Glee Season 2 Episode 3 Spoiler: Finn's Solo Episode?

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Season 2 Episode 3 of Glee is entitled "Grilled Cheesus." Sounds delicious? Lets see!

Honestly, the first episode of the second season of Glee is fantastic. Charice really made the difference. However, their Birtney tribute episode did not excite me so much. There is no plot on the episode!

This episode was making me hungry until I read the synopsis. Then it just got better from there. I’m thinking this is Finn’s solo episode (the one Cory Monteith was looking forward to?), but even if it’s not, there are a million other reasons to not miss out. Check out these official spoilers for episode 3 of Glee season 2, “Grilled Cheesus”:

Finn's solo episode?

  • Finn goes through an existential crisis – when he thinks he sees the face of Jesus in his grilled cheese sandwich.
  • Kurt also has a crisis! Though probably not of the “cheesy” variety.
  • Both crises trigger the glee clubbers to think on/discuss their own theology.
So what do you think?

Spoiler Guide reveals what to expect on The Event episode 3 “Protect Them From the Truth”. Check the spoilers below:

  • When President Martinez reveals a tough new strategy to force Sophia to reveal the detainees’ plans, a new detainee, Maya, is thrown into the chaos.
  • Vicky and Carter are in possession of a very important hostage, and FBI Agent Collier’s suspicions become more severe.
Well, if you didn't see the first two episodes of The Event then you can check our reviews:

The proven leader is gone. So who will fill in Coach Jimmy Johnson's shoes now?

Honestly, I believe that Coach Jimmy is not playing Survivor to win the million dollars. I just can't get it why other players won't believe him. Well, it is Survivor, you cannot trust everyone!

The third episode of Survivor is a combine Naonka show and bye bye coach Jimmy. On the younger tribe, it is fun to see how Naonka outmuscled Kelly B.

Oh before I forget, Coach J is proven to be a monkey-whisperer in this episode!

Also, Marty showed the Hidden Immunity Idol to the group. As for Russell 101, thou shall not show the idol to anyone because you just marked yourself next on the chopping block!

On the reward and immunity challenge, Benry was just fantastic with the young tribe's come from behind victory.

Then prior to the tribal council, Marty took charge and stirred everything. I suppose that he will be the leader of the older tribe now. But beware Jimmy T. is there, he claimed to be a leader as well. Nonetheless, Marty is definitely this season's puppet master!

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NCIS Season 8 Episode 2 Review: Worst Nightmare

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After last week's seemingly season 7 conclusion, it's great to be back to the normal flow of NCIS!

We got it and then some Tuesday night in "Worst Nightmare," an entire episode devoted to an intense, complex investigation with plenty of lighter, enjoyable moments throughout.

Our story begins in a classroom where Bernard from Lost is teaching, only to have the entire school temporarily pass out from a gas leak. A 13-year-old named Rebecca is missing.

Great intrigue was provided by Nicholas Mason, the girl's grandfather and guardian while her parents are deployed. When he goes rogue to find her on his own, NCIS has its hands full.

When Gibbs learns that Mason has been communicating with Rebecca's kidnapper(s) directly, they begin to try to find ... well, either or both. But all they come across are dead bodies.

Whose side is Mason even on? This mysterious character definitely kept you guessing all night, which added a new layer of suspense on top of the search to recover the missing girl.

It turns out the kidnapper - Bernard! - was once a member of Mason's field operatives team, a group of highly-trained agents that answered directly to the President, Cold War style.

They operated outside the chain of command, but within the law. Mostly. Sounds, ironically, a little bit like NCIS' own leading man, especially after the Pedro Hernandez story arc.

It's little surprise that Gibbs came around once he realized Mason's true intentions, despite being jerked around at the onset. He's taken things into his own hands on notable occasions.

In any case, once the team completed its mission, they were to return to civilian life and never contact one another. The kidnapper is "atoning for sins" committed on Nicholas’ team.

He used the kidnapping as a way to draw out Nicholas and his old team members, who he knew would be called in for for help. He could also pin everything on Mason this way. Clever.

