Movie Review: Little Fockers

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Personally, I love this movie series. But as it turned out, this Little Fockers is way below than the previous ones. Yes, it is funny but there are scenes wherein the actors are so trying hard. Come on, we are expecting for the comedy that we loved before.

Nevertheless, Little Fockers still managed to fock up Tron on the US Weekend Box Office.

IGN shares its insights: It's tough to see your favorite actors grow old. It's even tougher to see them grow old and demean themselves in increasingly crappy movies. That's the greatest feeling (aside from displeasure) one will walk away with from Little Fockers.

This third installment in the Meet the Parents franchise finds male nurse and family man Gay "Greg" Focker (Ben Stiller) and his ex-spy father-in-law Jack Byrnes (Robert De Niro) continuing their battle of wills to ridiculous new highs (or is that lows?). As Greg and his wife Pam (Teri Polo) prepare for their young twins' upcoming birthday, Jack is nursing a heart condition that's got him mulling who should become the family's patriarch should he die.

For reasons that I won't bother to spoil, Jack selects Greg who, of course, must endure a new set of tests and expectations. Greg, though, stands to ruin it all when he begins working with an exuberant and unbelievably hot drug company sales rep named Andi Garcia (like the actor Andy Garcia, get it?!), played by Jessica Alba. Andi is totally into Greg, which only make his mission to win over Jack that much more difficult.

Little Fockers is a colossal waste of such a talented group of actors. Owen Wilson goes through the motions as his grating returning character Kevin, Pam's ex-boyfriend-cum-New Age mogul, a part that should have just been a skit-length cameo but is instead stretched into a major supporting role. Blythe Danner once again plays the thankless role of Jack's wife, getting one embarrassing "sexy" scene to give her character something to do.

Barbra Streisand and Dustin Hoffman (who was infamously brought back for last minute re-shoots after initially sitting out the film) reprise their roles as Greg's liberated parents, with the former playing up her "Dr. Ruth" schtick and the latter seemingly only in it to flamenco dance. Laura Dern has a cameo as a prep school administrator and ex-flame of Wilson's, but she is quickly introduced and then gotten rid of not unlike the completely needless casting of Harvey Keitel in a two-scene bit part as the contractor working on Greg's new house.

Alba is fine as Greg's slightly kooky colleague who has the hots for him, but her character's simply a gimmick. This is the type of role Kelly LeBrock would have played once upon a time; at least Alba shows some capacity for comedy. Overall, though director Paul Weitz and Co. simply bring nothing new or fresh to the proceedings. Nearly all the gags fall flat, while everything plot-wise happens arbitrarily. Furthermore, some sequences are jarring in that they were obviously re-shoots (the length and tint of Wilson's hair noticeably changes during the climactic sequence).

There's a sequence in Little Fockers where we see De Niro brawling, which doesn't conjure as many laughs as it does sad reminders of how far away Raging Bull seems from the kind of films he's known for now. Add Hoffman and Keitel to the mix and it's practically the big screen equivalent of seeing Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show, where aging icons appeared as shadows of their former selves. This Fockin' series just needs to retire now.

So what do you think? Should we consider the Fockers retirement or you still want more of this family?

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When I heard that Jolie and Depp will team up on a movie, I became excited. But eventually, this duo failed to deliver as The Tourist turned out to be a lackluster movie.

IGN shares their review: A romantic thriller from The Lives Of Others director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. A script inked by him, Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects) and Julian Fellowes (Gosford Park). And the first ever on-screen pairing of Hollywood megastars Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. Oscar nominees and winners, every one of them.

In an opening scene that rewires The Lives Of Others' surveillance suspense, von Donnersmarck proves his fascination with watching and listening is for real. A French police crew observes their target: Elise Clifton Ward (Jolie), a ridiculously elegant Englishwoman who's being trailed by Scotland Yard because her elusive lover Alexander Pearce has stolen billions from a gangster. Jolie receives a secret note. She's to take a train from Paris to Venice, pick an average tourist and fool her pursuers into thinking that this stranger is Pearce.

And already the problems have started. Johnny Depp isn't an average tourist. He's Johnny Depp. And Depp, being Depp, just can't resist adding bizarre affectations to the character of widowed Wisconsin maths teacher Frank Tupelo. So instead of a bland everyman like Cary Grant or James Stewart in Hitchcock's 'wrong-man' thrillers, we get an eccentric goofball who smokes an electronic cigarette, wears granddad pyjamas in bed and seems to be fighting the urge to put on an English accent.

Worse still, as we pull into Venice, it rapidly becomes clear that there's zero chemistry between him and Jolie. We shouldn't be surprised - Depp hasn't worked as a romantic lead since he stuck knives on the end of his arms - but this is like watching siblings make out.

