Toy Story 3 New Characters

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There is no doubt that June 18 will be a family day. Kids will surely pull their parents to see the 3-D installment of Toy Story in digital theaters. Disney and Pixar will also feature 14 new toys in the movie. These toys will join Woody, Buzz and the other characters on their adventure at the day care center. In here, they will try to escape the abusive hands of toddlers in the day care center.

Here are the toys which will make their debut on Toy Story 3:

Grab your binoculars and join Ken on a safari! A swinging bachelor who’s always on the lookout for fun, Ken sports the perfect outfit for his eco-adventure: light blue shorts and a leopard-print shirt with short sleeves sure to keep him cool in the hot sun. And after his exciting expedition, Ken will be ready to hit the dance floor in style. His accessories include matching scarf, sensible loafers and a fashion-forward gold belt. Dozens of additional Ken outfits sold separately. 

Peas-in-a-Pod will quickly become a parent’s favorite on-the-go toy. The soft, plush pod secures the happy peas inside with a durable metal zipper, making it perfect for the car or stroller. The Peas-in-a-Pod plush toy also develops fine motor skills by catering to a child’s natural grab instinct. Pulling the three peas out of the pod will provide repeated enjoyment for infants and toddlers, and soon they’ll learn to put them back in! Machine washable. Not for human consumption.

Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear is a jumbo, extra-soft teddy bear with a pink and white plush body and a velvety purple nose. This lovable bear stands fuzzy heads and shoulders above other teddy bears because he smells like sweet strawberries! With a smile that will light up your child’s face and a belly just asking to be hugged, Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear is sure to become a bedtime necessity. Stain-resistant. Spot clean plush surface with a damp cloth.

Saddle up for fun and let Buttercup lead your child away on a magical adventure! This cuddly unicorn features velvety-soft, snow-colored fur with sparkly gold and pink accents. He sports a signature mythical golden horn and a fun-to-comb mane and tail. Buttercup’s durable plastic eyes are both charming and scratch-resistant. Hypo-allergenic. Ages 3 and up.

Trixie is a perfect playmate for prehistoric playtime! Visit the era when dinosaurs ruled the Earth! Made of rigid, durable plastic and in friendly shades of blue and purple, Trixie features an expressive mouth and movable legs. This gentle Triceratops will feed any child’s imagination. Also available: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus and Velociraptor.

Twitch Meet Twitch, the insectaloid warrior, where MAN + INSECT = AWESOME! This sturdy action figure stands over five inches tall, with more than 15 points of articulation, including ferocious chomping mandibles. Use his powerful wings and impenetrable exoskeleton to evade capture! Twitch is meticulously detailed and includes his signature magical battle staff and removable chest armor. For children ages 4 and up. Other insectaloid figures sold separately.

Stretch is a fun-loving under-the-sea octopus friend that shines in glittery purple. Kids can count her eight rubbery legs and dozens of sticky suckers that are sure to stand up to rough-and-tumble play and extreme stretching. Toss her high on the wall and watch her climb her way down! Clean in mild soap solution to remove dust and lint.

Sparks will fly – literally – during electrifying playtimes with your new robot friend Sparks! This retro-inspired toy has flashing red LED eyes and a blaster cavity that actually spits out real sparks when he’s rolled along on his sturdy rubber wheels. Sparks also sports telescoping arms with working pincers, and an elevator action that raises his entire body to new heights. Sparking action completely child-safe. Requires two AA batteries (not included).

Dolly is a soft and sweet dress-up rag doll, and is the perfect gift for any young child! Her floppy body and sunny smile will make her an irresistible new member of your family. Dolly has purple hair, googly eyes and gently blushing cheeks. She comes with a pretty blue dress, but templates are included to create and sew your own outfits! Machine washable on gentle cycle.

Mr. Pricklepants
Frolic your afternoons away on woodland adventures with Mr. Pricklepants! This charming lederhosen-wearing hedgehog is from the Waldfreunde collection of premium imported plush toys. He may look prickly, but the plump and fuzzy Mr. Pricklepants is made strictly for cuddling! Hand wash and air dry. Restore fluffiness with fingers. Made in Germany.

Chunk will rock your world! This gargantuan creature sports protective shoulder spikes, while his ferocious fists are ready to smash whatever enemy gets in his way. Chunk’s oversized limbs are fully posable, making him ready for hours of imaginative fun. As an added bonus, the press of a hidden head spike will spin Chunk’s facial expression from friendly to fierce! No batteries necessary.