Not quite as clever as the ruse NCIS devises, though. Confronting the kidnapper at the dropoff point, Ziva pretends to take out Mason from afar so the kidnapper gives back the girl.

His mission seemingly complete, and having been straight up played, our target reveals that Rebecca is in his trunk. Then Mason gets up, wholly unharmed and covered in corn syrup.

Definitely had us going for a second, even if Gibbs & Co. would never blow it so carelessly. Tony asks the kidnapper: Know what you got? Taken down by Leroy Jethro Gibbs ... holla!

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Gleek fans, forgive me but honestly I agree with TV fanatic in saying that the season 2 episode 2  of Glee is horrible and terrible.

There was no plot, no flow, no attempt at storytelling whatsoever. Heck, "Brittany/Britney" wasn't even an episode of television. It was mostly just a mash-up of music videos, as various Glee characters did their best Britney Spears imitations.

For about 30 seconds, it was very cool and impressive to see how well Heather Morris could pull off Britney. But about halfway into "I'm a Slave 4 U," I realized: I don't wanna see these actors impersonate a famous pop star; I wanna see them act as the characters I've grown to love, singing something that relates to whatever they are thinking or feeling, based on current storylines, relationships, etc.

The best Glee numbers connect the material to the characters in a very personal way. But most of these covers existed solely because there actually was a Facebook campaign for a Britney Spears episode. For perhaps the first time in television history, it's as if the fans wrote an episode - and the result was a mess of musical numbers that never came together at any point.

In its previous tribute episode, "The Power of Madonna," Glee didn't lose track of its storytelling. There were actually a few major developments, most prominently Finn sleeping with Santana and Rachel deciding not to do the same with Jesse. Each song helped to move the plot forward.

But, ironically, Rachel's rendition of "The Only Exception" was the only example of a similar single this week... and it was the only non-Britney cover of the hour! Moreover, every cameo of Britney herself felt out of place and forced.

Still, thanks to one number and a few memorable one-liners, there were some highlights:

  • The group's performance of "Toxic" was one of the show's best to date. Ideally, this would have been the only Britney number. The episode could have kept the premise of Will refusing to take on Spears, only to eventually cave and show off for Emma in the same manner.
  • Sue taught Becky how to make a citizen's arrest? Amazing.
  • Every line out of Brittany's mouth was funnier than the previous one. ("This room looks like that room on that spaceship when I got probed.")
In case you missed the first episode then you can read the review and see Charice here.
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The episode 1 of Supernatural's sixth season receives mixed feedbacks! But looking forward on the second episode, you can watch the official promo below:

What would cause Sam to threaten Dean with a drive-by?

What would make Dean so concerned when he looked in the backseat of his brother's car?

See the answers below:

You can also check the spoiler clip of episode 2 and the review of episode 1.

Even though this episode is a stand alone and there's no progress on Chuck's search for his mother, I can say that the season 4 episode 2 of Chuck delivers comedy, action and heart for the nth time!

I could see how some people might find Morgan's stylings a bit hard to take at times, but I think this guy is one of the funniest on television.  His speech to General Diane - whoops, I mean Beckman - on why the Buy More wasn't working effectively was definitely a highlight.  Seriously, what kind of place would it be without hazard spills and surly employees?

Speaking of our favorite arsonists that were previously living in a VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER  (well, maybe not by a river, but you get the idea)...  I'm not sure which was funnier: these two guys down on their luck naming their pet rock Bruce, or them needing time to relax after being back at work for only one minute.  And their entrance to Feed My Frankenstein by Alice Cooper?  Classic, even if Jeff's shirt isn't all the way unbuttoned.

We were all witnesses to a truly epic girl-on-girl fight that Chuck is known for.  Although I don't know if it tops the Sarah vs. Nicole Richie in the shower brawl, Sarah and Sofia on the runway was pretty awesome!  Best move?  Sarah pulling the Marshall Law back flip.  Worst move?  The jump punch that put Sofia out of commission.