There's one very sweet, funny exchange - Tupelo can't stop himself dropping the F-bomb when he claps eyes on Jolie dolled up like Sophia Loren - but otherwise the script proves too dangerously light on wit and tension.

With the police (led by Paul Bettany) and Russian thugs (led by Steven Berkoff) hunting down the hapless Frank, chases and shoot-outs keep the plot freewheeling, but not quite quick enough to distract from the fact that nothing makes any sense at all.

Stumbling over three genres - spy thriller, love story, romantic comedy - en route to a patience-snapping final twist, The Tourist has little except its good looks. Oscar-winning cinematographer John Seale (The English Patient) lays on endless gorgeous views of the Venetian scenery, expensive hotel suites and Jolie's slaloming rear end. Dolled up like Sophia Loren, she swaggers through the movie like it's one long imaginary catwalk. And she's half-right: there's not much to care about here beyond the wardrobe.

Previously passed around between numerous directors and actors, The Tourist finally got the greenlight when Jolie wanted to film somewhere nice while Brad Pitt waited for Moneyball to start shooting. Von Donnersmarck needed a break after spending weeks in a monk's cell writing a new script about suicide. Depp had a couple of months to kill before jetting to the Caribbean. Let's not kid ourselves: this was a holiday and we just got sent the postcard.

Yes, Jolie and Depp can definitely star in a movie individually and make the same a blockbuster. But their team up, well, is not one of their best performances or let us say that it is just a matter of wrong combination.

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Hey there I Am Number Four fanatics, I know you are all waiting for an update about the movie. Below you will see the latest extended trailer.

Dreamworks has released a longer trailer for director D.J. Caruso's I Am Number Four, starring Timothy Olyphant, Teresa Palmer, Kevin Durand and Alex Pettyfer. The sci-fi adventure is set to hit theaters on February 18th, 2011.

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    Many people are still asking this question over and over again, "Will Blaine and Kurt have a romantic relationship on Glee?"

    This has been a question on the minds of fans ever since Darren Criss debuted on the show, with Ryan Murphy remaining mum and the actor only saying his character would serve as a mentor to Kurt.

    But we may have our first hint that this relationship in leaning in a non-platonic direction.

    Sources tell TV Guide that this duo will sing Robin Thicke's "When I Get You Alone" outside a Gap store on the show's February 8 episode, as Blaine gets ready to profess his love. Hints Chris Colfer:

    "There might be a development."

    So what do you think? Do you like this development?

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      Modern Family will be back on January 5 with its episode entitled "Slow Down Your Neighbors." So what can we expect from this comedy show next year? Well, the sitcom will return with a handsome guest star. Want to know more spoilers? Read below.

      Through a series of interviews, TV Guide has revealed the following tidbits regarding future storylines:

      • Mitchell will be crushed on by a young law firm assistant.
      • Cam will get angry at Mitchell when the latter forgets to send out party invitations.
      • Fizbo will return!
      • Jay will take Gloria to a cemetery because, as Sofía Vergara says: "Jay has ideas for Gloria's burial that clash with her Catholic traditions."
      • We'll meet Phil's brother.

      2010 MMFF Movie Review: Shake, Rattle & Roll 12

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      When I heard that there will be another Shake, Rattle & Roll installment this 2010 MMFF, I simply sighed and said, "Not again!" Why can't Regal abandon this movie, they are not really making any good to its franchise! The credibility of the horror series is deteriorating every time a low quality episode is being shown.

      So I watched this film to see if SRR can redeem its seemingly lost glory. The verdict is that, in my opinion, this movie is close to failure. There are three episodes on Shake, Rattle & Roll XII, and I can say that the third one is the life saver of this flick. Should they removed the third one, this movie is a waste of money. Lets see why the first two are failures.

      First episode, Mamanyika. OMG, this is not original. How many times I have watched something like this before. Come on, please let us not reuse this concept over and over again. Doll killers are so prominent way back in the 90's. I really believe that the people behind this episode still have something better to offer. Better luck next time (if ever there will be one).

      Second episode, Isla. Again, the engkanto concept is a favorite in SRR movies. However, after SRR 5, I think, this idea doesn't work anymore. They tried to shift the mood a bit by going to a lighter horror or should I say a fantasy-type episode but it is boring. I even saw some viewers yawning on this episode and take note I watched this film 10:30 am. Topel Lee directed this episode and I think he did his best to give a quality episode, but in my opinion he failed.

