clear why they ended up divorcing.

Justin is a staunch believer in the law and the system.  It is what drives him.  Kate is focused on helping the individual.   Those two points of view often clash and Kate and Justin are both too stubborn to compromise.  Not easy differences to overcome as a couple.

Has anyone else noticed the food theme?  Last week, Kate did an impromptu mediation over beer and beef jerky.  This week, it was the coffee wars and a lecture on breakfast foods.  Is it sad to mention that I can relate to the cab driver?  I love the smell of coffee.

Emotions also ran high over the reading of Teddy Reed’s will.  Kate spent her time avoiding the event.  As she told Justin, the reading of the will meant that her father is really dead and that’s a hard fact to face.  Lauren had just as hard of a time with it as Kate.  Trying to navigate her late husband’s office, assistant, and cases was almost too much and I really felt for her.  The reading of the will seemed to be pushing her to her limits.

The will is split equally, but not into thirds as expected.  It’s split into quarters.  So who the heck is David Smith, I ask again?  No one knows.  What’s your guess?  Illegitimate child?  Long lost brother?  Not having ever met the character of Teddy Reed, it is hard to say, but it’s a wonderful twist to an entertaining show.  I guess we’ll all have to tune back in next week to find the answer.

So do you like Fairly Legal's second episode?

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We are all waiting for the Super Bowl episode of Glee. And according to producers, we can expect an elaborate Cheerios' dance number, as producers have admitted their goal is to pique the interest of the many men who tuned in for the game.

But, have no fear, ladies: you'll soon get your revenge.

Speaking to Access Hollywood this week, Matthew Morrison previewed an upcoming scene in which Lauren (Ashley Fink) sings for the first time. He teases:

“We did this thing where, one of the characters is singing for the first time... and in order to get over their nerves, they have to see people in their underwear to make them feel better, more confident."

These people will include pretty much every male member of New Directions, as Morrison says he sometimes can't believe how far Glee is permitted to go.

“I think this show is gonna be racier... the writers on our show constantly try to push the boundaries."

With this spoiler, are you excited to see the next episode?

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I know what your first question is, "Who is he?" Well, I also asked that one so you should read the info below and meet our newcomer.

He's the oldest, most dangerous vampire on the planet. And now he has a face.

Following weeks of hype and speculation, The Vampire Diaries has cast a relative unknown actor in the role of Klaus, the Original blood sucker set on sacrificing Elena and breaking the curse of the moonstone.

Say hello to Joseph Morgan.

The 30-year old Brit has a thin resume in the States, but producer Julie Plec told Entertainment Weekly last month the show likely preferred an actor "that no one’s really familiar with," so he can be exploited, "in all the good ways," of course.

The Vampire Diaries has succeeded on that front: this role will mark Morgan's first network TV appearance. He has enjoyed parts on the big screen in Alexander and Master and Commander.

So what do you think about this decision of the producers?

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Survivor 22 Redemption Island Reviews and Spoilers

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Coming of a great pilot episode, Harry's Law brings us the second episode, "Heat of Passion", and the same shows why this series is so promising.

Yes, one notable thing about "Heat of Passion" is its storyline. I thought before that this series will be on a per case - per episode basis. But surprisingly it's not. So let us discuss what happened on the second episode.

The first case is about the labor case against Tao for illegal termination of one of its employees because of the one-child policy. Yes, one-child policy being exercised in America by a Chinese. This case looks serious on text, but the same is not true since it was Adam who handled it. Plus, the fact that Adam was obviously attracted to Tao's daughter makes this case more interesting.

On the lead case, an 87-year old woman came to Harry and asked for help because there was an armed robbery case pending on court against her. In return, she gave Harry a sock of coins. The case is good because you'll really have no idea on who will win the same. It's the law versus necessity and poverty. In the end, Harry's magic prevails again and she won the case. But obviously, she is still learning how to be a criminal law counsel as she was one step away from being charged with contempt because of the way she represents her client. So, on Harry and DA Payton match, the score is 1-1 although the former patent lawyer still has the advantage since Malcolm's sentence is suspended.

The storyline is expected to continue on the third episode particularly on the one-child policy that reaches the Ohio Supreme Court. I am excited that Harriet's Law and Fine Shoes will now make some noise and they'll soon be recognized.

So what do you think about this episode?

You can check Harry's Law Season 1 Reviews and Spoilers HERE.

First of all, I would like to clarify that I am not really a legal drama fanatic yet I ended up watching this series because of one thing, Harry's Law is being advertised as one legal drama series with a punch of comedy.