There was also Chuck getting into the gun fight in the dressing room, Sarah punching out The Incredible Hulk and Chuck getting held up by a naked Sofia in her closet.  A lot of action to go around this week.

Of course, all of the heartfelt moments were left for the end, but they were all great.  Let's start with the one you probably weren't thinking of: Morgan becomes manager of the Buy More.  Seriously, after three long years, Morgan is now the manager of the Buy More!  You have to feel super excited for him, right?

The title of this episode is referring to Chuck's battle with the fact that Sarah has yet to unpack at his house, even though they've been there for eight months.  "Spies don't put down roots, it's a rule," John Casey explained to Chuck, but in the end Mr. Bartowski was right when he rationalized that it was more of a suggestion or a guideline.  By episode's end, Sarah unpacked her things and the happy couple spooned the night away.

Just don't bring up marriage and children with Sarah, because just before the credits hit the screen, her frightened face said it all.

Will the hunt for Mrs. Bartowski come back into play next week?  How will Jeff and Lester being back at the Buy More change anything?  Does Morgan let the power go to his head?  And what horrible thing is going to happen to Alex now that Casey is putting in the effort to be there for his daughter?

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    The season premiere is not that good. The second episode of Castle is good though I think it can really get even better!

    Castle review from TV Fanatic:

    With the awkwardness of Castle’s return behind the show's title character and Beckett, the partners quickly got folded into a strange murder case on this week’s episode, "He's Dead, She's Dead."

    We were teased back in July that someone close to Castle was going to die. Last night, we found out that the never seen, yet often mentioned Chet, (Martha’s boyfriend) was the one who perished.

    I am disappointed it turned out to be a character we never met that died, as we had no attachment to Chet. It really seemed like an odd thing to tease months ago for such an underwhelming result.

    On the flip side, we did learn that Rick Castle’s real name is Richard Alexander Rogers (or as my wife pointed out, the initials spell “RAR!”). I am intrigued how this may come into play down the lone. With the psychic’s daughter rushing in to tell Beckett that someone named Alexander will become important to her and save her life, there was some serious foreshadowing going on. Of course, given how the hyped death went, he may just prevent her from stepping in front of a bus.

    My disappointment with who died aside, this was another very well written episode. As always, we were trying to figure out until the end who actually committed the murder. Adding a second layer onto of the murder, of Beckett and Castle debating magic and the supernatural, was both hysterical and touching.

    It was great how the writers showed both versions of a medium/psychic. First, Vivian turned out to most likely be a fraud, but then her daughter Penny seemed to have some real talent, as the Masons did lead them to the truth.

    Finally, I want to give kudos to Nathan Fillion for his ability to work a reference for his love of the double rainbow guy into the show. For all of us geeks out here who caught the reference, it will become a classic!

    Here are the stills from episode 1.

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    The first episode of The Event posed lots of questions. Luckily, the second episode gave us a lot of answers yet brought another set of questions again! Honestly, in my opinion, this what makes a TV series a good one!

    Before you continue reading, be sure that you already watched episode 2!

    We now know why Michael took the plane on a suicide run--he watched as "they" killed his wife, and saw Vicki (formerly known as Drunk Girl) holding one of his daughters at gunpoint, with the threat of both of his daughters' deaths as coercion. We open pretty much where we left off: the plane goes through the tin-foil mystery wormhole, and crash-lands in a desert somewhere (Arizona!), with everyone more or less in one piece. Sean and the passengers escape before the plane goes all kablooey. Post-crash, Sean and Michael have a chat. Michael reveals Leila's alive, and, as a swarm of ominous vehicles close in, Michael tells Sean to run. Which, of course, he does.

    We get a flashback to President Martinez's briefing on the contents of that mysterious folder--Sophia and her people are "non-terrestrial," with a one percent DNA variance from us that results in slower aging and some other, heretofore unexplained differences. After crashing in Alaska in 1944, they've been detained there due to a refusal to relinquish information. 