      Third episode, Punerarya. Thank God they included this one. This episode is thrilling, exciting and very deceiving. The twist is really surprising (of course, it won't be a twist if the viewers can foresee it already miles away). I can say that this is a unique idea from Regal. So if they can create this one, why not do other unique episodes. Carla Abellana is so commendable on this episode. I am a Kapamilya fan but Carla is simply astonishing in this episode. She should do more horror flicks, this is her craft. Also, her Best Actress nomination was justified by her performance in Punerarya.

      Overall, the score is one out of three, so this year's SRR is not that recommended.

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      Si Agimat at Si Enteng Kabisote is definitely a movie for the so-called "masa." Nothing spectacular on this movie as you will see the typical "we are heroes and we defeat the villains." But I love it how Bong Revilla tried to mix in to the comedy world of Vic Sotto and how the latter had fight scenes with the former. The tandem is good but on the question on who is better, Bong-Vic or Ai-Uge? I'll go with the latter tandem as they made me laugh more.

      On the story of the movie, I think nothing is unusual. They struggle, they even suspect each other of kidnapping but at the end of the day, they are eventually heroes.  For me, nothing surprising occurred but it is entertaining. One of my favorite scenes is what I call the "fitting room scene", and wait, add the usual Enteng talking to the crowd scenes.

      About the Bong and Vic duo, I think they just delivered their craft. Again, nothing unusual. Vic throwing funny jokes with two to three sidekicks is the typical Vic Sotto whom we know. Bong, with his fight and drama scenes, is just fine but again nothing new. Sam Pinto is beautiful and she did pretty well. I wish to see her more on the future installments of this movie.

      On the visual effects, job well done. I think the team behind those effects really did their best. I believe that this movie's visual effects is better than the past movies'. So if you want to please your eyes with cool effects then this is a good movie to watch, but you may also try RPG Metanoia.

      There are new characters, Enteng's godchild Bratty and apprentice Randy. They are not that important in this movie's plot but should they be present on the next installments, I think that they will play a bigger role.

      Yes, there will be part two as Vic already gave us a hint on the ending part of the movie. So if you want your kids to enjoy their Christmas vacation then this movie is recommended. But if you hate corny jokes then stay away from this movie because you might hate it.

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      Ang Tanging Ina Mo Last Na 'To is no doubt the funniest film of 2010 MMFF. But despite this acknowledgement, I still believe that the earlier installments are better. Maybe it is just a matter of me wanting something new from Star Cinema. If Star Cinema will be true in their statement that this movie will be the last then at least they gave the Tanging Ina franchise a graceful exit.

      About the flow of the movie, I believe that there are filler scenes, parts of the movie that are not necessary. There are some boring parts but the fun part overcomes it. But despite all of these I think the movie is successful on its attack on character development. This is the last installment but it is still not too late to show the audience each character's growth. There are lots of comedy scenes and one of my favorites is the "Wang-wang" scene.

      Eugene Domingo deserves the Best Supporting Actress award, Gina Pareno (Dalaw) gave her a good fight but I think it is really Uge's time to capture such recognition. Without her, this movie will not explode that much. Even though it is given that she can handle a movie alone, the Ai-Uge tandem is simply the best this year. Please Star Cinema, give us "Ang Tanging Best Friend" next year.

      The reunion aspect of the movie is simply fulfilling. Seeing most of Ina's children back brings memories. It's like watching Toy Story 3 when you see the characters and remember the day when you watch the first part years ago.

      Lastly, I salute Ai for a job well done. She is the lifeblood of the Tanging Ina series. I think it is also time to give her the fruit of her labor not just for this movie but for the three. Other people compare her to Jennylyn, but again, the different genres involved explains everything. Ai captures the comedy scene while Jen owns the drama part of MMFF.

      Honestly, I love this movie but I had difficulty accepting that it overtakes Rosario on the Best Picture race. I might be wrong because the two movies have different genres but if ever Tanging Ina really prevails the margin between the two is so thin that it was really a close competition.

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      When I heard that an animated film had entered the final eight for the 2010 MMFF, the news just left my ears without leaving a buzz. This is because it is not new anymore, there are Dayo and Urduja on the past festivals. But when I heard that it will come on 3D then I said that this is something different. I became excited in an instant.

      Entering the cinema, my heart was pounding. I didn't even know why, until I realized that I will be watching an animated film which is a breakthrough for Filipino animators.

      Lets now talk about the film. The story is great though it is not new at all. But with a Filipino twist in it, for me, it is somehow a new experience. Also, I can relate to it. I am an online gamer so I know what it feels to dominate others in our own gaming world. But surprisingly as the story flows, different Filipino values are being inserted and I salute the writers and director for that. The story is light though fight scenes really amazed me.