Chatter Telephone
Chatter Telephone Ring-ring! The Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone is a classic pull toy that has been inspiring giggles for many generations, while building motor skills and balance. Preschoolers can’t resist the friendly face with eyes that move up and down when they pull the toy along, and the bright colors and pleasing sounds keep them happy and engaged. Chatter Telephone is ideal for the little hands in your life.

Bookworm Story time becomes extra special when Bookworm joins the fun! This bedtime reading companion encourages your children’s love of reading, while keeping them company with his happy smile. Bookworm’s sturdy flashlight features an extra-long-lasting light bulb, bright enough to read by without causing eyestrain. Two C batteries included. Ages 4 and up.

Big Baby
Your little one will love this lifelike baby doll with his soft, cuddly fabric body and vinyl arms, legs and face. With dazzling blue eyes that open and close, this realistic baby encourages nurturing play. Eighteen inches tall, he comes dressed in an adorable yellow onesie with matching bonnet, and has his own magical bottle of milk that disappears while he drinks! A perfect first doll for your special child. Machine washable on gentle cycle. Flame retardant.

Summer means heat. But in the movie industry, summer means firepower, explosions and a good lineup of highly anticipated films! We all know that last year’s movies are impossible to outshine in an instant. We watched blockbusters such as Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra, Hurt Locker, Twilight Saga: New Moon and of course the box office record holder, Avatar.

But here is a list of this year’s most awaited summer movies according to their trailer hits in YouTube. We also included some fun facts so enjoy reading them!

Iron Man 2 (May 7)
Trivia: Mickey Rourke spent three hours inside a high-security Russian prison in Moscow to internalize and understand his character well. In there, he really slept in a cell, ate a meal for prisoners and played ping pong with a guard.

Robin Hood (May 14)
Trivia: Russell Crowe is the oldest man to play Robin Hood at 45. At first, he doubted that he can portray the character well because of his looks and age. He did crash diet to prepare for this film.

Shrek Forever After (May 21)
Trivia: Well, we all know that this is the first 3-D movie for the Shrek franchise.

Toy Story 3 (June 18)
Trivia: This will be the first Pixar film to be released in IMAX.

Twilight Saga: Eclipse (June 30)
Trivia: Kristen Stewart has green eyes so in the Twilight Saga, she needs to wear brown contact lenses because Bella’s eyes are supposed to be brown.

Predators (July 9)
Trivia: Derek Mears, who will portray a Predator in the film, also played a horror character before named Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th

Inception (July 16)
Trivia: Inception marks the first Christopher Nolan feature since 1998 that is a completely original film and not based on other works.

Salt (July 23)
Trivia: The character Agent Salt was first set for Tom Cruise but he turned it down.

"Iron Man 2" Review

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Rating: 4.2/5.0
 Because I am an avid Marvel fan, I watched this movie in 2D Digital Theater. And I am so satisfied! At first, my purpose for watching Iron Man 2 is just for entertainment. I did not expect too much because it might be an overrated movie again. But I was astonished by the smooth blend of special FX, fight scenes and humor. Iron Man 2 is Iron Man x 2!

Yes, you heard it right! Unlike other Marvel movies which focuses on the character development and comics storytelling, Iron Man 2 attained a new level of humor that will surely make you laugh on most part of the movie!

I do not want to provide spoilers because this movie can really speak for itself.So I will just mention the outstanding performances of the cast. Robert Downey Jr. portrays Tony Stark/Iron Man in a remarkable way, you cannot ask for more! What about Don Cheadle who did a good job wearing that War Machine suit! He complements Stark well and I guess Marvel's decision to take him instead of Terrence Howard is a good one. But wait, we should not forget Scarlett Johansson's role as Black Widow. She looks amazing and sexy with her costume. Black Widow's fight scenes which include her rey-mysterio-move simply entertain the audience. Of course this movie will not be complete without the villain, Mickey Rourke who portrays Ivan Vanko/Whiplash did a great job as well. The tattoos on his body are ferocious and he also added some humor in the story. Yes, a powerful yet not-so-serious villain!

Overall, this movie is the best so far  this year. It is a must see movie especially on digital theater because you may want to experience the vibrations on your seats when Iron Man and War Machine team up against Vanko. But there is just a little downside in the movie because in my opinion the fight scenes of Iron Man and War Machine as tag team are so limited.

Nick Fury's appearance is also a clear indication that The Avengers are going to be seen altogether in the near future! Ehem 2012! 

A little tip for those who will watch this movie on cinema, do not leave until you see a sneak peek of the next Marvel movie. It will be shown after all the credits are finished. So check it out!