After watching the pilot episode, I think the comedy is only slight but the fun is in there. However, more than any of the promised fun I think the show has a good future because the cast are fit for their respective role and the storyline is kinda cool considering the series is a legal drama.

Plus, the cases on this episode (there are two) are really relevant on how Harry and her associates will fit into the neighborhood. Harry Korn is just a very fun character to watch as she battles it all out during trials. She is the serious part of this show and she shows a lot of heart.

Adam Brash, on the other hand, is the "comedy part" as his ways of representing his clients on courthouses are simply fun to watch. Malcolm, the drug addict who was saved by Harry will grow more, I bet, on succeeding episodes as he becomes paralegal at the end of this episode. Lastly, Jenna, I love to see her as Harry's secretary. Also, aside from being a secretary I think she is the manager of the shoe store. Yes, you read it right. Welcome to Harriet's Law and Fine Shoes!

Harry Korn (Kathy Bates) quits being a patent lawyer to be a defense attorney for a kid, Malcolm Davies (Aml Ameen), with a 3rd drug charge who lands on her after trying to commit suicide; Harry's aid Jenna Backstrom (Brittany Snow) also runs a shoe store as a side business for them. Adam Brash (Nate Corddry), an up-an-coming trial lawyer, joins Harry's firm after running her over with his car and defends a street kid - Damian Winslow, who protects the neighborhood - who shot a man trying to rob a drycleaner.

So what do you think of this episode?

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What can I say about "The Thirteenth Step?" Oh boy, this is one of my favorite episodes! So if you want something intense and a bit disturbing episode then you should watch the thirteenth episode this season.

TV Fanatic: What could have been a cliched plot - law-breaking, madly-in-love couple on the run from the world - was uniquely done and well-executed, however. Not to mention frightening.

Perpetrators Sydney and Ray are both in AA, but they've already broken "The Thirteenth Step," an unwritten rule for not becoming romantically involved early in sobriety.

The consequences proved fatal for anyone in the Midwest who got in their way.

To the extent that two guest stars can make an episode, Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights' Tyra) and Jonathan Tucker (The Black Donnelleys) did so as Sydney and Ray.

Both were terrific as the troubled couple “working the steps” in a murderous, drunken spree so terrifying you grew nervous, shaking whenever they came back on screen.

The original, Criminal Minds-style spin on the oft-repeated Bonnie & Clyde saga was AA, and the examination of the couple's past as they took on the hardest steps (7-9).

Suffice it to say, the program didn't turn out as planned for these two.

Bastardizing the 12 steps in haphazard and delightfully devious (for them) ways, the twosome stole the show this week, commanding our attention much more than the BAU.

Palicki, who we loved on FNL and the unfortunately-axed Lone Star, showed real versatility, innocently toying with her candy ring-pop one minute, bashing heads in the next.

This show can be over-the-top melodramatic at times, but this week it felt anything but. Seen through the eyes of these crazed companions, the violence served a purpose.

From the moment we met Ray at his AA meeting, you knew it was going to go horribly wrong. Shooting up the entire room was just the beginning of their downward spiral.

The grip of addiction is stronger than people realize, and Reid's observation that they were "working" on 7-9 gave the team an insight into the twosome they were tailing.

Having become completely unhinged, Ray and Sydney turned the AA principles around by trying to force people - their abusive parents, namely - to make amends to them.

When they're eventually cornered, Morgan uses psychology to turn them against each other, and fittingly for this episode, the climactic scene was as frightening as it gets.

After freeing the hostage, Ray lays Sydney down in the store, kissing her with passion, with the kind of false elation they'd shown all night. Then he chokes her to death.

"The Thirteenth Step" practically gave me nightmares, a testament to how harrowing and real the characters seemed, despite the bizarre, made-for-TV circumstances.

In the night's brief subplot, Prentiss meets Sean McAllister, who had been trying to track her down. He tells her that Ian Doyle has vanished from prison. He’s off the grid.

Emily asks if he’s headed there and if she’s in danger. Sean says they all are. Presumably this blast from the past will be revisited. Think the show will kill off Prentiss?

So what do you think about this episode?

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"A Doctor Time Out" is a more personal episode for Off the Map. I don't know but I think this episode lacks something. The story is not that good and I got a little bit bored somewhere in the middle but I guess the series will bounce back on the fourth episode. Hopefully.

The dynamic between Ben and Lily continued to evolve as Lily’s hero worship crumbled. I was a little surprised Lily was so angry with Ben for lying to Sidney.

Was he really suppose to tell the panicky women in the middle of her c-section that her husband was dying on the side of the road and there was nothing they could do about it?