      I personally felt during some parts of the movie that it seems like I am watching a Pixar/Disney animated film, though there are few differences, but when I see some Filipino aspects of the movie like Patintero, Tumbang Preso, Sipa, Basketball sa Kalye, and Agawan Base, then I remember that this is our very own.

      The graphics is good considering that it is a five year worth of labor. Honestly, I don't care if I'll repeat this again and again, I really felt that I was watching an international animated film. Another good thing is that as you watch the film, you will notice the Filipino touch in it. I mean if you are an avid fan of animated film then you will get used to it and once you see RPG Metanoia, you can really distinguished which is which and state that this is Filipino. For me, that is like a Filipino signature on animated film.

      I will not give any spoilers because I want you guys to watch RPG Metanoia. I can assure you that this is one of the best this year. I can guarantee that 110%.

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      The eight (8) entries for the Metro Manila Film Festival already hit more than 100 cinemas nationwide. So to help you out, if ever you are still hesitating or doubting which movie to watch then you can read my personal humble reviews and insights. The links are given below.

      But please, these reviews are based on my personal opinion. If you feel the other way then make your own. I think that's simple so lets get going.

      I was intrigued with this movie because many Rosario-believers reacted when Jennylyn Mercado and Albert Martinez were not nominated for Best Actress and Best Director, respectively, on the 2010 MMFF Awards Night. Having this said, to clear my doubts and to react accordingly, I watched the flick.

      The story is unbelievably engaging. It is so touching that some people watching shared their precious tears. The story is new and I am sure that it will not be easily forgotten. On every scene, I felt that there are really minds who worked hard to deliver such brilliance and excellence. In my own observation, I haven't noticed any filler scenes. Everything is pertinent.

      Jennylyn really gave her best on her portrayal of the title role. There are some scenes, which are actually my favorites, wherein you will see Jennylyn communicating her emotions without even using any words. Every emotion on that scene was shown through her eyes. Expressing through silence. I love that.

      The supporting cast is also superb. Isabel Oli did her part very well. Yul Servo, Dennis Trillo and Sid Lucero made the drama scenes even stronger. Without these guys the movie will be, in my opinion, weaker. So kudos to them. About Best Supporting Actor winner Dolphy, bow down to you sir.

      About Albert Martinez debut film as a director. Honestly, I have no complaints on how the movie was directed. I am not a professional movie critic so I leave that part of the review to the experts. But as a paying viewer, I went there to be entertained and I got it. I didn't see any technical flaws and again, this is my opinion as a viewer.

      Being the 2nd Best Picture, I can say that Rosario is a world class movie. I will not be surprised if ever it will win any international awards. The movie deserves it. So if you want to spend your money, time and effort wisely, watch Rosario. You'll never regret doing so.

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      First of all, I want to tell you that I watched this movie only out of curiosity. I mean, it didn't win any awards on the 2010 MMFF Awards Night so I asked myself, what went wrong? Is it the first horror movie failure of Kris Aquino? Or the jurors are simply incompetent? So I end up entering the movie theater with less expectations.

      But Dalaw caught me in surprise!

      I have seen Kris Aquino's classic horror films like Sukob and Feng Shui but Dalaw is different. The mindset of the director is to attack from the beginning and let the audience feel the horror for the next one hour and forty minutes. Unlike the previous movies of Kris, there was no dull moment in Dalaw. The attacks on the first part of the movie are so weak but when they transferred into the other house, oh boy, prepare yourself for extreme horror.

      I like the story, it keeps you thinking and guessing and most of the time what the people think isn't really what is happening. The plot is strong and the ending is breathtaking. Yes, I'm not exaggerating it but the feeling was breathtaking.

      About the cast, there are people who dislike Kris Aquino's performance in this horror film. But I strongly disagree. What I saw is the same Kris Aquino who is so effective that I really question why she wasn't even nominated for the Best Actress award. When I say the same Kris, I am pertaining to the usual worried look, always shouting for somebody's name during the horror scene and running like crazy as the crowd go banana.

      Gina Pareño's performance does not surprise me. But before this film, I didn't really know that she is an effective actress when it comes to horror flicks. She deserves a nomination for Best Supporting Actress. She brings the spice on the movie, her famous Filipino movie lines added humor when everyone was at the end of their seats. So it is a perfect blend. And I say again, Dalaw will not become Dalaw should you remove Gina here.

      As for the others, Diether brings normal performance, nothing fantastic. Maliksi Morales is good but his performance is still a bit raw.

      Overall, I think Dalaw is a must-see movie. The effects are not that remarkable yet the story plus the great acting of the cast make it a good one. I tell you there is no wasted minute on this movie, it is a horror-packed flick. Your money, time and effort in standing in line will all be worthy as you get satisfied and terrified to the max!