Black Widow

War Machine

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"Dancing with the Stars" leads all TV Series

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Survivor: Heroes v. Villains tops TV ratings on Canada last week, but US viewers say otherwise. "Dancing with the Stars" danced its ratings all the way to the top, beating favorites like American Idol, The Mentalist, Glee and Survivor. On the TV networks, Fox got the most number of TV viewers with an average of 9.2 million.

Here is the top 10 list of most-watched TV series last week:

  1. “Dancing With the Stars” Monday, ABC, 21.1 million
  2. “American Idol” Tuesday, Fox, 19.7 million
  3. “American Idol” Wednesday, Fox, 18.8 million
  4. “The Mentalist” CBS, 15 million
  5. “Dancing With the Stars” Tuesday, ABC, 13.6 million
  6. “CSI” CBS, 13.4 million
  7. “Glee” Fox, 13 million
  8. “Survivor” CBS, 11.9 million
  9. “The Big Bang Theory” CBS, 11.7 million
  10. “CSI: Miami” CBS, 11.7 million

Here are the average viewers of different networks during prime time:
  1. Fox, 9.2 million
  2. CBS, 8.4 million
  3. ABC, 7.4 million
  4. NBC, 5.7 million
  5. The CW, 1.7 million
The battle of different TV series will surely rise this week because some of them are on their last few remaining episodes already. But as what TV experts say, "TV ratings are so unpredictable." 

Giving Russell the hidden immunity idol is a bad move, trusting him to be your ally is worse and trying to trick him is worst and fatal. Unfortunately, this series of undesirable and risky actions is the summary of what JT has done on the last two episodes. 

No doubt JT plays Survivor well, he even got a million in Tocantins, but he encountered a different scenario in Survivor: Heroes v. Villains. He did not have any ally as trustworthy as Stephen and he played against the most dangerous duo in Survivor history, Russell and Parvati. 

Here are some interview questions and answers after he was voted out last Thursday. Courtesy of BuddyTV and People's TV Watch.

Were you consciously revisiting your Tocantins strategy of forming an alliance across tribal lines?

I don't feel I was revisiting my strategy from Tocantins. I am always looking for openings in the other tribe. I felt like Candace was going to be gunning for me and I had to make a move.

Could you tell anything about the Villains' tribal dynamic from watching how they interacted during the challenges?

After Rupert kept announcing the fact that he thought there was a woman's alliance, the Villains began playing it up.

What did Rupert ultimately decide about Sandra's conflicting version of events? Did you ever convince him that she was lying?

I don't think Rupert ever talked with her again. She didn't want Russell to see her talking. None of us ever got to talk. 

Did you stay in the endurance immunity challenge as long as you could have?

I did stay as long as I could. I tried not to let it show. That challenge is made for people with small feet. I knew when Parvati stepped down, something was up. 

You seemed to like James, but he came across as a bully this season. What further insight could you offer us?

James and I hit it off really well. We have a lot in common and share a similar work ethic. James is not a bad guy at all. He just didn't like the drama.

Can you share any fun stories from Ponderosa?

I would definitely say to check out the Ponderosa clips. They will be something fun to move your hips to. Me, Coach & Courtney! What a team! 

You seem to think being Southern guys bonded you with Russell.

I did fall a little bit for that but I don’t feel like I was as confident as it appeared on TV. We actually knew Russell was not with us when we made it to tribal council. Although we didn’t believe Rupert like we should have, we did know that Russell was not with us and they had one idol for sure. We figured they had one but we never counted on the second.

How shocked were you to see Parvati had two idols?

We were really stunned. We kind of shipped Russell off perfectly thinking we were voting for Sandra because we knew he wasn’t with us and we wanted him to vote Sandra and us to vote Jerri, and we fooled him but we had no idea Parvati had two idols and she would give one to Jerri, so when she gave it to Sandra, we were like, “That’s great. Russell went back and told them,” but as soon as they took the other one out, I knew I was gone.

Was it Rupert’s idea that there was an all-female alliance at the Villain’s camp, or were you thinking that too?

It was when Tyson went home that I thought to myself that I knew the girls were teaming up and taking out the big players. Then, when Rob went home, I was like, “Certainly something is going on.” I tried so hard to get in contact with someone over there to find out what was going on. I never would have expected it was Sandra in trouble as opposed to the only guy left. I was just a victim of Russell’s game!

So how did the note-writing to Russell come about? 

