The cast and producers of The Big Bang Theory visited Comic-Con 2011, and guess what, we got lots of spoilers especially from Prady and Molaro.

Our round table adventure began with two of the show's producers, Bill Prady and Steve Molaro, who were ridiculously vague on Raj and Penny's bedroom adventures. The best they could offer? "Whichever side the fans were on what happened, they'll be happy with how it resolves."

We can tell you, though, from subtle hints (but this is just a theory): it seems like the two did NOT sleep together.

Prady, however, had no problem letting it slip that "Leonard will move back in with Sheldon. That living arrangement fell apart when Pryia moved back to India." Wait, what? When did that happen?

Molaro quickly chimed in to remind his fellow producer those events haven't actually taken place, but not before Prady teased a long distance relationship between Leonard and Prya.

What guest stars will return? "Christine Baransky is absolutely coming back," Prady said. "We certainly hope Laurie Metcalf will be back. And at some point we'd love to see Will Wheaton."

He then retold a story about how they only use guest stars when they actually fit a story. While recounting Wheaton's appearance in the Indian Jones film-stealing adventure, Molaro revealed the inspiration for the story: Mythbusters' Adam Savage's real-life Star Trek-related adventure.

The duo also teased problems that Leonard's long-distance relationship and the sexual tension of living across the hall from Penny certainly will lead to some drama. But most surprising?

Prady said the show was written with no overall arc; it's penned episode-to-episode.

With that, I think season 5 of The Big Bang Theory would be so exciting as well. What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

To Producers of The Big Bang. I know it is to late for seasoned 5 but I hope to see Leonard and Penney back together as a couple. I don't Pyra was the right fit for Leonard and I missed the scenes where Penney wasn't eating Chinese food with the gang because Pyra was there. Hope to see Leonard and Penney together sometime in the season but with less bedroom senes.

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