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      If you don't want to get spoiled, please leave this section now.

      In a horror flick, usually the ghost, monster or the evil guy doesn't have much personality or at least characteristics. But on this movie, Karylle, being the one who makes "dalaw" is simply scintillating. She is the most beautiful ghost. Of course, it only became obvious that she is the one who was haunting Kris and company on the second half of the movie. But again, she was a huge revelation in this movie. At first, I thought that Alessandra will do the job but to my surprise Karylle got the role and she owned it!

      With the flow of the movie, Kris' husbands dying one after the other, the part two, if ever there will be, should be entitled "Balo" :D

      2010 MMFF Top Grossers

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      Overall Unofficial Gross of MMFF Entries (as of January 4, 2011):
      1.  Ang Tanging ina Last na To - P 180,192,232
      2. Dalaw - P 140,187,921
      3. Agimat at Enteng Kabisote - P 131,223,762
      4. Shake Rattle and Roll 13 - P73,653,233
      5. RPG Metanoia - P42,232,564
      6. Super Inday And Golden Bibe -P22,993,222
      7. Rosario - P15,456,675
      8. Father Jejemon - P5,432,484

      December 25, 2010 1st Day Gross
      1. Si Agimat at si Enteng Kabisote - P31 million
      2. Ang Tanging Ina Mo (Last Na'To) - P20 million
      3. Dalaw - P12.5 million
      4. Shake, Rattle & Roll XII - P11.8 million
      5. RPG Metanoia - P5.1 million
      6. Super Inday and the Golden Bibe - P4.7 million
      7. Rosario - P3.2 million
      8. Father Jejemon - P1.4 million
      December 26, 2010 Unofficial 2nd Day Gross
      1. Si Agimat at Si Enteng Kabisote - P27 million
      2. Ang Tanging Ina Mo (Last Na'To) - P18 million
      3. Dalaw - P11 million
      4. Shake, Rattle & Roll XII - P8.1 million
      5. RPG Metanoia - P4.8 million
      6. Super Inday and the Golden Bibe - P3.2 million
      7. Rosario - P2.5 million
      8. Father Jejemon - P1 million
      December 27, 2010 Unofficial 3rd Day Gross
      1. Si Agimat at Si Enteng Kabisote - P18 million
      2. Ang Tanging Ina Mo (Last Na'To) - P16.5 million
      3. Dalaw - P9.3 million
      4. Shake, Rattle & Roll XII - P5.6 million
      5. RPG Metanoia - P3.5 million
      6. Super Inday and the Golden Bibe - P2.2 million
      7. Rosario - P2.1 million
      8. Father Jejemon - P.8 million
      December 28, 2010 Unofficial 4th Day Gross
      1. Si Agimat at Si Enteng Kabisote - P13.8 million
      2. Ang Tanging Ina Mo (Last Na'To) - P12.5 million
      3. Dalaw - P7.5 million
      4. Shake, Rattle & Roll XII - P3.7 million
      5. RPG Metanoia - P1.9 million
      6. Rosario - P1.5 million
      7. Super Inday and the Golden Bibe - P0.9 million
      8. Father Jejemon - P0.6 million

      Here is the list of 2010 MMFF Awards Night Winners. You can also check MMFF movie reviews HERE.

      For the 3D animation world, it is time for Pinoys to announce their existence. Actually, we already have our share of the international scene when it comes to animation, however, no one has noticed us. There are Filipino animators behind some of the highly-acclaimed animated classics in Hollywood likeThe Incredibles, Up, Toy Story, Cars, Titan A.E. and Ratatouille.

      Now, I'll present to you the first ever 3D animated film made by team of Filipino animators. RPG Metanoia, a full-length Filipino animated movie is produced by Ambient Media and Star Cinema. This cartoon is made by Pinoy talent and backing all the way. A little disclaimer though, Bear's Ninong Jamie is Creative Director of Ambient Media. But hey, set that association aside, and let the animation speak for itself…

      Watch the trailer:

      Nico invites you to watch the film:

      RPG: Metanoia The Making

      Update: RPG Metanoia is the 3rd placer in the Best Picture category of the 2010 Metro Manila Film Festival! More to go RPG! Kudos Pinoy animators!