Amanda's luxury item was colored pencils and a little notepad, so we did have stuff there [to write with]. But there’s a lot that went in to the note. It almost looked humiliating watching it, but … we only sent the note to be safe because we didn’t know if we had to throw it to Russell, or hide it for him to find it. We didn’t know how we were going to give it to him … Chances are, if he’s not with us, everybody’s gonna see this, but who cares. That was our thinking. The whole tribe wanted to be there for the letter and put their two cents in. It looked more like solely my confidence in Russell, which wasn’t the case.

Was there something or someone you had in Tocantins that could have helped you this time around?

There’s no doubt! If Stephen had been there this time, we would have thought this move out a lot more, for sure. I didn’t have anyone I could really trust.

Had you been gunning for Parvati since the start?

She is a strong strategical player and guys always seem to fall for Parvati’s sexiness. I wanted Parvati gone as soon as I knew she was on the show!

No one knew Russell’s game. Would things have been different had you known?

Who knows? No one can say but there’s definitely one thing for sure — he wouldn’t have gotten a free idol from me!

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BBM Canada: Survivor on Top!

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There is no doubt that Survivor: Heroes v. Villains really outlasts, outwits, and outplays other TV programs! Last week (April 12-18), the ratings of this reality show takes Canada by storm! According to BBM Canada, Survivor got the highest number of TV viewers with 2,939,000.

Here is the list of top 10 programs for the said week:

  1. Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains (Global, Thursday) - 2,939,000
  2. American Idol (CTV, Wednesday) - 2,780,0000
  3. American Idol (CTV, Tuesday) - 2,731,0000
  4. Big Bang Theory (CTV, Monday) - 2,492,000
  5. CSI New York (CTV, Wednesday) - 2,491,000
  6. Two and a Half Men (CTV, Monday) - 2,229,000
  7. House (Global, Monday) - 2,216,000
  8. CSI Miami (CTV, Wednesday) - 2,145,000
  9. Glee (Global, Tuesday) - 2,120,000
  10. CSI (CTV, Thursday) - 1,919,000
To view the complete list of top TV programs in Canada, please click here.

"The Mentalist" leads Thursday TV Showdown!

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Entertainment gurus said that Thursday is TV Series Day! If you want to see several TV series battle for ratings then this day is a perfect one. Let us now see the results of this week's showdown!

According to Nielsen's data, here are the list of top shows: (Show - Number of Viewers)

8 PM:
  1. CBS: Survivor: Heroes v. Villains - 11.8 million
  2. FOX: Bones - 8.8 million
  3. ABC: FlashForward - 5.7 million
  4. NBC: 30 Rock - 4.2 million
  5. NBC: Community - 3.9 million
  6. The CW: The Vampire Diaries - 3.3 million
9 PM:
  1. CBS: CSI - 13.3 million
  2. ABC: Private Practice - 7.4 million
  3. NBC: The Office - 6.4 million
  4. FOX: Fringe - 5.9 million
  5. NBC: 30 Rock - 5.2 million
  6. The CW: Supernatural - 2.7 million
10 PM:
  1. CBS: The Mentalist - 14.8 million
  2. ABC: Grey's Anatomy (rerun) - 4.4 million
  3. NBC: The Marriage Ref - 4.3 million
Overall, The Mentalist got the largest number of audience with 14.8 million. CBS topped this week's Thursday ratings in all hours from 8-10pm while CBS comedies got one of their lowest ratings this year. 

Well, the spoilers are all correct and this episode finally shows how Peter confronted Walter on his true identity. The situation should have been better if Walter said it himself instead of Peter knowing it through that bridge-crossing-universe event.

Shape shifters are also part of this episode as they plotted the transfer of the guy named "Mr. Secretary" from the other universe to ours. This all occurred through the bridge-crossing-universe event. The story became more interesting now that the transfer was successful. So what will happen next? Why did they transfer one man if they can go for a whole army? What will be the role of Mr. Secretary? Will Mr. Secretary be Nimoy? Well, we just need to wait for the answers on the next episodes.

"The Back-up Plan" Review

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Rating: 3.2/5.0
This movie starts in the doctor's office with Zoe (Jennifer Lopez) getting an artificial insemination, then the taxi encounter with Stan (Alex O'Loughlin) follows right away. After those two events, you can skip the rest, go directly to the ending and you will have the same story.

This movie even took 40 minutes to get my complete attention! I spent the first few minutes concentrating on my popcorn and mountain dew. Then the date night scene started the fun and after that, I'm bored again. You can even take a nap and still understand the story. Why? Because the story goes this way, get pregnant-argue-reconcile-argue-reconcile-give birth.

Jennifer Lopez is awesome on some scenes but it does not mean that she did a great job overall. She made me laugh for three times (Yes, I counted it!) but I will surely forget those scenes after watching Iron Man 2. The movie is also predictable. Just watch the trailer and add the usual ending of a romantic comedy and poof, you got the whole movie! 