    Sean wanders the desert, eventually keeling over. He comes to in a hospital and attempts to convince the nurse of his absurd-sounding story. She agrees to call the cops on his behalf...which ends up a bad move for him, because he's wanted for the murder of Drunk Guy, known as Greg. The thing is--we get a flashback and see that Greg was killed by thugs dressed as ship security, after he tried to give Leila a skeezy massage. These guys are also the ones who drugged and made off with her.

    We get a wee flashback back to how Sean and Leila met, involving flirting in a swimming pool. Back in the present, Sean puts two and two together and decides to run, but gets about nine feet before the FBI's got him at gunpoint. Oops.

    Meanwhile, Sophia's chained to a chair again, and refuses to give Martinez information on her people, how many are out there, or how this happened. He storms off. We get a little flashback to the day of the crash in 1944, as she sends off the healthy survivors to hide and assimilate, while she stays behind with the wounded and gets captured.

    Checking in with Simon, our CIA friend with the SUV-skills learned from the Jack Bauer Driving School: his connection with Sophia during their ominous conversation last week was more than just professional security. While we learn he's been the agent assigned to the detainees for the last ten years...we also learn that he's one of "them": a plant in the CIA set up for just this purpose. We even see how he faked out the CIA blood test, via an ooky arm-implant. We also see that "they"(so tempted to call them Others...but I won't) are split into two factions--one benevolent, one a little less so. They're responsible for the plane's wormholiness, and give Simon the coordinates for the crash site. 

    And we get our endgame for the episode: Sean, taken by the FBI, is driven past the crash site, pleading all the way, while Simon arrives to find the plane mostly intact...but the 200 "survivors" all laid out, dead, artfully arranged as a message to humanity.

    So--questions we got answered: We now know who Sophia's people are (sorta), why Michael went all Top Gun with the plane, where the plane went, and Simon's place of importance in the core cast.

    Questions left open or newly asked: Are Sophia's people aliens (they're called extra-terrestrials in Martinez's briefing, but this is the kind of show in which you only trust primary sources)? What's Vicki's deal? Is Leila just a damsel in distress, or something more? Who's behind the anti-Sean conspiracy? Why did Sean hijack the flight? More importantly, how did Sean get a gun on an airline in the first place?

    Now, we know that Sophia and company are not of our own. But what exactly is the event?

    You can check The Event Season 1 Reviews and Spoilers HERE.

    One thing is for sure for the Season 7 Episode 2 of House - it is not filled with Huddy bed scenes!

    Here is what our friends from TV Fanatic think:

    On the episode that outed Huddy as a couple to the pair's co-workers, we were treated to an engaging, humorous, emotional hour. Few shows on TV can combine crotch and ass grabs with the impossible decision of parents choosing between their children, but "Selfish" pulled it off well.

    Because he was so focused on his girlfriend's well-formed backside (he did say well-formed, Taub), House could scarcely treat the Patient of the Week. Which was extra sad because she seemed the most giving human being on the planet.

    For once, House was offering advice (the world would be a better place if we were all selfish) that he was not following, as every interaction with Cuddy was based on his feelings for her and their new arrangement, not what was best for the girl in the hospital bed. Did you ever think you'd see House put manners before treatment?!?

    Of course, that changed because it had to change, both for House's professional life and his personal life. The more he and Cuddy have blow-ups in the hallway, the more lives that will be saved - and also the more House will realize that Cuddy really does love him, even when he's being a bullying ass.

    Aside from a touching case and interesting Huddy interaction, the episode offered up one of the funniest scenes in show history. I paused my DVR and laughed for a solid 30 seconds at Wilson's face after Cuddy casually grabbed House's crotch. Great stuff.

    Other notes from the installment:

    • Chase is dating four women?!? Nice to see he bounced back so well from Thirteen's sex rejection.
    • Funny stuff between the clinic patient and his son.
    • What's always so great about House's unprofessional, bullying speeches is that he says what we're thinking. I couldn't have been the only viewer who understood these parents faced a difficult decision, but also a relatively easy one: You have to save the life of one child, don't you?
    You can check House Season 7 Reviews and Spoilers HERE.