      Let us support this movie :D

      Here are the updated list of 2010 MMFF Awards Night Winners:

      Best Actor: Dolphy (Father Jejemon)
      Best Actress: Ai Ai Delasalas (Ang Tanging Ina Mo Last Na To)

      Best Picture: Ang Tanging Ina Mo Last Na To
      2nd Best Picture: Rosario
      3rd Best Picture: RPG Metanoia

      Best Director: Wenn V. Deramas ( Ang Tanging Ina Mo Last Na To )
      Best Story: Mel Del Rosario ( Ang Tanging Ina Mo Last Na To )
      Best Supporting Actress: Eugene Domingo ( Ang Tanging Ina Mo Last Na To )
      Best Supporting Actor: Dolphy( ROSARIO )
      Quezon City's Special Citation for Gender Sensitive movie: RPG (Metanoia)
      Gender Sensitivity Award: Ang Tanging Ina Mo Last Na To
      Best Festival Float: Rosario the Movie
      Best Editing: Rosario the Movie
      Best Cinematography: Rosario
      Best Dressed Male: Dennis Trillo
      Best Dressed Female:Jennilyn Mercado
      Male Face of the Night:Bong Revilla Jr.
      Female face of the Night:Sam Pinto.

      Best Musical Score: Ang Tanging Ina Mo Last Na To
      Best Theme Song: Kaya Ko(RPG (Metanoia) )
      Best Make Up: Si Agimat at Si Enteng Kabisote
      Best Visual Effects: Si Agimat Si Enteng Kabisote
      Best Child Performer: Xyriel Manabat-Ang Tanging Ina Mo Last Na To
      Best Production Design: Rosario the Movie
      Best Sound Recording:(tie)RPG (Metanoia) and Super Inday and the Golden Bibe

      Here is the list of opening day top grossers. You can also check MMFF movie reviews HERE.

      We've been spoiled before on some online articles that the love interest of Glenn will appear on season 2 of The Walking Dead. So you want to meet her at least from the comics? Then see the screenshot below and don't be shocked because Maggie is in my opinion, a bit aggressive.

      (Source: The Walking Dead Comics)

      Glenn and company meet Maggie on the barn wherein Rick rushed Carl after the child was shot. As what I've said, Maggie's appearance on the second season is quite confirmed already. But who will play the role?

      Make sure to like our The Walking Dead Fan Page to get the latest news, gossips, developments ->The Walking Dead Facebook Fan Page!

      You can check The Walking Dead Season 2 Reviews and Spoilers HERE.

      Below are some of The Walking Dead's comics spoilers which may be adopted by the TV series. Again, the writers' discretion will determine the same. The following list includes pertinent events on the adventure of Rick and company.

      If you want to check the story then buy the comics! All screenshots are from the comics and they belong to The Walking Dead series. I have no malicious intent to distribute the same.

      Hello The Walking Dead fanatics! The season 2 of TWD is still months away, however, it is good that we got some comics to read on. Below is another spoiler from the comics of the said zombie series which might be included on the season 2 of The Walking Dead. Again, I would like to emphasize that it is still based upon the writers' discretions if they will include this part.

      (Source: The Walking Dead Comics Series)

      On the above comics screenie, it is shown that Carl was shot as the shooter made a mistake in thinking that Rick, Carl and Tyreese are zombies. If you want to know what's next then buy the comics or stay tuned on other updates here in TV Series Lounge.

      Make sure to like our The Walking Dead Fan Page to get the latest news, gossips, developments ->The Walking Dead Facebook Fan Page!

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      Hey guys, we all know what movies are staying on top of the Weekly Box Office. But now, here is a twist. Below you will see the top movies who are pirated this year. I know that the producers will not be happy in seeing their movie in the list, but at least they got fans.

      According to TorrentFreak, these were the 10 most pirated movies of the year, and as you can see, sci-fi did just as well on your computer as it did at the box office.

      Avatar (16,580,000)

      Kick-Ass (11,400,000)

      Inception (9,720,000)

      Shutter Island (9,490,000)

      Iron Man 2 (8,810,000)

      Clash of the Titans (8,040,000)

      Green Zone (7,730,000)

      Sherlock Holmes (7,160,000)

      The Hurt Locker (6,850,000)

      Salt (6,700,000)

      With 16,580,000 downloads, Avatar has broken Star Trek's record of 10,960,000 as most downloaded film in a single year.

      Is the fact that the most pirated film was also the most profitable film a rebuke to those who feel pirating will kill Hollywood? Or is Avatar such a special case (after all, Kick-Ass didn't do as well at the box office as it did on this list) that there's no lesson to be learned here?

      So what do you think about this news?

      Want to know where you'll find Spider-Man shooting its high school scenes? Continue reading below!

      According to, the Untitled Spider-Man Reboot will shoot several upcoming scenes at St. John Bosco High School in Bellflower, California.

      One of the school’s students confirmed the shoot and said that it will begin at some point during the next couple of weeks while the school is on break for the holidays. “Since we are in Christmas vacation now, they are going to start while we are out – from Dec. 22 – Jan. 5,” he explained.