If you want to have fun then watch the movie but do not expect too much from it. Bring some foods because you will surely need it. Promise!

Movie Description:

After years of dating, Zoe has decided waiting for the right one is taking too long. Determined to become a mother, she commits to a plan, makes an appointment and decides to go it alone. That same day, Zoe meets Stan - a man with real possibilities. Trying to nurture a budding relationship and hide the early signs of pregnancy becomes a comedy of errors for Zoe and creates confusing signals for Stan. When Zoe nervously reveals the reason for her unpredictable behavior, Stan commits fully and says he's in. Never before has love seen a courtship where a wild night of sex involves three in a bed - Stan, Zoe and the ever-present massive pregnancy pillow. Or, where 'date night' consists of being the 'focal point' at a near-stranger's water birth which does for kiddie pools what "Jaws" did for swimming in the ocean. The real pregnancy test comes when both of them realize they really don't know each other outside of hormonal chaos and birth preparations. With the nine month clock ticking, both begin to experience cold feet. Anyone can fall in love, get married and have a baby but doing it backwards in hyper-drive could be proof positive that they were made for each other.

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Survivor S20E10: Going Down in Flames

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Parvati strikes again!

Everyone thought that the merge will be the biggest event this episode. But everyone is surprised because Parvati used not one, but two Immunity Idols on one of the craziest tribal councils in the history of Survivor! Sadly, the casualty is J.T. But the good thing is that he didn't go home with empty hands because he still have the "Dumbest Survivor Ever" crown!

There are still lots of stuff to discuss about this episode. One is Russell Hantz' Farmville strategy! Plant the Russell seed on your head and you will be plucked out of the game later on. 

"I swear on my kids that I am on board with y'all" - Russell
This statement shows that Russell did not feel a complete control of the game. He did a Fairplay kind of thing by using family members to deceive others. Well, you can't blame him because it's all worth it!

What about Amanda? We all know that Parvati stole the million dollars from her in Micronesia. Maybe, that is the reason why she is trying her best to outwit Parvati early in the merge. But Amanda's acting job is simply awful! Even Sugar will not believe her for that! Look at her face when she was lying to Parvati, come on Amanda you have better acting skills than that. With what she did to Parvati, I think her head is already on  the chopping block.   

Well the Villains has a 5-4 advantage now but we do not know how will Sandra act on the next days! So lets just wait for the next episode of Survivor: Heroes vs Villains!

Confirmed: Whedon to Direct Marvel's The Avengers

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The long wait is over because finally, Marvel Studios in the final negotiations in tapping Buffy the Vampire Slayer architect Joss Whedon to direct the movie, The Avengers. This movie will be a huge treat for Marvel fans because of the inclusion of Marvel's all-star comic team. Leading the superheroes in the movie is Iron Man. The audience will also see Captain America, Thor, and the SHIELD leader Nick Fury. Later additions of other heroes can occur so you should watch out for that!

But before the release of this movie, Marvel fanatics should also watch out for the last four Marvel movies under Paramount Studios. These are the Iron Man 2 which will be shown this May, Captain America which will be started this summer in Europe, Thor which is in the production stage and Runaways which details will be released later by Marvel Studios.

Whedon has a huge plan in maximizing the potential of this movie. He is not a beginner in creating similar movies but this one is his biggest directing project so far. Marvel even plan to include the individual superhero movies as an intro for The Avengers. If this will happen then we can expect a more interesting and exciting movie with a little flashback of the past.

The tentative release date of The Avengers is on the first weekend of May 2012. So if you really want to see this movie then you should better mark your calendar.

Here is a list of theaters/cinemas wherein you can watch the re-release of Avatar:


Anchorage -- Regal Tikahtnu Commons & IMAX

Fairbanks -- Regal Goldstream Stadium 16 & IMAX


Glendale -- AMC Westgate 20 with IMAX

Mesa -- Dickinson Gateway 12 IMAX Theatre

Phoenix -- AMC Deer Valley 30 with IMAX

Phoenix -- AMC Desert Ridge 18 with IMAX

Tempe -- Harkins Arizona Mills IMAX


Little Rock -- Dickinson Chenal 9 IMAX Theatre


Alhambra -- Regal Renaissance Stadium 14 & IMAX

Aliso Viejo -- Regal Aliso Viejo Stadium 20 & IMAX

Arcadia -- AMC Santa Anita 16 & IMAX

Camarillo -- Regal Camarillo Palace Stadium 12 & IMAX

Covina -- AMC Covina 30 with IMAX

El Dorado Hills -- Regal El Dorado Hills Stadium 14 & IMAX

Emeryville -- AMC Bay Street 16 & IMAX

Escondido -- Regal Escondido Stadium 16 & IMAX

Fairfield -- Regal Fairfield Stadium 16 & IMAX

Irvine -- Regal Irvine Spectrum IMAX

Long Beach -- Regal Long Beach 26 & IMAX

Los Angeles -- AMC Century City 15 & IMAX

Los Angeles -- Rave 18 & IMAX (formerly The Bridge: cinema de lux)

