According to CW, Sam and Dean will be transported to an alternate reality on Season 6 Episode 15 of Supernatural. Kinda interesting huh!

So what more will happen on "The French Mistake?"

  • Raphael (guest star Lanette Ware) launches an attack on Castiel and his allies, sending a particularly frightening angelic hitman (guest star Carlos Sanz) after Balthazar (guest star Sebastian Roche), Sam, and Dean.
  • In an effort to protect the brothers, Balthazar sends them to an alternate universe where they are the stars of a TV show called “Supernatural” and they are actors named “Jensen Ackles” and “Jared Padalecki.”
  • The brothers are confused when Castiel appears to be a tweet-happy actor named Misha Collins and Sam is married to Ruby.
Are these spoilers helpful?

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