      The student added, “In my school’s gym they repainted the walls. Instead of our school mascot and name, on the wall there is a huge logo of a black panther dribbling a ball, and near the mascot it says MSHS in yellow and blue outline. The last two letters meaning ‘High School’, I have no clue what MS stands for even though it is clearly the name of the school. Also in the bottom of the “MSHS’ title, says home of the panthers.”

      The new Spider-Man Reboot stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen, Sally Field, and Denis Leary. It is expected to hit theaters on July 3, 2012.

      You can check other Spider-Man Reboot News and Spoilers HERE.

        Before, we saw Wozniak. Now, Android robot visits the set of The Big Bang Theory. Check the photo below to confirm it. Did you notice it before?

        In a news by AndroidArena: We are big fans of “The Big Bang Theory” here, so we were amused to notice the little green robot that is the symbol of the Android mobile OS, displayed prominently on Sheldon Cooper’s desk in episode 10 of the current season. The toy is sitting on the right side of his laptop, and now we are waiting for the first mention of Android by any of the cast members. The scene starts at around 14:10 into the episode.

        Not that the appearance of the Android mascot in a show about geeks is surprising, but the whole cast is usually equipped with iPhones. Sheldon is our favorite character, and the geekiest kid on the block over there, so maybe it’s no wonder the producers thought that the little green robot will blend in perfectly with the assorted geeky paraphernalia on his desk. Well, at $200 000 per episode, he can afford any Android gadget out there.

        Episode Reviews:

        Cast News:

        Hey Twilight fans, I know you are all waiting for an update about the most awaited Breaking Dawn movie. Actor Chaske Spencer now gives us a hint and update on how they should strictly comply with the so-called "Script Secrecy."

        In a recent interview with Just So You Know, Twilight Saga actor Chaske Spencer, who plays lead werewolf Sam Uley, revealed how the secrecy is preserved surrounding the Breaking Dawn script and when Spencer will arrive on the Breaking Dawn set.

        As Chaske Spencer explained, he'll be in Vancouver in February to shoot Breaking Dawn but he hasn’t received his Breaking Dawn script. "What they do is they'll wait because scripts have been leaked. Not 'Breaking Dawn' but in the past. Then you get it and it's like security guards and helicopters. You know, handcuff it to your wrist."

        As for The Twilight Saga wolf pack and his fellow werewolves, Spencer revealed that Julia Jones and BooBoo Stewart, who play Leah and Seth Clearwater, are already on the Breaking Dawn set in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and that things have been fun as they all get back to work.

        You can check other Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Movie News and Spoilers HERE.

        Emma Stone revealed that she may appear on the sequels of the upcoming Spider-Man reboot. Additionally, she shares her hardship on the training that she is currently undergoing. Read below for more information.

        According to Belfast Telegraph: The Zombieland actress, who plays Peter Parker's love interest Gwen Stacy in Marc Webb's Spider-Man reboot, hinted about signing up for more movies, despite her character suffering a tragic end in the graphic novel.

        Talking about her blonde hairdo on The Late Night Show With Jay Leno, she said: "There are a few Spider-Men, so I may have to keep at it for a couple of years."

        Emma, who is up for a Golden Globe gong following her performance in teen comedy Easy A, also spoke about her gruelling training for the Spider-Man role.

        "It's pretty brutal," she told the US chat show host.

        "I didn't play sports at school, I have no hand-eye coordination. I had no idea how weak I was, until my trainer made me do really basic things like one push-up. I could only do half of one!"

        The 22-year-old has had to turn down training with Andrew Garfield, who portrays the webbed superhero.

        "The other day, after work, I was supposed to work out with our trainer and Andrew said, 'Would it be ok if I worked out with you guys?' I was like, 'No, that would not be ok'," she recalled.

        "He said, 'Why? It'll be a bonding experience'. I said, 'Because you can lift a car and I am a weakling beyond belief'. We're on two completely different ends of the spectrum."

        You can check other Spider-Man Reboot News and Spoilers HERE.

          It is already a news that we will see a part of Spider-Man in New York, so now the remaining question would be, what about The Avengers? Where will be the movie shot? Below is a news from IGN.

          Even though past rumors had pegged the Marvel film's production as happening in New York or Los Angeles, in fact the Joss Whedon directed movie will be shooting in New Mexico.

          "In addition to being our biggest production to date, The Avengers will be the most technologically advanced and will provide cutting-edge training opportunities for our crew," said New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson in a press release. Because that's exactly what you want on your $200 million-plus movie -- on the job training.

          The shoot will take place mostly at Albuquerque Studios between April and September of 2011, which isn't that long from now at all! Some production will also happen in New York and Michigan.