Los Angeles -- AMC Universal Citywalk Stadium 19 with IMAX

National City -- AMC Plaza Bonita 14 & IMAX

Orange -- AMC 30 At The Block with IMAX

Riverside -- AMC Tyler Galleria 16 with IMAX

Rowland Heights -- AMC Puente Hills 20 with IMAX

Sacramento -- Esquire IMAX

San Diego -- AMC Palm Promenade 24 & IMAX

San Diego -- Regal Mira Mesa Stadium 18 & IMAX

San Jose -- AMC Eastridge Mall 15 & IMAX

Santa Clara -- AMC Mercado 20 & IMAX

Simi Valley -- Regal Civic Center Plaza 16 & IMAX

South Gate -- Regal South Gate Stadium 20 & IMAX

Stockton -- Regal City Centre Stadium 16 & IMAX

Temecula -- Regal Temecula Stadium15 & IMAX


Denver -- Regal Colorado Center Stadium 8 & IMAX

Highlands Ranch -- AMC Highlands Ranch 24 & IMAX

Westminster -- AMC Westminster Promenade 24 & IMAX


Plainville -- AMC Plainville 20 with IMAX


Fort Myers -- Regal Gulf Coast Town Center Stadium 16 & IMAX

Jacksonville -- AMC Regency 24 & IMAX

Orange Park -- AMC Orange Park 24 & IMAX

Orlando -- AMC Universal Cineplex 20 with IMAX

Orlando -- Regal Waterford Lakes Stadium 20 & IMAX

South Miami -- AMC Sunset Place 24 & IMAX

St. Petersburg -- Muvico Baywalk 19 & IMAX

Sunrise -- Regal Sawgrass Stadium 23 & IMAX

Tallahassee -- AMC Tallahassee Mall 20 with IMAX

Tampa -- AMC Veterans 24 & IMAX

West Palm Beach -- Muvico Parisian 20 & IMAX


Augusta -- Regal Augusta Exchange Stadium 20 & IMAX

Kennesaw -- AMC Barrett Commons 24 & IMAX

Morrow -- AMC Southlake Pavilion 24 & IMAX


Honolulu -- Regal Dole Cannery 18 & IMAX


Batavia -- Goodrich Randall 15 IMAX

Chicago -- Navy Pier IMAX Theatre

Hodgkins -- AMC Quarry Cinemas 14 with IMAX


Evansville -- Showplace East 18 & IMAX

Noblesville -- Goodrich Hamilton 16 IMAX

Portage -- Goodrich Portage 16 IMAX


Newport -- AMC Newport Levee 20 with IMAX


Harahan -- AMC Elmwood Palace 20 with IMAX


Baltimore -- AMC White Marsh 16 with IMAX


Boston -- AMC Boston Common 19 with IMAX

Danvers -- AMC Liberty Tree Mall 20 with IMAX


Auburn Hills -- AMC Star Great Lakes 25 with IMAX

Grand Blanc -- NCG Trillium Cinema & IMAX

Lansing -- Celebration! Lansing 19 & IMAX

Livonia -- AMC Livonia 20 with IMAX

Sterling Heights -- AMC Forum 30 with IMAX


Eden Prairie -- AMC Eden Prairie Mall 18 with IMAX

Edina -- AMC Southdale 16 with IMAX


Independence -- AMC Independence Commons 20 with IMAX

Kansas City -- AMC BarryWoods 24 with IMAX


Henderson -- Regal Sunset Station Stadium 13 & IMAX

Las Vegas -- Regal Red Rock Stadium 16 & IMAX

North Las Vegas -- Regal Aliante Stadium 16 & IMAX

New Jersey

Elizabeth -- AMC Jersey Gardens 20 with IMAX

Hamilton -- AMC Hamilton 24 with IMAX

Paramus -- AMC Garden State 16 with IMAX

New York

Brooklyn -- Regal Sheepshead Bay 14 & IMAX

Deer Park -- Regal Deer Park Stadium 16 & IMAX

New York City -- AMC Lincoln Square 13 with IMAX

Stony Brook -- AMC Stony Brook 17 with IMAX

West Nyack -- IMAX Theatre at Palisades Center

White Plains -- National Amusements City Center 15 IMAX

North Carolina

Charlotte -- Regal Stonecrest At Piper Glen Stadium 22 & IMAX

Concord -- AMC Concord Mills 24 with IMAX


Columbus -- AMC Easton Town Center 30 with IMAX

Columbus -- AMC Lennox Town Center 24 with IMAX

Springdale -- Springdale 18: Cinema de Lux IMAX

Westlake -- Regal Crocker Park Stadium 16 & IMAX


Oklahoma City -- AMC Quail Springs 24 with IMAX


Tigard -- Regal Bridgeport Village Stadium 18 & IMAX


Bensalem -- AMC Neshaminy 24 with IMAX

Homestead -- AMC Waterfront 22 with IMAX

King of Prussia -- UA King of Prussia Stadium 16 & IMAX

Reading -- RC Reading Movies 11 & IMAX

South Carolina