Seems to me he made the right call. With Lily still dealing with her fiance’s death she could only relate to Sidney’s pain and not the bigger picture.

I’m liking Ryan more and more with each episode. She sees the chemistry between Ben and Lily yet never appears openly jealous. I suppose that's because she realizes there's an even bigger obstacle for Ben’s affections.

After telling Lily to go easy on Ben because he lost his own wife and child years ago, we witness Ryan crawl into bed next to a sleeping Ben. When he mumbles the name Abby in his sleep (I’m assuming that’s his wife) Ryan doesn’t move but her face is the picture of sadness.

Tommy stepped it up in this week. He and Ryan made a good team in the field. My favorite part was when he didn’t let Lily push him aside when he knew he needed to speak to a grieving Sidney. The Tommy from episode one may have walked away.

Mina still cracks me up. She is so lost that it would be sad to watch if it weren’t so comical. When she chastised Jorge I didn't know if I wanted to laugh or smack her.

He's been electrocuted, suffers from third degree burns, has an enlarged spleen and may die and her only response to his lamenting not getting the name of his lost love is "Well that was dumb." Seriously? I’m hoping they manage to have Mina become more human without losing her dry, sarcastic wit.

I wanted to see more of Otis and Zee. Does anyone else think that when Otis tells her he’s not the jealous type she’s wishing he were?  Just a little.

So did you like this episode?

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Lets set it straight, on February 10, Booth and Hannah will hit the so-called "turning point."

According to executive producer Stephen Nathan, that date marks a “very big” turn of events for Booth and his girlfriend, a target of fan vitriol from the season premiere onward.

It's unclear if that turn of events is good or bad, but in that very same episode, fans will get to see David Boreanaz deliver one of the best performances of his career, per Nathan.

As for another much-anticipated development this spring, TV Line now confirms that the "elevator episode" airs March 3. Spoiler alert ... Booth and Brennan are stuck in one.

So what do you think of this turning point?

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After the very long break, Hellcats returned with "Papa, Oh Papa" and good for the series, this episode is so good!

TV Fanatic: The focus was pretty divided throughout the hour. We got to see more of Alice and her relationship with her father, as well as Marti and Savannah working things out. The latter was a little cheesy, but that’s what we have grown to expect from our favorite CW shows.

I felt bad for Alice. Watching her interact with her father lets you understand why she is the way she is. I was wondering where the strong character was I had seen on “Back of a Car,” but she appeared later on. Although I am not usually a fan of dragging in family stories when they are not needed, I would like to see this one play out.

Marti and Savannah finally made up after their pillow fight. Yes, you read that right, a pillow fight. It was corny, but somehow it worked.

I like these two battling side-by-side instead of against each other. Savannah told Marti the issue with Charlotte, so hopefully that storyline will move along. Considering Charlotte’s squad was in first place going into competition, I figured we would at least see her. For some reason, the Cyclones were nowhere to be found. A little odd.

I was skeptical about Wanda going to see Travis, seeing that I am not a huge fan of the latter's arc. Although, I am thinking I can get on board if something plays out between these two.

Now, I can’t be positive, but I am pretty sure that the woman playing Kelly was Christine Lakin of Step by Step fame. The character wasn’t listed on IMDB or on The CW site, but it looked a lot like her. Anyone agree?

There have been several weeks that I was disappointed with the lack of cheerleading, but “Papa, Oh Papa” managed to make me forget. The routine was flawless and required serious talent. As someone who was a part of competitive cheerleading, I have experience when I say this. Awesome stuff. Those few minutes may look like they go by fast, but they are brutal. Kudos to the actors and stunt team once again.

So what do you think on this comeback episode?

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We got a newcomer and, yes, she is Sonya Salomaa. She will appear on episode 19 and I am excited to see her on the series.

The actress, who appeared on an episode of V and is likely best known for playing the assistant to Ozymandias in Watchmen, will come on board the 19th installment of the season as an angel named Rachel.

Yes, we're looking at Castiel's sidekick.

So are you excited to see her?

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I am so excited to see Katy Perry on How I Met Your Mother. But now, the stills below are the best that we can have so enjoy looking at them!

How I Met Your Mother viewers are about to say hello to a California Gurl.

In what can only be billed as a Teenage Dream to many fans of this CBS sitcom, Katy Perry will guest star on the show's February 7 episode. Not much is known about her role, except that Russell Brand's prettier half will portray a woman named Honey. Look for her to get close to Barney.

We've got your first few looks at Perry's small screen debut below. Will she ignite the night in question? Like a Firework? We'll soon find out.

Oh Katy Perry! Any comments guys?

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