          "We had a terrific experience shooting portions of Thor in the Land of Enchantment and we are looking forward to making New Mexico even more of a home on our next production,'' said Louis D'Esposito, co-president of Marvel Studios.

          This also raises an interesting question regarding the film's storyline -- will it involve a hunt for the Hulk through the deserts of the Southwest? Stay tuned, true believers!

          You can check The Avengers News and Spoilers HERE

            Hey Superman fans, I know you are excited to have a glimpse of the upcoming movie's script. However, the same could not be spoiled but don't worry Slash Film has something important for us regarding the script. Read below.

            Everybody knows that Zack Snyder is helming the reimagining of Superman in the latest attempt to revitalize the Man of Steel in the same way that Christopher Nolan made the Batman franchise something darker than it had ever been on the big screen. But how, exactly, will Superman be renovated? That is the question we have all been pondering, and now we may have some insight into the direction it's headed.

            Slash Film is reporting that the man behind the script of the film, David Goyer, may have leaked some clues in the Superman: Secret Origin comic collection's introduction, which he wrote for the Geoff Johns endeavor. He states that he hopes to follow the stories that Johns has written, at least by inspiration, if nothing else.

            "As I write this, I am midway through my first draft of a new Superman screenplay," he writes. "It's a task that has stymied many talented filmmakers in the years since Donner's film. And for all I know, it will end up stymieing me as well. … But I've got one advantage that the screenwriters who came before me didn't have—and that's access to all the wonderful Superman stories written by Geoff Johns—first and foremost being the Secret Origin issues reprinted in the very volume you are now holding."

            The writer also points out the "heartbreaking" moment early in that tale that really got to him.

            "Young Clark is told the truth about his heritage," says Goyer. "He races out into the night, sobbing, stumbling through the cornfields. Eventually, his foster father, Jonathan, finds him. 'I don't want to be someone else,' says Clark. 'I don't want to be different. I want to be Clark Kent. … I want to be your son.' Right there in that moment, Geoff contextualized Superman in a way that I'm not sure has ever really been done before."

            So are you excited with the Superman reboot?

            You can check other Man of Steel Movie News and Updates HERE.

            Survivor 22 Redemption Island: Probst Discusses Details

            Posted by Maki On Thursday, December 23, 2010 0 comments

            The hottest and latest rumor for Survivor 22 is the return and showdown of Boston Rob and Russell. But this info still stays as a rumor as Jeff Probst discusses only some of the details of Survivor 22. Read below.

            Out with the old, in with the new! At the conclusion of the Survivor: Nicaragua live reunion show, the first promo was revealed for season 22 of the reality franchise: Survivor: Redemption Island, which will premiere on Wednesday, February 16, 2011. was on location back in August for filming in Nicaragua and spoke to Jeff Probst about the new twist.

            “How it works is very simple,” explained Probst. “When you’re voted out at Tribal Council, you don’t go home. You’re not out of the game. You go to Redemption Island and you live alone. And at a certain point in the game another person will join you. You will compete in a duel. The winner stays. The loser goes home. So you’re continuing to live out there on your own with very basic supplies. But you’re still in the game. And at a certain point you’ll be allowed to reenter the game and have a shot at the money.” In other words, people that are voted out will compete against each other for a chance to later rejoin the game.

            The concept of being voted out and then reentering the game is something of a sore spot for Survivor fans, after voted out “Outcasts” Lillian “Lil” Morris and Burton Roberts came back into the game in Survivor: Pearl Islands, with Lil making it all the way to the final two. Probst insists this time will be different. For starters, the voted out contestants will not be eating lots of food with a roof over the heads, but will still be stuck out in the elements like everyone else. For another thing, this time everything will be out in the open. “We did a haphazard version of Redemption Island a few years ago called the Outcasts,” said Probst just minutes after fiming the opening of the show, “and it didn’t work and it didn’t please the audience and there was one fundamental flaw: We didn’t tell people up front it was going to happen. I just told everybody [at the opening] it’s going to happen. Make no mistake: When you’re voted out, you’re not going home, and somebody that you vote out could come back and bite you in the ***. So I have no problem with people coming back into the game because everybody knows up front. A rule can’t be unfair if you know going in. It’s an equal opportunity.”

            In another format switch, since each episode will include a Redemption Island duel, you can expect there to be just one combined reward/immunity challenge per episode for the players that have yet to be voted out. “This is the most excited I’ve been in a long time when it comes to a twist. I really hope Redemption Island adds a new layer that we can use for years to come,” said Probst. “We have no idea what’s gong to happen. It’s a big risk. It could fail miserably. I don’t think it’s going to.”

            You can check Survivor 22 Redemption Island Reviews and Spoilers HERE.

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