Charleston -- Citadel Mall Stadium 16 with IMAX

Simpsonville -- Great Escape 14 & IMAX


Knoxville -- Regal Pinnacle Stadium Cinemas 17 & IMAX


Arlington -- AMC The Parks At Arlington 18 with IMAX

Garland -- AMC Firewheel 18 with IMAX

Houston -- AMC Gulf Pointe 30 with IMAX

Mesquite -- AMC Mesquite 30 with IMAX


Sandy -- Megaplex 17 & IMAX at Jordan Commons


Alexandria -- AMC Hoffman Center 22 with IMAX

Hampton -- AMC Hampton Towne Centre 24 with IMAX

Midlothian -- Regal Commonwealth 20 & IMAX


Bellevue -- Lincoln Square Cinemas IMAX Theatre

Kent -- AMC Kent Station 14 with IMAX

Lacey -- Regal Martin Village Stadium 16 & IMAX

Lynnwood -- AMC Alderwood Mall 16 with IMAX

Seattle -- Pacific Science Center Boeing IMAX

Seattle -- Regal Thornton Place Stadium 14 & IMAX

Spokane -- AMC River Park Square 20 with IMAX


Wauwatosa -- AMC Mayfair Mall 18 with IMAX


British Columbia

Richmond -- Cineplex SilverCity Riverport IMAX Theatre


Mississauga -- Coliseum 12 Mississauga & IMAX

Woodbridge -- Colossus Toronto & IMAX


Montreal -- Cineplex Cinema Banque Scotia Montreal & IMAX

Quebec City -- Galeries de la Capitale IMAX



Melbourne -- Highpoint Hoyts IMAX**

Melbourne -- Melbourne Museum IMAX**

Perth -- Carousel Hoyts IMAX**

Sydney -- Entertainment Quarter Hoyts IMAX**

Sydney -- LG IMAX Theatre Sydney**


Curitiba -- Dom Bosco IMAX Palladium Shopping Center*

Sao Paolo -- Bourbon Shopping Center Espaco Unibanco Pompeia IMAX*

Costa Rica

San Jose -- Nova Repretel Cine IMAX Centro Comercial Avenida Escazu*


Lyon -- Pathe Carre de Soie

Paris -- Cinema Pathe Quai d'Ivry

Paris -- Gaumont Disney Village

Rouen -- Gaumont Rouen Grand Quevilly


Guatemala City -- Circuito Alba IMAX Pradera Concepcion*

Hong Kong

Hong Kong -- UA iSQUARE IMAX Theatre**

Hong Kong -- UA MegaBox BEA IMAX Theatre**


Mumbai -- Big Cinemas IMAX Theatre


Kanagawa -- 109 Cinemas Kawasaki*

Minoh -- 109 Cinemas Minoh*

Nagoya -- 109 Cinemas Nagoya*

Saitama -- 109 Cinemas Shobu*

South Korea

Daegu -- CGV Daegu**

Gwangju -- CGV Gwangju**

Ilsan -- CGV Ilsan**

Pusan -- CGV Seomyun**

Seoul -- CGV Wangsipni**

Seoul -- CGV Yongsan**


Guadalajara -- Cinepolis Galerias IMAX Theatre*

Juarez -- Cinepolis Las Misiones Cd. Juarez IMAX Theatre*

Mexico City -- Cinepolis Perisur IMAX Theatre*

Mexico City -- Cinepolis Universidad IMAX Theatre*

Monterrey -- Cinepolis Galerias Valle Oriente*

Toluca -- Cinepolis Galerias Metepec IMAX Theatre*


Cebu -- Cebu

Manila -- SM City North Edsa Mall IMAX


Moscow -- KinoStar City @ Mega Belaya Dacha IMAX**

Moscow -- KinoStar Teply Stan IMAX**

Perm -- Kristall IMAX**

St. Petersburg -- Coca-Cola IMAX Kinostar City**

Ufa -- IMAX Iskra Theatre**

United Kingdom

Birmingham -- IMAX Cinema at Millennium Point

Cardiff -- Odeon Cardiff IMAX

Gateshead -- Odeon Metrocentre IMAX

Glasgow -- Glasgow Science Centre IMAX Cinema

Greenwich -- Odeon Greenwich IMAX

Liverpool -- Odeon Liverpool

London -- BFI IMAX London

Manchester -- Odeon Manchester IMAX @ The Printworks

Southampton -- Odeon Southampton IMAX

Wimbledon -- Odeon Wimbledon IMAX

Pinoy TV Channels Portal

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Alternate Link UFC 121: Link 1 | Link 2
MMK (Melai Cantiveros): Link1 | Link 2 | Link 3 | Link 4 | Link 5
E-Live (Robin gave Mariel a Ring!): Link1
President Aquino's First SONA: Link 1 | Link 2

ABS-CBN :  Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3 | Link 4
GMA : Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3
TV5: Link 1 | Link 2
ANC News Channel: Link 1
QTV: Link 1
Studio 23: Link 1

Cinemax: Link 1
CW: Link 1