    For those fans who are not satisified on last week's episode of How I Met Your Mother, I think the second episode is a lot better and funnier. As we see, more and more interesting flashbacks are being shown! TV Fanatic thinks this way:

    On "Cleaning House," Barney got the party started with his Bronx Zoo story of monkey business and then Robin asks if anyone watched The Deadliest Catch last night. Lily covers her ears and yells, “spoiler alert!” A slave to my DVR, I am always doing the same thing until I can get caught up on recent shows.

    Ted lost me on the whole underselling of his Karate Kid analogy. No fan of the 1984 hit, let alone someone who claims it is one of the best movies ever, would refer to John Kreese as merely “the Cobra Kai Sensei.” Great idea, poor execution Ted. Sort of like when Daniel Larusso tried the Crane kick against Chozen in Karate Kid Part 2 and got smacked down in the final fight scene before turning to the Drum Technique.

    The banter between Ted and Robin though was great and Cobie Smulders was smoldering on screen once again.

    Loved the attention to detail in Barney’s childhood room. There was the Storm Trooper figurine next to the “Steve” helmet, matched nicely with the life-size Storm Trooper featured in his present day apartment.

    I was shocked when Loretta mentioned Sloppy Joes four times and Marshall just stood there without taking one.  We soon see Lily and Marshal enjoying their manwich meal though while sandwiching Barney between themselves and James in the moving truck. My faith in the big softie from Minnesota was restored.

    The tender reunion between James and Sam Gibbs (Ben Vereen) was heartfelt and well done. Wayne Brady isn't just “tall, dark and awesome.” He's a talent. As they usually do, the writers doled out just enough emotion to pull at our heartstrings before smacking us upside the head with more hilarity. Per usual, it was Barney who provided the jolt.

    Barney singing along with an over-the-top of James and Sam was truly legen…wait for it…dary.  The Fat Albert-esque voice he used when singing, “no I won’t shed no tears,” had me rolling.  Barney reminded me of Boone from Animal House when he sang along with Otis Day and the Knights at the Delta house.  “Otis, my man!”

    Auto-tune Barney to close out the show was amazing and helped me try to forget the insanely creepy Snickers commercial, which aired during the previous break. The second episode of the season played to its strengths with a healthy helping of Barney sprinkled with the right amount of support from the other cast mates.

    For me, the show has always been more about the interactions of the characters rather than a grand lead up to some big revelation. By not revealing who Barney’s father is, tonight’s episode showed us just how great a sitcom we have and how we don’t necessarily need hints to future episodes to keep coming back for more.

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    Edward Norton on Batman Role

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    Hey Batman fans! I know that you are all waiting for some updates about the Dark Night sequel. Well we got this interview, and hopefully you'll enjoy reading it.

    Here is a fresh news from IGN:

    Edward Norton has been discussing superhero movies, with the actor admitting that he'd love to work with Christopher Nolan on a Batman flick, and saying that he only has good feelings towards The Avengers movie.

    Speaking exclusively to IGN to promote new movie Stone, Norton said that he loved playing Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk, and that he has no hard feelings regarding Marvel's decision to go with Mark Ruffalo on Avengers.

    "I think I said everything I want to say in the one thing I put out about that" he explained. "It was a great privilege to do it, and I couldn't be more appreciative of everybody's support and positivity towards that because I love those films too. And I hate it when they miss. I hate it when they miss on one - it seems like such a wasted opportunity. But the truth is I'm probably more naturally interested in doing something that I haven't done. I have only good thoughts towards that though."

    Norton revealed that the situation hasn't put him off the notion of superhero movies however, saying that if a good project came along, he's sign up.

    "Chris Nolan's making the best ones out there by far" he explained "I'd do one with him. He's set a new bar for sure, and I think he's done a great, great job."

    We pushed Norton as to whether he'd be up for playing a villain in Batman 3, with the actor replying "That would be fun, I would not say no to that."

    And more specifically we asked if he'd like to play the Riddler, with the star simply smiling and saying "Your guys can put their votes in on that."

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