HBO: Link 1
Syfy TV: Link 1
Spike TV: Link 1
Discovery Channel: Link 1
TNT: Link 1
Nickelodeon: Link 1
Disney Channel: Link 1

Another breaking news for Star Trek fanatics. We will surely miss one great character who portrayed Mr. Spock in Star Trek movies, Mr. Leonard Nimoy.

Leonard Nimoy, 79, will have his last appearance on the sci-fi series Fringe. He will be playing the important role of William Bell. The Fringe cast expressed their overwhelming gratitude on Nimoy's role on the blockbuster TV series. But do not worry because you can still see Nimoy on reruns of Star Trek and replays of his movies. 

Nimoy is a professional actor and director for 60 years already. So I think he really did enough and it is time for him to enjoy a private life. He is also a successful poet, musician and photographer. He was portraying Mr. Spock since 1966.

Unfortunately for Mr. Spock fans, you will not see Nimoy anymore on the next Star Trek movie which will be released on 2012. 

More noise for Glee at Gay Media Awards

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My classmates keep on talking about Glee. They are all amazed of the characters and the storyline. Some even skipped an important meeting for our graduation just to see the Glee's latest episode last April 14. They say that Glee is for everyone. Some can even relate to the story and they are really proud of it.

As an award for Glee's recognition on gays, Glaad media awards named it as the Best Comedy Series in US. They say that Glee portrays the gay community in a positive manner. Glee Creator Ryan Murphy also announced that Kurt will enter a gay relationship as the series go on. I am excited to hear my friends' reactions about this topic.

It is evident that people nowadays are open to same sex relationships. If Glee has gay partners, Grey's Anatomy has plenty of lesbian relationships. Most countries accept that this kind of relationships really happen. But on some parts of the world, wherein people are still conservative, some scenes pertaining to this issue are being removed when shown on TV.

They say that the world is evolving and we need to accept the fact that changes do occur. I will not be shocked if there will be more gay and lesbian portrayals on TV series and movies in the future. I will also not be surprised if more awards similar to Glaad will rise and represent the gay community.

Erik of Survivor Micronesia wears the crown of "Survivor's Dumbest Move". But now, it is not the case anymore as JT gave Russell Hantz a hidden immunity idol last episode!

Giving Russell the hidden immunity idol is like handing him the million dollars. Russell is dangerous without the idol and he is so deadly when he has it (Samoa witnessed it all). Now that he and Parvati have individual immunity idols, they can control the whole game until the end. The King and Queen of Survivor will be too dangerous on the next episodes so we better watch them out.

But something can still happen especially that the merge is coming next week. Will Amanda flip and join Parvati? This is a decision that she should make wisely. Remember that she was defeated by Parvati on jury votes last Survivor Micronesia. But if she choose otherwise then her head can be on the chopping block because she is a runner both on China and Micronesia. She has what it takes to stay until the end.

I guess lets just wait for the next episode because this can be the turning point of this season. I hope no one will do another dumb move because we should let JT feel his crown for some more. 

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